All the results from yesterday’s big show.



KTK (with Biff) defeated Pizza Party

Arm Dragon defeated Billy Mattern by DQ after Billy deliberately hit Dragon low.

Cole Power (The new team of Cole Radrick/Coal County Crusher) defeated the Royal Guard.

Joshie Boy defeated Jake Garvin to even up their series so far.

The drama between Jason Saint and the Stone Cold Bear continued this week. Jason tried a different approach in dealing with the Bear but still ended up on the receiving end of a vicious Stunner. The Bear was then removed from the building by officials as Saint struggled to regain consciousness.

Rudy Switchblade/Akira defeated The Best friends Club. Drew Dillinger walked out on his team early on.

Hazel was able to gain the victory over Billie Starks and Alice Crowley when Alice was once again distracted by a Richard Sharkey video. Hazel pinned alice with a rollup.

Biff Wellington III defeated JMO by a reverse decision when JMO would not quit choking Biff out after the contest was already decided. JMO was angry about some money issues with Biff and took it way too far.

Grindhouse Champion Zachary Dayton Pittman won a very quick match over Trigga Travis when Trigga was distracted by Joshie Boy on the outside.

Rudo LaMotta/Ace Jackson got a DQ victory over the Bad Dude Gang (with Dude) when Apollo Garvin went crazy with a stop sign in the ring.


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