We are happy to have another great guest today. “Big Beef” Jake Garvin has been making the rounds now and improving every time I see him. The kid has a bright future and was nice enough to take time to answer these for us.

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Image via Jake’s Twitter. All credit to original photographer.


1: Both are pretty solid, but which do you like better, Gnarls or Big Beef?

Big Beef. It literally encompasses what I am. Plain and simple and crowds really get behind it. Gnarls is only my code name in which was given to me by BEEFGOD when I arrived to PLANET BEEF.


2: You have been all over the place lately, how does traveling to all these different areas help you improve?

Traveling everywhere and being all over the place gives you an edge, an edge that many don’t desire to have. For those who travel everywhere benefit in learning all wrestling styles, can mix it up with anyone and usually have tougher skin. It’s helped improve my confidence, my in ring skill and ability to connect with any crowd.


3: How have you enjoyed being with Grindhouse Wrestling the last few weeks?

I have actually really enjoyed my time at Grindhouse Wrestling. It gives me an opportunity to keep my mind sharp, my body in shape and learn parts of the business that you don’t get to learn many other places.


4: You have been really successful there so far, anyone in particular you want to face off with?

I am hungry and that hunger is feeding my success, a man’s gotta eat and with that being said I’d like to take a bite outta Cole Radrick, Freddie Hudson, Drew Dillinger and The Man that brought me into the business, Apollo Garvin.


5: Finally, what are your goals for the rest of 2019?

In 2019 I’m going to prove it to the world that BIG BEEF is a world class HOSS and can GO! I’m going to keep getting bigger and stronger so I can toss more dudes around. Make more towns and stay healthy. I’ve got a big 2019 ahead of me and I CANT SLOW DOWN!


You can see Jake at both New Wave and Grindhouse this weekend.

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Once again I would like to thank our guest for joining us today and spending some of his precious free time answering questions like this. These folks have a lot on their plates so I appreciate Jake taking time to answer these for us. Try and support him where you can, I’d greatly appreciate it.


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