February 20, 2011

Oakland, California

Commentators: Michael Cole, Josh Matthews and Booker T

Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) vs Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston

This match was all about getting Alberto over as he was the Rumble winner getting a title match at Mania. Kofi looked great and was very over but the thought of having the Intercontinental Champion being enhancement talent rubs me the wrong way. The Intercontinental Title was just an afterthought here and as one of the more important belts I feel it should have been protected more. A man beating the champion and not caring about the belt is ridiculous.

Winner: Alberto made Kofi tap to the cross arm-breaker.


  • Randy Orton is standing backstage…riveting television.
  • Todd Grisham interviews World Heavyweight Champion Edge about his Chamber match tonight until he is interrupted by a Drew McIntyre that hadn’t learned to cut a promo yet.
  • Promo for the Elimination Chamber match itself.


World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber (Smackdown)

Starting Match: Rey Mysterio vs (C) Edge

Random Entries: 3) Wade Barrett 4) Kane 5) Drew McIntyre 6) Big Show

Eliminations:   1) Barrett was knocked out by Big Show.

2) Big Show was gone after a 619, spear and chokeslam.

3) McIntyre also felt Kane’s chokeslam.

4) Kane was the second giant to eat the 619, spear combination.

5) Rey ate a spear for the final pin.

Apparently Dolph Ziggler was supposed to be in this match but was fired on screen before the PPV and replaced by the Big Show which changed the dynamic. This was a solid mix of new faces and established veterans in this contest. Everyone seemed to do what they needed to do and did it well. Edge became only the third man in the history of the chamber match to walk out with the championship which made him look great and like a world beater heading into WrestleMania. Unfortunately Edge was only a little over a month away from learning he had to retire so this was bittersweet in retrospect.

Winner: Edge


  • Alberto attacks Edge after the match with the cross arm-breaker until a returning Christian makes the save to a monster crowd reaction. Alberto paid the price after getting hit with both the Kill-switch and the spear.
  • As always, don’t try this at home.
  • Jerry Lawler is interviewed by Matt Striker about his WWE Championship match later in the evening. Jerry cut a masterful promo about losing his mother the week before and both never being WWE Champion or competing at WrestleMania. If you didn’t pull for him after this you have no heart.
  • Michael Cole of course ruins the moment because we can’t have nice things as fans during this time period without them being immediately crapped on.
  • We waste some time as Booker heads to the ring to hype the new season of Tough Enough and shockingly Michael Cole tries to ruin that as well. Luckily Booker introduces fellow trainer brunette Trish Stratus with the new hair color somehow making her even hotter…just not hot enough to save this garbage segment. The segment itself would have been bad enough but Cole trashing everything and everyone all the time was really wearing on me at this point.
  • Promo for the HHH award winning film The Chaperone, co-starring that nerdy girl with the big breasts from Modern Family. If you haven’t seen it run out and get it…or don’t.


WWE Tag Team Championship (Co-Branded): (C) Vladimir Koslov and Santino Marrella (w/ Tamina) vs The Corre (Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel) (w/ Ezekiel Jackson)

This was kind of sad for me personally because I was in the oddly named KFC YUM! Center when Koslov and Santino won the championships. This was really just a glorified squash match and a short one at that. I learned two things watching this. Tamina looks pretty damn good in a dress and if Josh Matthews is the best commentator it makes for a long night.

Winner: Gabriel picks up the win after a 450 splash. NEW CHAMPIONS!


  • Todd Grisham is with WWE Champion Miz and Alex Riley discussing the end of Jerry Lawler’s dreams tonight. Meanwhile Michael Cole won’t shut his stupid mouth.
  • Vickie Guerrero comes out to thunderous boos to beg for the rehiring of Dolph Ziggler. Teddy Long says he did make one re-hire but it wasn’t Dolph it was Kelly Kelly who liked like she was battling Trish in a hotness contest. Kelly tries to beat up Vickie before being stopped by LayCool. Trish returns to make the save and ends up hitting the worst hand stand hurricanrana in recorded history. Faces celebrate after the heels take a powder.
  • Recap of the troubles between Miz and Lawler.


WWE Championship (RAW): (C) Miz (w/ Alex Riley) vs Jerry “The King” Lawler

This match in the ring hit every button that a great professional wrestling match is supposed to hit. The crowd was into every single thing these two men did and Lawler is a master at crowd psychology. The crowd was molten hot for Jerry to win the championship and the outside interference and distractions from Alex (who got booted) and Michael Cole only had the crowd cheering him harder. If you are looking for a match that has a million high spots this isn’t for you, but if you like two guys fighting it out for pride and a prize this has it all.

Winner: Miz picks up the win after the Skull Crushing Finale.


  • Cole and Miz celebrate and then Jerry gets to soak up some well-deserved cheers.
  • Todd Grisham tries to interview a Fruity Pebbles eating John Cena about tonight’s match. The phrase “Yabba Dabba Delicious” is said and sums it up nicely.
  • Matt Striker interviews the always awesome CM Punk about tonight.
  • Recap of the Smackdown Elimination Chamber.


Elimination Chamber for #1 Contender for WWE Championship

Starting Match: King Sheamus vs John Morrison

Random Entries: 3) Randy Orton 4) John Cena 5) R-Truth 6) CM Punk

Eliminations:   1) R-Truth was knocked out by a Brogue kick via Sheamus.

2) Randy was hit with the GTS by Punk.

3) Sheamus was splashed from the top of the dome by John Morrison.

4) Morrison fell to a GTS from Punk.

5) Punk got hit with an Attitude Adjustment on the grate for the loss.

Poor R-Truth was eliminated first again this year but this time due to a technicality. Punk was actually entered 4th and his pod got stuck leading to him getting killed with an RKO immediately; however the anonymous RAW General Manager deemed this unfair and re-entered Punk back into the match. This was a very well put together match. Morrison and Sheamus tried to beat each other to death, R-Truth was cannon fodder and Punk and Cena played good versus evil. This match also set up the main event to the only WrestleMania I’ve personally been to in Atlanta. It was not well received.

Winner: John Cena


Overall Thoughts: This show had its moments but overall was not as fun as last year’s version. The commentary by Michael Cole really brought down any positivity the show might have had and the Chamber matches, while good, lacked any real drama.


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