Another week closer to Rise and the excitement is building!


Arm Dragon defeated JMO with a rollup. JMO was distracted by his Rise opponent Big D and it cost him the contest.

Gnarls Garvin defeated Spike the Clown with a Gnarls Driver. SQUASH CITY.


  • Next we got hit with a barrage of new information. First we were introduced to new acting General Manager Kevin Cordell AKA “KC”. He makes an immediate impression by announcing that at Rise their will be a 4-way match at Rise to crown the first ever Grindhouse Women’s Champion. The 4 competitors will be Alice Crowley, Billie Starkz, Hazel and Charlie Kruel. Unfortunately the moment was ruined by Richard Sharkey interrupting the announcement and taking a knee in protest. Because of his actions KC announced that he would be forced to be special referee in the title match at Rise and raise the hand of the victor. Then because it’s wrestling they brawled with Billie and Alice controlling the ring…and realizing they would be opponents at Rise.


Duke the Nuke (w/Dude) defeated Brian T after the Fallout. After the match he did it several more times. Dude had once again called Duke’s opponent “Ace Jackson” before the contest to rile him up. After the match Duke kicked the face off of Referee Ben…he had it coming.

House Wellington defeated KTK via count out. Biff once again refused to hurt his own flesh and blood and sadly this time it cost his team a victory. Then after the contest in one of the more emotional and cruel things I’ve seen, the Prince ran a video of his deceased mother cutting a promo on Biff from years before. It was a shocking moment to be sure.

Coaled Pizza defeated The Best Friends Club with a Pizza Cutter on Chet. Mr. E had protested this show due to the treatment from Drew in the months before so they had no numbers advantage. Then Chet accidentally took Drew out with a splash after they had issue the entire match. After the match Drew killed Chet with a Vader Bomb. Pizza and Coal County Crusher helped Chet to the back after the attack.

Rudo LaMotta and Rudy Switchblade defeated The Bad Dude Gang (w/Dude) via DQ. Rudo had started the match alone due to Ace Jackson not appearing at the venue. The Team of Rudo and Switchblade fought off the numbers game and had a clean win in their sights before Billy Mattern attacked with a lead pipe in clear site of the referee. After the contest we also had another match set up for Rise when Rudy challenged Billy for the big event.

  • Before discussing the next contest we had to discuss the fact that Saturday night at an IWA Mid-South show, Grindhouse Champion ZDP attacked the wife of his Rise opponent Jake Crist. After Nevaeh had won a hard fought match to claim their Women’s Championship ZDP attacked from behind and once again called out Jake.


Grindhouse Championship: (C) ZDP defeated Rockstar Pro’s Crash Jaxon after a Class Dismissed. The challenges from Ohio keep getting harder and harder on the Road to Rise for the Champion.


Momma’s Boize defeated The Awesome Odyssey after a double team kick/leg sweep. This was a fun contest that saw the Boize appearing to be back on the same page after weeks of issues.


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