Jeffersonville, Indiana

  • We started out with Rudo LaMotta calling out the Grindhouse kids for messing up his IWA Championship match the week before. IWA World Champion Aaron Williams made his way out to say his peace but was interrupted by Billy the P and Lincoln Mosely. This doesn’t get too far before BMA gets sick of their shit. Then TRACY SMOTHERS arrives to stand up for the Player’s Club. The challenge was accepted by BMA and the title match was set.


“Rudo” RAUL LA MOTTA defeated “Sauciest Man Alive” LUKAS JACOBS. The Grindhouse Gang (Dewey Wellington, The Mama’s Boiz) all made their presence felt in this one. Referee Ben once again was “distracted” and missed the blatant interference from the outside. Rudo finished Lukas off with the curbstomp after the damage had been done. My prediction? Ben will get his ass beat by someone soon….


“Swole F’N Deal” ADAM SLADE (w/Billy the P) defeated “Unbreakable” MICHAEL ELGIN in a shocking upset. Slade was doing a great job in there with Big Mike but when the chips were down the Player’s Club arrived. After a mass distraction and a belt shot Slade was able to get the victory over the veteran. After the contest Mike cut a pissed off promo on the PC.


Jordan Kage defeated Lincoln Mosely (w/Billy), Bunn, Ace Jackson, Cameron Murphy and Akira in a one fall, Lucha Tag Rules, scramble. It was a scramble so people were everywhere. Kage got the win by pinning akira following the “Fuzzy 8x 10” Piledriver.


IWA WORLD TITLE: (C) Aaron Williams defeated Tracy Smothers (w/Billy the P). Tracy cut a long promo and messed with the crowd before the match started. As soon as Tracy started to lose control the PC attacked in mass once again. In the end BMA was able to survive by hitting the Killswitch on The Wild Eyed Southern Boy.


“Legendary” LARRY D. defeated JAY BRADLEY after a huge Hoss fight. This was Bradley’s first IWA match in a decade and he brought the big fight. Both men threw bombs all the way throughout the contest. In the end Larry squeaked out a win with the “Best Hand in the House”.


TAG TEAM MISMATCH:  JOE TRIGGA TRAVIS/CHRISTIAN KOBAIN defeated JOSHIE BOY/CRASH JAXON, SHAIN BENDER/COREY ROBERTS and SAGE CAINAN/NICK KING with the winning team facing off in a singles contest to determine who gets a tag title shot.


JOE TRIGGA TRAVIS (W/Joshie) defeated CHRISTIAN KOBAIN (w/Crash) to earn the Mama’s Boiz a future tag team championship match. Trigga pulled off the win via sunset flip.


“The Kid” DEWEY WELLINGTON defeated “Proficient” SAGE PHILIPS in a heck of a little match. Sage made his return to IWA after 6 months away and showed the audience just how much he had improved. Dewey got what could be called a mild upset via the Code Red.


“Da Monsta” KONGO KONG defeated  TYLER MATRIX (w/Billy) via DQ. They were having an awesome match before the PC reared it’s ugly head again and arrived to both ruin the match and attack the big man. Luckily for King, Larry D was still in the house and helped run off the PC. Due to their actions the PC will now have to defend their championships next week against Kong and Larry…may God have mercy on their souls.


KEVIN GIZA defeated LOGAN JAMES (w/Billy the P). Ian Rotten said this was going to steal the show and he was correct. These two put on a clinic that would have been hard to follow anywhere else on the card. In the end Giza was able to get the win with his “Balbuster” finisher.” Of course we had to see the Player’s Club one more time before the show ended though.


Overall Thoughts:  It was a fun show where the big matches delivered and nothing stood out as bad in any way. Just a solid overall night of wrestling. The main event itself was probably worth the price of the DVD and 3 other matches had a high standard as well. Check it out.


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