Here are the results of last night’s big show from our friends with OVW Mania! oVe has arrived…


Pre-Show Dark Matches:

“Kings Ransom”: Maximus & Leonis Khan defeated William Lutz & Ashton Cove

Chace Destiny defeated “The Veteran” Apollo

Big Zo & Eddie Knight defeated Big D & DL3 (w/Shiloh Jonze)


Main Show:

  • oVe (Jake Crist & Sami Callihan) are sitting on the crowd…

OVW Television Title Gauntlet Match:

Nigel Winters defeated Dimes

Drew Hernandez defeats Nigel Winters

Drew Hernandez defeats “The Trinidad Titan” Justin Smooth (c)

Shiloh Jonze (w/DL3 & Big D) defeats Drew Hernandez

Shiloh Jonze (w/Big D & DL3) defeats “Mister Marvelous” Melvin Maximus and Shiloh is the NEW Television Champion.


OVW WOMEN’S TITLE MATCH: Jaylee (w/Cali & Valerie Vermin) (c) defeats Brittany Devore

OVW WOMEN’S TITLE MATCH: Cali defeatsJaylee (w/Valerie Vermin) (c) and Cali is theNEW Women’s Champion!


  • OVW Champion Tony Gunn gets into an altercation with oVe.

Ca$h Flo Chop Shop Challenge: Anyone that can outlast Ca$h in a chop battle gets $1000

Ashton Cove takes him up first, and Cove goes down after one chop.

KTD is next and goes down after two chops.

Apollo comes out and says he forfeits, he is going home and making himself a sandwich.

William Lutz comes out and takes a few chops, but goes down.

Sam Thompson is next and takes several chops.

Ca$h doesn’t allow Big Zo to participate.

  • Dustin Jackson comes out looking for his girlfriend in the crowd. He apologizes to her and says it was all a big accident and he would never hurt her. While he is apologizing, Colton Cage comes around the corner with a cop. The cop arrests Dustin for abuse as Colton laughs.



DARK MATCHES (After Main Taping):

OVW Heavyweight Champion “Shotgun” Tony Gunn defeats Amon


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