We have another fun little interview for you today. As a rule we try to get the perspective in all facets of the wrestling business and what makes it work. Referees are a big part of the business, so today we were able to speak to another talented official to get some of his thoughts on the sport we love.

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1: What made you decide to get into the wrestling business?

Honestly there wasn’t one thing in particular that made me want to be in the wrestling business. I’ve been a fan pretty much since the day I was born. But refereeing was something that kind of fell into my lap. I was working with Josh Ritchie on his EWE YouTube show when they were filming those and then his dad hit me up and said IWX needed a referee. So I went out to Lexington, Indiana and worked for them. That’s where I ran into BW3 who invited me out to Grindhouse to work with them. I really owe where I am right now to Jim Ritchie and Biff.


2: What do you think you best experience has been so far?

So far my best experience has been getting to work with some big names that have traveled through the promotions that I’ve worked for never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d ever share a locker room with Tommy Dreamer, Tracy Smothers, Kongo Kong or Michael Elgin.


3: How many companies are you currently working for?

Currently I work for IWA Mid-South, Epic Wrestling Entertainment, Grindhouse Pro Wrestling, Indie Wrestling Extreme, and a new promotion debuting in May, Optimum Pro Wrestling, as a permanent guy. I’ve done the moonlight thing for New Wave Pro, Paradigm Pro Wrestling, and Strictly N’Sane.


4: Any place in particular that you eventually want to work?

I know a lot of people have aspirations of going to WWE or ROH or even AEW. But, honestly I just wanna work for whomever will have me. I know that the odds of me getting to a big name fed aren’t super great, so I keep my expectations low and am grateful for whatever opportunity I can get.


5: Finally, who has been your favorite performer to work with so far?

I know some people will expect me to choose Zachary Dayton Pittman as my favorite performer that I’ve worked with so far, but I have to pick MJF. Maxwell Jacob Friedman is absolutely one of the best heels in the business right now. He does such a good job of being a douche that he had someone jump the rail at IWA to fight him. That’s how good he is. I’ve worked with him twice, and it’s been two of my favorite matches


Ben is a great guy. Follow him on his Twitter feed to see where he will be next and go support him as he chases his dreams.


Once again I would like to thank our guest for joining us today and spending some of his precious free time answering questions like this. These folks have a lot on their plates so I appreciate Ben taking time to answer these for us. Try and support him where you can, I’d greatly appreciate it.


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