One of the things we have always tried to do with these columns is to try and get several different points of view from different areas of Independent Wrestling. So today we are getting the input from another fine official in this crazy world to get some of his insights on the sport that we love.

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1: Who or what most influenced you to get in the wrestling business?

I grew up in Louisville at a time when cable TV was really taking off. WWF was on Saturday Morning and Monday night Prime Time Wrestling, Tuesday Night Titans. NWA had TBS, WCCW/Global were on ESPN. So from am early age I got to watch some of the all time greats. CWA/USWA were running the Louisville Gardens on Tuesday nights so my Uncle JR would take me there. So many great memories from the gardens. The Missing Link made me pee on myself. The old Louisville Gardens had a fence around the back, Him amd a few other heels were outside. I said dome choice words for a 5 yr old and he started to climb the fence. I don’t recall a time I ever ran so fast.


2: If you could learn from anyone in the history of the business, who would it be?

I’ve said it a million times I’ve been blessed with all the training I’ve gotten from so many different people and styles. If I had to choose just one it would be Randy Savage. I have always been a huge Macho Man fan so getting to sit under that learning tree would be an amazing thing.


3: What has been your favorite wrestling moment that you’ve been a part of?

So many!!! Hard to say just one. Working with HBK, Sting, The Road Warriors in front of 5000 people is definitely up there. Doing TOS and NGI both meant a lot to me as well. The JC BAILEY tribute in Indy is up there as well.


4: What is your go to after show meal?

Steak and Shake Cajun Burger and Cajun Fries with a side by side strawberry/chocolate shake.


5: Who is the greatest Professional Wrestler of all time?

For me personally its a 3 way tie, in no particular order, Ricky Steamboat, Randy Savage, Ric Flair.


You can catch John at the  GCW “They Said It Couldn’t Be Done” show February 16th in Atlantic City. Then for all GCW and BlackCraft shows during WM week in Jersey City.


Once again I would like to thank our guest for joining us today and spending some of his precious free time answering questions like this. These folks have a lot on their plates so I appreciate John taking time to answer these for us. Try and support him where you can, I’d greatly appreciate it.


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