Big night for 1CW!


This Friday Night in Franklin…True KINGS and LEGENDS Of F1RST CLASS WRESTLING

Gather To Receive The Ultimate Honor In Joining The likes of Maniac Mark Mustang , High Styles Billy Niles, and Mayhem in becoming members of The 1CW HALL OF FAME…

☆Skeeter Muldoon inducted by Duane Dixon??

☆ Bigga Black inducted by Mountain Killer

☆ Tommy “T dogg” Foreman inducted by H.B.O

☆ Jason Kimera inducted by Tom McClain

☆ Mark Magnum inducted by Mike Brody

☆ Danny O’Brien with a VERY Special Award,

We Understand You Wanna See The Action so the Induction ceremony ….




*Nate McClain vs Trash Bradley

*Travis Alexander Proffitt vs “Prodigy” Daniel Archer

*Savion Truitt vs Wade Kastle

* Megan Difrancisco vs Jeffrey John vs Cripton

***Winners Compete in A Fatal 4 way Main Event!!!!!


Mike Brody vs Mountain Killer

☆ Timmy Jo MUST Win A GAUNTLET Match to kick off The Show …with opponents Aaron Gunn, Dante and….Nova Kaine

☆ An Angry Gary Gandy wants to get his hands on Revelation…First Up?? Matt Vengeance!!!

☆The Induction Ceremony Will Be MC’d by Jonathan Reeves!!!

Only $5. Get Your Seat, Buy Your Double P cupcake and prepare for a night you will not want to miss!!!!!


Information is on the poster.


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