December 2, 2000

Sheffield, England

Commentators: JR and Tazz

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  • Before we get started, an English style cab with a “Commish” license plate pulls up. I was hoping for Michael Chiklis but the legs ended up being too nice. It turned out to be Lieutenant Commissioner Debra and the Commissioner himself, Mick Foley. They head into the arena as Mick scratches his ass.
  • The crowd is pumped as the authority figures hit the ring for a little hype job. Debra’s outfit isn’t legally allowed to be called clothes due to the lack of fabric. Mick does his HHH impression and gets his customary cheap pop. They also declare the main event both a no DQ and No Count Out match. Our champion Kurt Angle comes out to both insult England and beg for a match change, but apparently the decision is FINAL. I remembered why Debra didn’t talk much and wore those outfits instead.


Triple Threat Tag Team Tables Elimination: TNA (Test, Albert w/Trish Stratus) vs Edge and Christian vs The Dudley Boyz 

Albert and Devon start us off, with Albert controlling until Devon and Bubba nail a double team suplex on him. Bubba doesn’t do much better by himself with Albert though, as he makes the tag to Test. After a double team elbow by TNA they grab a table. Devon makes the save and the Dudleys grab the table only for Albert to kick that bitch in half. Test takes over on Bubba while Albert brings in another table. They go for a double back body drop but Devon was able to move the table. Bubba finally fights back but is booted back down by Test.

Edge makes a blind tag on Test and starts putting the boots to Bubba. As soon as Bubba gets to his feet Edge tags back out to Test. Bubba finally makes the tag to Devon after blocking a Test top rope attempt. Devon is a house of fire and Albert accidentally nails Test. The Dudleys then hit a 3-B. I notice that I’m not nearly seeing enough Trish, like, at all. Another quick brawl between the four guys that are actually participating in the match thus far. TNA set up another table and then Devon and Test fight to the floor. Albert sets Bubba up top to finish him but E+C sneak up from behind and powerbomb him through a table to eliminate TNA. Definitely not enough Trish.

Edge and Devon are legal but that quickly leads to all four guys brawling on the floor. Devon ends up getting double teamed and Edge tags Christian to continue the beat down. Christian nails a nice Russian Legsweep before tagging back out. Christian grabs a table but Devon counters by baseball slide drop-kicking it back into E+C. Devon makes the tag but the official didn’t see it. Also, I guess we are following only THAT rule. Finally Bubba is in with a face off with Edge. Bubba goes nuts on both opponents until a spear by Edge slows him down. Edge and Christian get cocky and try the Wasssuuuppp Drop only for it to be turned back around on them. Devon gets the table but Christian tackles Edge to save him from 3-D. No good deed goes unpunished because he turns around and takes the 3-D through the table for the loss. Pretty fun match with Edge and Christian playing the opportunistic jerks that they were well known for. Plus the good guys won in the end and all good house shows give you some feel good moments.

Winner: The Dudleys via 3-D.


  • Michael Cole is with Lita discussing the upcoming Women’s Championship match. Lita gives her patented wooden delivery in stating that she wants that title.
  • The RTC music hits, so Steven Richards and Ivory hit the ring for a promo. Richards says that nudity, pubs and a monarchy are immoral. Ivory (supposed to be a prude but wearing a shirt so tight you could probably make out her nipples) tries to talk Lita out of a fight.


Women’s Championship: (C) Ivory (w/Steven Richards) vs Lita

Lita starts out on a roll by nailing Ivory with a spear and some punches and a couple of pin attempts. She is all over her early until a distraction by Steven allows Ivory to take control. She keeps control with some basic offense and a big hair toss. Steven preaches to Lita while she in tied up in the ropes. Ivory follows up with a leg drop and Northern Lights Suplex. A pinfall attempt doesn’t work and Lita comes back with a flying head-scissors. Lita is in control now and nails a Twist of Fate but instead of pinning her she does a suicide dive to Steven on the floor. She sunset flips back in on Ivory, but as she does so Ivory sits down on her and uses Steven as leverage for the pin. This was alright, but they really didn’t have time to tell much of a story. Lita was OK but Ivory’s offense was always basic as fuck, so even if they did get more time I don’t know how good it would have been. 

Winner: Ivory on a cheap sunset flip counter.


  • The Rock is with Michael Cole, who immediately gets shut down. Pretty much a standard Rock promo but he substitutes Bum for Ass. The positive part is even formula promos from the Rock are gold.


Hardcore Championship: Perry Saturn vs (C) Steve Blackman

Our first note is future Hall of Famer Teddy Long is our official. I’m sure he was very proud. Saturn starts by jumping the champ from behind and we get a little back and forth action. Blackman is tossed to the floor not long after with Saturn following with a Plancha for a 2 count. Steve fights back with a suplex on the floor and tosses both Saturn and some plunder back into the ring. Steve opens with a cookie sheet shot but Saturn quickly comes back with a drop toe hold into a garbage can. A wicked cookie sheet shot takes Blackman down quickly after that. Steve eventually turns it around and tries a backslide for 2. Saturn also tries an unsuccessful pin attempt with a crucifix. Saturn then tosses Steve but he catches himself and tries to skin the cat. That attempt is stopped by another wicked sheet shot by Saturn. Saturn takes to long to celebrate and when he tries to follow up with a suicide dive he gets clocked with another cookie sheet. Blackman keeps control briefly until Saturn is able to whip him into the stairs to get back on top.  Saturn goes to work on the midsection of Blackman with a chair but makes a mistake that ends with him catching a drop toe hold on the same chair. Blackman breaks out his weird ninja stick things and goes to work on Perry. The stick assisted suplex by Blackman only gets two. Not sure how that would help anyway. Saturn comes back with a small package for two and then grabs the chair again. As Perry tries for the chair shot Steve is able to thrust kick it back into his face for the victory. This was what you thought it would be. A little wrestling mixed in with some weapon shots and little else. The Hardcore division wasn’t exactly where you were going to see Flair/Steamboat. Both guys worked hard though and you can’t fault that.

Winner: Steve Blackman with a chair assisted thrust kick.


  • Michael Cole is with William Regal (Who JR and Tazz both call Steve like 25 times in a row…it’s a name change guys, not hard) to discuss his European Championship defense. He does a masterful job of switching from babyface to heel halfway through the interview. I love Regal, he’s such an awesome asshole.
  • The Undertaker arrives on his motorcycle. Glad we saw that.


European Championship: Crash Holly (with Molly) vs (C) William Regal

Regal starts out with an in ring promo to try and eliminate any goodwill he has with the people in his home country. Crash has enough early and jumps him from behind. Crash has a flurry of offense that included a head-scissors and a nice dropkick. That didn’t last long because Regal caught him with a boot to the face and then rammed him shoulder first into the ring-post. He then follows that up with a Protobomb for 2. Regal stays in control and tries a couple of pins before settling into a reverse chin-lock with a knee firmly in Crash’s back. Crash is able to sneak out and catch Regal with a rollup but that is quickly stopped by a huge kick to the face by Regal. The beat-down continues and Regal throws in a nice backdrop suplex for 2. Back to the chinlock ,before Crash is able to slide out again and try a backslide for 2 and follow that up with a cradle that also gets 2. Crash finally gets a little momentum going and nails a nice back elbow that also gets him a 2 count. He follows with a hurricanrana for another 2. He’s feeling it and goes for a rope assisted head-scissor takedown but Regal swats him down hard for the pinfall. Buuuutt, Crash had his foot on the bottom rope and is told so by Molly. The ref turns to restart the match and after getting a verbal beat-down from Regal, Molly nails him with a missile dropkick. The ref turns as Crash is making the pin for 3. This was an alright match with Regal especially looking good. I’m sure this was just done to give the British fans a title change.

Winner: Crash via Molly Holly dropkick. NEW CHAMPION!


  • After the match Regal attacks Molly and Crash. He left them both laying and leaves with the belt like nothing ever happened. Regal fucking rules.
  • Backstage Kurt is trying to kiss Benoit’s ass to get him to back him for the 4-way later. Benoit does his usual phenomenal interview work here. Oh and by phenomenal I mean dog shit.
  • We get a recap of the Eddie and Chyna breakup with a special shower appearance by future Women’s Champion Victoria.


Light Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero vs Intercontinental Champion “The One” Billy Gunn and Chyna

I’m not usually a Chyna guy but she looked about as attractive as she ever would here. Billy as “The One” led to one of my favorite cheesy WWE theme songs of all time. I still sing it about once a month just for fun. Eddie attacks Billy from behind to start and works the knee. Billy comes back not long after with a tilt-a-whirl slam to take control. Eddie tries some very Eddie like begging to turn the tide but it only got him clotheslined. Malenko makes the save and all 4 brawl in the ring. The faces clean house with  tandem Gorilla Press Slams. Eddie tries to take a walk before being stopped by Billy. Chyna and Dean got at it with Chyna reversing a Cloverleaf into an inside cradle. Chyna is in control following a Handspring “Elbow” (not exactly Muta) until she is tripped up by Eddie. Eddie and stay on her with a double team back elbow and some quick tags. A lot of heel shenanigans keep Chyna from making the tag, including Eddie drawing Billy in when they were really close to making it. Chyna finally gets some hope after kicking Dean in the balls during a corner leapfrog attempt. She follows up with a big DDT that leaves them both laying. Billy finally gets the hot tag and cleans house. He nailed Dean with a wicked power-slam which Eddie makes the save for at 2. Chyna and Eddie brawl back to floor while Billy hits both a jackhammer and a Famouser before Eddie makes the save again (not really, Teddy counted to 3 and we all just pretend not to notice). Finally Eddie gets tossed and Billy hits the “1 and Only” (Cobra Clutch Slam) on Dean for the 3. This was a fun match that had some good backstory in it that had you rooting for Chyna to get a little revenge. Eddie was in this, like he was in most everything, the fucking star. He really tied this thing together and made it work.

Winner: Billy and Chyna following the “1 and Only” on Dean.


  • A random British interviewer (Never seen him before or since) talks to the fans about the show. The consensus seems to be it’s “brilliant”. It seemed like that moment in that “7 Days in Hell” Mocumentary where Kit Harrington only knew the word indubitably.
  • We get a recap of the great Coffee War between Kane and Jericho. What a dumb angle this was.
  • Chris cuts his catchphrase greatest hits on the way to the ring and calls Kane a Union Jack-Ass.


Kane vs Chris Jericho

Notes and Opinion:  Jericho starts hot until running into a big boot from Kane. Kane misses a big elbow drop and they head to the floor to brawl. Kane rolls him back in but falls victim to the Springboard Dropkick. Jericho heads back and and rams Kane’s head to the stairs before we head back in. Jericho tries an attack from the top but is caught and Kane nails him with a running Powerslam for 2. Kane begins his beatdown and nails Chris with a huge Flapjack. He continues on the offense with a wicked Hangman’s Choke. Jericho eventually slides out of that and gets Kane in a small package for 2. Kane regains control and gets a 2 count off a lifting choke. The beating continues from there with a huge sideslam by the Monster. Kane heads up for the clothesline, but Jericho is able to put a stop to that before his own Hurricanrana is blocked by Kane. Kane tries the clothesline from up top again only to be met with a dropkick by Jericho. Jericho follows that up with a missile dropkick, and is starting to fire up when he is caught by Kane. Kane attempts a Snake Eyes, but Chris slips out the back door shoves Kane into the buckles, and gets a rollup that turns into a Walls attempt. Kane stops that with a choke but Jericho frees himself with a Bulldog. The Lionsault hits knees though and Chris falls victim to the chokeslam for 3. The set up for this feud was dumb but the matches weren’t actively bad. Jericho was crazy over and Kane wasn’t yet super over exposed as a character so the matches were decent. Poor Jericho was stuck in that number 3 babyface role for a long time though.

Winner: Kane finished him with a chokeslam.


  • Jericho attacks Kane with a chair on the ramp and locks him in the Walls to make the crowd happy.
  • Lita is backstage pouring a drink when Trish comes up to mock her. This lead to Lita hitting her with a drink, beating her up and ripping her shirt off. Women’s Revolution folks. Anyway, they both end up in brawl in the women’s locker room where Ivory is (according to the commentators) in funny underwear. I’d say most of this was pretty good for obvious reasons.


Tag Team Championships: The Hardys (Matt and Jeff) vs (C) RTC (Bull and Goodfather) (w/ Val Venis)

Shockingly the heels jump the Hardys from behind to start. The Hardys are quickly able to turn that around nail stereo planchas on the champs. We finally get underway and Bull controls for a couple of minutes before Jeff is able to nail a headscissors takedown. He celebrates that a bit too much and his head is almost taken off by a Goodfather clothesline. The champs tag in and out with their boring ass basic offense and control Jeff. JR wonders aloud how long the Hardys careers could last at this pace. Answer? A long ass time. Matt finally makes a blind tag, and nails Bull with a big clothesline that gets a 2 count before a Goodfather break up. Matt sets Bull up for the Twist of Fate but Val distracts the official. Goodfather accidentally nails bull with the belt in the confusion. Matt hits the second rope legdrop but Goodfather breaks that up at 2. He rams Matt into the post on the outside to take control. They take turns beating on Matt in the slowest way possible until he catches Goodfather with a boot and a DDT following an Irish whip reversal. Matt tries again for the tag but GF stops him and sets up for the Hoe Train. He misses that and knocks BB off the apron leading to a tag to Jeff. Jeff nails GF with a big dropkick but Bull comes in illegally to stop the tide. A Whisper in the Wind levels both heels and Matt comes in for backup. Poetry in Motion sets up the TOF/Swanton Bomb combo and Jeff has Goodfather down for the pin. Matt and Bull brawling in the corner distracts the ref long enough for Val to nail Jeff with the Money Shot and slide out of the ring. Goodfather lays one arm on Jeff for the 3. Old school tag action that was fine but would have been a lot more interesting if the heel team wasn’t awful. Too much punching and kicking really brought this down for me. 

Winner: The RTC after Val interference. 


  • Edge and Christian are hanging out backstage when Kurt comes to them for help. Poor Christian says he can’t even breathe but Kurt thinks they are just being selfish. These 3 were gold together.
  • Taker bumps into Benoit backstage and is then attacked by all 4 of the Radicalz, injuring his knee. You’d think that would be an excellent excuse for him to lose but obviously you don’t remember this era of the Undertaker.


Christ Benoit (or as WWE Network calls him “Undertaker in Singles Action”) vs The Undertaker

Benoit immediately goes for the knee. Undertaker does a decent job of selling it but seems to forget about it at times. When Taker is in control he works the back and the match really slows down. I’m glad Taker got back to being a good worker eventually but this era was pretty rough as far as him being an in ring competitor. He was a good entrance and that’s about it for a while. Benoit as always looked good but doing dumb shit like hitting a top rope headbutt to Takers knee couldn’t have been good for him (obviously, and sadly). The match was fine and completely carried by Benoit but I think that Undertaker controlled way too much of it for a guy with supposedly one leg.

Winner: Taker rolled up Benoit with and inside cradle. (So not only was he tougher than Benoit he had to out wrestle him too?)


No DQ/ No Count- Fatal 4-way for WWE Championship: Rikishi vs (C) Kurt Angle vs The Rock vs “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

They started out brawling pretty quick with a 4 men splitting into pairs. Poor Kurt kept getting his ass kicked and this entire title reign he was essentially a Olympic Medal winning version of the Honky Tonk Man. He tries to bail but that didn’t work. The Attitude Era Mega-Powers face off and the crowd goes ape shit for that. A lot of near falls and the ref being pulled out keep the crowd on the edge of their seats. Eventually all of the politicking that Angle did earlier as Edge, Christian Saturn and Guerrero all show up to help save his title. This was really fun to watch and a nice ending to what was essentially a glorified house show.

Winner: Angle got the pin on Rikishi following a Rock Bottom, Stunner and Angle Slam while the other 2 competitors fought off his posse.

  • After the match Benoit and Malenko came out to help their Radicalz teammates finish taking out Rock and Austin. This goes about as well as you would expect for them as the Faces hit a bunch of finishers on them to run them off.
  • We get another tense face off between Rock and Austin… but then they drink some beers to send the crowd home happy.


Overall Thoughts: This is an overproduced house show. If you go into it knowing that is just a thank you to the U.K. audience and not a typical PPV you won’t be disappointed. I’d never see this particular show and I thought it was a fun was to spend a couple of hours. Unsurprisingly nothing of consequence happened (No Crash winning wasn’t a big deal) but for a televised house show it was pretty good.


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