If we had any fence sitters about coming to tonight’s show, check out what our buddy JRose has to say about his family in IFHY…

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A PPW without IFHY…
For some it may be relatively easy to picture but I implore you to really think about it, because I can’t fathom it.
A little pop quiz for everyone, who has the most matches in PPW in 2018? Think about it, I’ll wait.

Did you guess Ace Austin? Incorrect.
How about someone like Freddie Hudson or Corey Storm? No, wrong again.
How about southern Indiana legends like the Rejects, Hy-Zaya, or Flash Flanagan? No.
Well it must be, former PPW champion and Paradigm golden boy Daniel Eads? Nope.

The person with the most matches in PPW for all of 2018 is… Johnathan Wolf, and number two? Shawn Kemp.
If you take the entirety of last year in PPW there wasn’t one show on it that didn’t have at least one IFHY member. The entire year. There was an IFHY member on EVERY show since Nov/Dec of 2017. A full calendar year. 

If you count defenses of the title up in Indianapolis no one has defend a championship in PPW more than IFHY. Seven successful defenses of the PPW Tag Team Championship. At the time of writing it would be the longest title reign in the history of the company.
And you would think for the longest reigning champions and THE most consistent act in the entire history of the company would come with some perks. You would think if they wouldn’t be bowing down and kissing their feet, they would at least be treated like a priority. You would think they would have at least filled them in on any sort of plans they would have for them. You would think, but that wouldn’t be the case.

See allow me to pull back the curtain for a little bit. When it came time to decide matches for IFHY they were promised to be given a high caliber of opponents and spots on the card comparable to what the Ace Austins & Daniel Eads’ were given. World traveled, world class opponents and a marquee position on the card. Money was never an issue because they always delivered on what we were agreed upon.

But it wasn’t Eads & Ace money

It wasn’t Rejects money

And the matches? While Ace was getting AR Fox, and Tre Lamar was getting Jason Cade, IFHY got… the Indie Heartthrobs who while are two very talented individuals who are doing big things in the wrestling world, they were a part-time tag team who Shawn & Johnathan have beaten up and down the state of Indiana time and time again. And when they actually do bring in two high caliber full time tag teams in The Carnies (who IFHY eventually broke up for the record) and The Night Ryderz, they bring them in not to contest for their company’s tag titles, but to face each other. And when we do finally get a high caliber tag team in the Gymnastys with the addition of Mikey on our team and Suge D on theirs, we’re told to go and act like the nWo.


(let me add this isn’t to say that those talents didn’t earn those spots, because they 100% did. We love matches like Cade vs Lamar and the Austin/Montez/Fox triple threat but when were IFHY going to get their spot)


Wolf & Kemp begged for competition, someone with some name value who we hadn’t faced before which led to us asking for The Rejects of John Wayne Murdoch. The biggest coup signing in all of Southern Indiana. The boys who made it out the region. The big dawgs. If we can beat them, maybe, just maybe they’ll shift their attention to us, their champions. Then on the one-year anniversary of this company we pinned the Rejects in the middle of the ring CLEAN. 1, 2, 3.

…and then IFHY faced them again the very next month



Wait I’m sorry, why do the we the champions have to face a challenger we beat already one more time? “It was so good, let’s do it again!”
When was that precedent set? When do people get exceptions to what’s established just because “it was f**kin’ fire man!”

Strike 1.


And then the very next month in a 2/3 contest with The Rejects, we lost the PPW tag team titles and our first and so far only main event match. And in their victory the Rejects shoved the PPW titles, OUR BELTS, in my face and said we’d get another shot And management said we’d have to earn said shot by competing in singles matches in January. Earn the spot. EARN THE SPOT! The Top Guys didn’t have to earn their spot for their rematch (and on top of that they literally stole the belts from us). The most dependable guys in the company, for months the back bone of the entire tag division for not only that company but the entire Jeffersonville Arena, and we have to EARN our title shots.

Strike 2.


So we do the singles matches where Johnathan loses his match after Reed Bentley damages my spin by pushing me onto the guardrail. Which admittedly I had coming but whatever. Then Shawn tapped out John Wayne Murdoch after making him bleed with a headbutt. We go one and one on singles and then one and one on tag meaning that we finally get our tag title rematch which we would assume would take place the next month. The title match doesn’t get booked. As a matter of fact we don’t get booked
at all…
Strike 3.


Now I know my boys. Shawn &Johnathan once they make up their mind on something it’s made up for good and the moment they found out we had no match for February their minds had been made up, it was time to go all in.
So while the news that Shawn & Johnathan wanted loser leave town surprised me when Johnathan demanded it in February, it didn’t shock me, they’re only going to take so much before they say no more. So tonight in the arena that we were crowned the kings of we take on the Rejects… but do we really? You would think that the ones called “The Rejects” would be the ones underpaid, underutilized, and unwanted

Reed & Murdoch aren’t the rejects, IFHY are the rejects and we’re not going to take the neglect anymore.
It’s nothing inherently personally against The Reject but to us you stand for everything that’s holding us back from truly being noticed in this company, the same way you felt about people like Mitch Page and Corporal Robinson holding you back a few years ago with the exception being that we don’t plan to fade out any time soon


Tonight you get the best of Shawn Kemp & Johnathan Wolf, you get the best of state because we are Indiana and Indiana Fucking Hates You.