With this year’s version coming up tomorrow I went back to see how last year went and drop some notes in…

February 15, 2018

Memphis, Indiana


I was going to wait until the replay showed up on Powerbomb.TV (IndependentWrestling now)  to do a more detailed recap but I wanted to get this done before tonight’s Hardcore Heartbreak show. Such is life. Tonight is built upon the Mance Warner vs Matt Riddle World Championship match. If Mance loses he is leaving the IWA and Ian is left with finding someone to knock off Riddle. This was a must win situation for Mance and realistically the entire IWA. Adding in the fact this this was the second live stream for the company added extra pressure to the entire night. Let’s see how it went. ( Editors Note: I guess that Matt Riddle thing turned out alright for everyone.)


Match 1: Single


Notes and Opinion: The IWA crowd showing their collective respect for MJF by pelting him with rolls of toilet paper during his introduction. The bastard then kicked a roll of toilet paper into the crowd, nailing my kid in the face…so she hates him now. Really good opening contest with Trey showing all the athleticism and charisma you would expect from him at this point. He continues to impress every time he is out there. MJF is of course a very fine wrestler and even better asshole and overall terrible human being (character wise) so these two working together was a natural pairing. A fine way to start the show.

Winner: MJF got the win following a Greco-Roman kick to the balls and an arm-bar.( I wonder what ever happened to that MJF cat… must have retired.)


  • Before our next contest Marko tries to make peace by offering Shotzi a gift…of balls. That wasn’t smart.


Match 2: Single

 “Mr Fun Size” MARKO STUNT vs “Ballsy Badass” SHOTZI BLACKHEART

Notes and Opinion: Really good back and forth contest with both athletes showing off a lot of talent. Shotzi is awesome and it is a pleasure to be able to see her live, very charismatic and a completely believable bad ass chick. Marko has the ability to be both lovable and a dick at the same time, his size has something to do with it but also because he’s a talented kid. I really liked this one and thought they did a good job of following up the hot opener. (Also, Shotzi took a couple of pictures with my daughter so she gets bonus points from this household.) (Things went OK for Marko and then suddenly worse.)

Winner: Shotzi got the victory following a top rope back senton.



Match 3: 4-Way

Graham Bell vs Alvarado vs Jake Landers vs “Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams

Notes and Opinion: Another really fun match in a night of them so far. The only person I wasn’t completely familiar with was Graham but he did a good job of getting us to hate him pretty quick. Jake Landers is a talented kid who I hope we get to see more of in the coming year. Alvarado is always good and it’s a pleasure to see him when he comes to this area. All three of those guys impressed me and hung in there pretty well with Aaron. What can you say about Williams? One of the most talented and underrated guys on the Independent scene today and every match he is on, no matter where on the card, feels like a big deal. Can’t say enough good stuff about Williams. 3 for 3 on good matches so far and the show felt like it was flying along. (At the time this felt like a move down the card for BMA.)

Winner: Aaron got the win following a vicious head kick to Jake.




“Plague Bringer” MARKUS CRANE, “Pro Wrestling’s Jackass” DALE PATRICKS and “Born Bad” JC ROTTEN  vs “One Mean Hombre” JAKE CRIST, “Warhorse” JAKE PARNELL and “Diamond Cut” ACE PERRY

Notes and Opinion: This shit got crazy in a hurry and stayed that way. Bodies flying everywhere, mass hysteria, cats and dogs living together, so yeah, it was awesome. Parnell was the first to go via a Dale pinfall but he looked really good out there and everyone was happy to see him back out there after his recent injury. Damn nice guy. Markus was the next to go via a 2nd rope Cutter from Ace. Markus is (rightfully) hailed as a great deathmatch guy but the dude can flat out wrestle. After a little miscommunication both of Jimmy’s Angels were rolled up while arguing (Dale by Jeke and Ace by JC). Dale and Ace both are both in such an awesome groove right now that it sucked top see them go…jerks. Then we got down to Jake and JC and they kicked ass. JC looked like a million bucks by hanging with one of the best and the business. Jake as usual was great but seeing JC hang with him was just magical.

Winner: Jake got the pin with the Work of Art backslide. 

  • After the match Jake grabs a mic and puts JC over big time. He was 100% right, JC has stepped his game up in a big way and the IWA fans couldn’t be more proud. (Of course that sadly didn’t lead to him earning a single title in the next year.)



Match 5: Single 

ACE ROMERO vs “Legendary” LARRY D

Notes and Opinion: This here was a helluva Hoss Fight folks. Both guys gave it there all and the crowd a great match that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Seeing two big bulls like this going at it is always impressive, but doing it with the athleticism both guys posses put this one on another level. These two were flying around and hitting everything they threw with gusto. Great stuff from two talented big men. Ace was only on his second IWA appearance and he has made both of them count. I hope we see a lot more of him. Larry is an IWA favorite for a reason. You never see a bad Larry match. You can’t say that about everyone. This night continued to roll right along.

Winner: Ace got the win following a spinning Lariat and a senton.

  • We get a nice show of respect after the match.



Match 6: Single


Notes and Opinion: Seeing tag team partners go at it is always a mixed bag sometimes they are so used to working together that they don’t make for good opponents, not the case this time. These two put on a really good contest. It was hard hitting back and forth solid wrestling from start to finish. They both brought a lot of talent and charisma and the crowd was into it from beginning to end. This was one of the matches I brought my daughter to see and they delivered. Seeing two strong talented women battling and then showing respect to each other afterwards is a positive message for little girls and my kid loved it. They both took pictures with her later in the evening as well so she was on cloud nine. Thank you ladies, you got a new fan.

Winner: Allie got the pin with a big headbutt.



Match 7: Single

“The Lone Star” CURT STALLION vs “Hot Fire” MYRON REED

Notes and Opinion: If I ever get worried about how wrestling is going and that things aren’t that great I remember these two exist and that the future is fine. I really like this match, probably because both guys are awesome. I was into this thing from jump street. Curt is a tough bastard and his moves all look like they might kill you. I say good things about Myron a lot so…I’ll say more here, the kid is the truth man. I could watch these guys go at it for an hour and never get bored. This match is just another in a loooong list of reasons to watch this show as soon as it’s available.

Winner: Myron got the pin following a Destroyer and 450.


(The next match happened when people were seriously against everything Michael Elgin. Time is a funny thing…)


Match 8: Single

“Unbreakable” MICHAEL ELGIN vs “Raging Bull” MANNY FERNANDEZ

Notes and Opinion: Good old fashioned pick a body part and work on it wrestling is my JAM and this had plenty of it. Big Mike is one of the best wrestlers on the planet and a huge international star in the prime of his career but man, 63 year old Manny gave him a fight out there. If you are looking for moonsaults and other high flying stuff look somewhere else, but if you want a good old southern style wrestling match look no further. I don’t know how many matches Manny has left in him but damn he looked good out there and I know people had issues with this match but if you get a chance to see a legend do what he does, you take it.

Winner: Mike got the pin with a rollup. 

  • After the match Elgin cuts a promo on his upcoming war with Nick Gage. That will be hard hitting as SHIT.



Match 9: IWA Mid-South Tag Team Championships

“Indestructible” CALVIN TANKMAN and “Rich Homie Juice” AJ GRAY vs (C)The Unfortunate Pairing of PAT MONIX and ELLIOTT PAUL 

Notes and Opinion: GOD DAMN DO I LOVE TAG TEAM WRESTLING. Hell of a contest out there, the champs using their speed and tag experience against a new team that was based on POWER. All four of these guys fucking rule. Pat and Elliott are straight up just an awesome team right now, every week they come back and their tag moves are more crisp and effective. I’m sure them being champs for a long time wouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings with the quality of work they are putting in. Their opponents were at a disadvantage as far as being a new team, but both guys are so talented they almost pulled it off in spite of that. You have 2 big, talented, athletic and strong dudes like AJ and Calvin they are almost the favorites by default in any situation. If any of these four are in your town, spend the money and see them because the future is now.

Winner: After some miscommunication from AJ and Calvin, one Springboard Doomsday later and the champs retain.



Match 10: IWA Mid-South World Championship

“King of Bros” MATT RIDDLE  vs (C)  “Southern Psycho” MANCE WARNER

Notes and Opinion: Matt Riddle is everything they say he is, talented, tough as nails, and a genuine superstar in this business already. His name has already been made and he is able to put butts in the seat just by saying the damn thing. Mance Warner beat him. I know, I know, but man if you aren’t there you have no idea of the connection between Mance and the people in that building. The set up to this was that if Mance lost he was gone, and nobody watching in Memphis (no matter what we thought of Riddle, and just for the record he is a super nice man and nobody deserves their success more) if Mancer lost it would have torn the heart out of every IWA fan. The match? Oh it was amazing, both of these guys have no problem hitting or getting hit as hard as humanly possible and it has to be seen to be believed so but the DVD, watch the replay and enjoy it but remember the match was secondary. A guy we embraced as our own over a long period of work and sacrifice on his part beat a damn SUPERSTAR on a show broadcast around the world. That is a different kind of cool, it’s like your town winning the World Series, it doesn’t happen all the time but when it does you just embrace it and be happy. Thank you to both these guys for giving us this moment. (Matt Riddle and Mance both lived to be happy ever after.)

Winner: Mance got the win following a Lariat.



Overall Thoughts: Two Powerbomb.TV (Independentwrestling dude.) broadcasts and two home runs. This was an awesome show stacked with talent from top to bottom. It had it all and kicked 15,000 different types of ass,  with several more asses lined up to be kicked at it’s leisure. Watch the replay or buy the DVD as soon as you can. Every match delivered on what was promised and made every fan in attendance happy. It’s hard to pull that off in this day and age, so take advantage of this show. IWA does not screw around people, this was a good one. Oh and MANCE WON Y’ALL! (It’s pretty impressive how much the roster has changed in the last year really.)


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