Columbus, Indiana


First Round Outbreak 8 Tournament: Appollo Starr vs Levi Everett

This was the Facebook Pre-show match and it was alright. They had a lot of respect for one another at first and I’m a bigger fan of Starr as a straight up heel. Luckily he kept getting more and more frustrated as the match went on and completely lost his mind after a fluke rollup by Levi.

  • After the match the athletes hugged…and then Appollo destroyed him. Officials tried to break the beating up but they couldn’t get it done before Levi took a lot of damage. Heel Starr rules.


First Round Outbreak 8 Tournament: Brayden Lee vs Cole Radrick

This was a lot faster paced than the first match. Both of these guys got into a “whatever you can do, I can do better” deal and it worked. I enjoyed most of this except for Brayden’s ridiculous sell of Cole’s Springboard Stunner (picture Frankenstein sitting up looking confused…an odd choice to say the least.) but I’m sure the Chikara people will love it. Good contest overall that saw Lee get the pin following a Shooting Star Press. Cole would have to drown his sorrows in the two bags of Taco Bell he received before the show.


First Round Outbreak 8 Tournament: ATM vs Calvin Tankman

ATM made myself and I’m sure somewhere, The King of Merch Style ,happy by coming out to Starship for this. Any match that includes big Calvin automatically gets a thumbs up from me anyway, add in the fact that ATM is a great young talent in his own right and I liked this a bunch. Both guys should and will be huge. Calvin got the victory off a second rope Tankman Driver because he rules and stuff.


First Round Outbreak 8 Tournament: Daniel Eads vs Corey Storm vs Mikey

We were joking that since 9 guys were in this that it should be called the Outbreak 9 Tournament. This was a fun match that started out with all three guys actually in the ring at the same time! It’s really a novel concept in wrestling sometimes and when it happens I get happy. Didn’t last long though as it usually doesn’t. Eads did pretty well as the only actual heel in the match and Mikey and Corey were good in their roles as always. Eads ended up moving on with a Roll of the dice looking deal on Corey. It looked like Mikey broke up the pin but…I guess not. The referee probably hated Corey wearing the cape and mask too. (Sorry Corey.)

  • After the match Zodiak made an appearance going for Mikey. Corey tried to make the save but ended up eating a Black Hole Slam and Heart punch for his efforts. Meanwhile, Jason Saint arrived to try and talk to his former charge and save Mikey…didn’t work. Zodiak took out Jason as well. He then attacked Mikey as planned and carried him to the back, either to set him on fire or force him to make him tacos…we may never know really.
  • ATM returns again to discuss the lack of respect he has received. This time he brought backup though in the form of “The Big Bad” Brandon Taggart. They ran their mouths and cracked me up. They eventually put out a challenge that was answered by Khris Kaliber and Donny Idol hanging out in the crowd. They brawl and set up a future match between the four. Can’t say enough good things about this. Tag wrestling rules man.


Semi- Finals Outbreak 8 Tournament: Daniel Eads vs Calvin Tankman

Any time I get to see big Calvin wrestle more than once it’s a good night. This was one of those good ole’ fashioned Hoss Fights man. Just two big guys going back and forth. It was a little bit slower than some of the previous contests but that is the nature of the beast with big guys some times. I liked it fine and Calvin got the win with another impressive Tankman Driver.


Semi- Finals Outbreak 8 Tournament: Brayden Lee vs Levi Everett

This was what it was. A lot of stalling in the beginning and a 10 count to see if Levi would even make it to the ring after the beating from earlier. Levi showed fighting spirit but couldn’t overcome a healthy and talented competitor like Brayden. More story than anything else here. Fine, though. Brayden got the win with the Shooting Star.


  • At this point in the evening I had to bail due to a tired kiddo complaining of a sore throat. Luckily the Road Home from Wrestling guys and my friend Gary were still in the house to give me their thoughts and the nights winners.


Finals Outbreak 8 Tournament: Brayden Lee vs Calvin Tankman

“Brayden did a lot of dives and flips, super Indy stuff that was good but didn’t get over with this crowd. Brayden got a near fall with a shooting star press. Brayden was on offense for most of the start of the show. Brayden hit a top rope Spanish fly for a near fall. There was a ref bump and Brayden brought in a chair and hit Calvin several times and got the pin.” -Gary


Outbreak Championship: Trevor Court (C) vs Chris Silvio vs Jordan Kage vs Bret Havoc

“Crowd finally woke up for this match. Brett Havoc was very over as a face and Trevor Court was over as a heel. Silvio got less of a reaction. All four guys did a lot. Brawling on the outside, lots of spots including a tower of doom. Silvio and Kage ended up brawling to the back. Trevor ending up going over Havoc clean with a spinning tombstone piledriver. Pretty easily match of the night.”-Gary


Overall Thoughts: Well there you go kiddos, overall it was a pretty fun night of wrestling action. Nothing was outwardly bad and their was some really good action thrown in their. I personally had a good time and other than her not feeling great so did my daughter. Emerge put on a well run and professional show as they always do. If you are in the area give them a shot sometime.


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