Jeffersonville, Indiana

  • Before the show there was a 10 bell salute to King Kong Bundy complete with a FIVE in the middle.


Mikey vs Cassandra Golden

This was a great way to start the show and get the crowd involved. Both of these athletes are really fun to watch and kept the energy up from the opening bell. They were each able to show a bit of what they could do before Mikey managed to get a rollup on Cassandra out of a Fireman’s carry. Paradigm 1 Girl Fight 0.


Freddie Hudson vs Charlie Kruel

This exceeded my expectations by a ton. I’ve seen these two compete in a PPW ring before and it was pretty much treated like a joke. This time it was as two competitors working hard to represent their brand. Yeah, there were some slight issues but overall it was a damn solid little match. Freddie ended up with the win following a GTS. Paradigm 2 Girl Fight 0.

  • Charlie grabbed the mic and cut a promo after the match that couldn’t be translated by Pondo.


Corey Storm vs Amazing Maria

Another solid contest in a string of them. Corey was taking on his wrestling Mom and threw everything he could at Maria to try and keep Paradigm’s win streak alive. Unfortunately for him Maria would not be stopped. Both of them ended up throwing out their big moves to take the other down. In the end Maria got the pin off a Cutter to finish this fun match. They hugged it out after and Girl Fight got on the board. Girl Fight 1 Paradigm 2.


Cole Radrick vs Alice Crowley

This was one of my two favorite matches of the night. Cole wrestled out of his mind to try and teach his “wrestling daughter” a lesson but kept holding back when it was time to pull the trigger. Alice wrestled the best match I have ever seen her have, while trying to prove to Cole that she deserved not only to be in the ring but dominate it. She even took a couple of Cole’s moves (Springboard Stunner, Crossface Chicken Wing) to show how much she studied and learned from him. Story was great, match was great and I was a bit sad when Cole got the win with “Little Sebastian’s Curse”. Both of them should be proud. Paradigm 3 Girl Fight 1.


Johnathan Wolf vs Billie Starkz

Another of my two favorite matches. This was billed as a battle of IFHY but Wolf let Billie know in no uncertain terms that she was not in the group. In fact he told her that she could be fan club president. That fired up Billie and set off a damn fine match. Wolf was in all his glory in this match as the bully trying to teach the kid a lesson. Meanwhile Billie tried to steal every heart in the building by not giving up. Like in all matches there were a couple of small issues but they really played into the story in this one. I can’t say enough good things about this. It was a good one and the crowd lost their minds when Billie was able to gain the shocking pinfall. Top notch. Girl Fight 2 Paradigm 3.

  • After the contest it looked like Wolf would attack again but instead he fully endorsed Billie and said she had earned her spot in IFHY.


Bradley Prescott IV vs Randi West

The kid from the Heavy Hitter tournament had apparently done some heavy drinking before the contest and had to have a field sobriety test before the contest. Too bad there was no Arn or he could have wrestled without it. This was another fun contest where it seemed like BPIV maybe got a little too cocky and it cost him. Randi is not the toughest woman in all space and time for no reason, she was on him like a shark to chum. this was fun and Randi got the win with a nice superkick. Girl Fight 3 Paradigm 3.


Paradigm Champion AJ Gray vs Girl Fight Champion Aja Perera

The battle of champions was a good contest where they both were able to show off their athleticism and mat skills. The crowd was not as in to this as I was but they had been emotionally spent the entire evening. Regardless of the response this was a solid representation of both brands and how good they can be. Both of these athletes are at the top of their respective promotions for a reason, they are amazing. This one was so good that a time limit couldn’t contain it and they went to a DRAW. Not a great ending but a good match. Girl Fight 3 Paradigm 3.


  • We were dead even heading in to the main event…


Ace Austin vs Samantha Heights

Another really good encounter between two talented individuals. Impact’s Ace had the size and strength sowed up but Samantha may have had him in ring strategy. She also had the advantage of not really caring about bending and or outright breaking the rules if it gave her an advantage. This was a great main event and really it had to be to finish out a show of this quality. Samantha ended up victorious after nailing a very well executed Top rope Blockbuster on Ace sealing the victory for Girl Fight. Girl Fight 4 Paradigm 3.

  • All the athletes hit the ring afterwards in a show of sportsmanship and solidarity.


Overall Thoughts: This, from top to bottom, was maybe the best show I have been to from either Girl Fight or Paradigm. Both companies sent the best talent they had available to them and created a magical night where the raucous crowd had their backs from opening to closing bell. If you can watch this show and can’t find something to enjoy about it I don’t know what to tell you.


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