We are continuing our Grindhouse Pro Wrestling themed week with the man who has the unenviable task of trying to keep law and order in a lawless land. Sunday is the huge Rumble Rumble and will be Jason’s toughest challenge yet. Let’s get his thoughts going into this mega event.

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1: You have a lot on your plate running the inmates in the Grindhouse locker room. What has been your biggest Challenge leading up to the Rumble Rumble Saturday?

Honestly?! Just keeping everything civil! Getting people to follow rules and keeping my sanity has been the truest challenge of my career- and I’ve faced Reed Bentley in the ring! One guy won’t stop trying to injure everyone, one girl can’t stop starting fights, one guy is running around attacking people under a mask, it never ends. There’s no end! I just hope that we don’t have any shenanigans in the Rumble Rumble match. If so… I mean, there’s 32 spots… and I’m not going to be terribly busy…


2: You put a no contact rule in place for the Billie Starks/Charlie Kruel match, which of these athletes do you think that affected the most?

So far, it’s affected Billie Starkz the most. Unfortunately for her, Charlie Kruel spent a length of her early days in wrestling traveling with and competing under the Horrorshow banner, in which she learned every crooked tactic that it took for us to be the most dominant stable in wrestling (check any show on TV, you’ll find alumnus everywhere). Because of that, Charlie has attacked Billie before signing the contract, and even got the Bad Dude Gang to nearly decimate her. Thankfully, Raul La Motta made the save, or that would have gotten ugly, fast!


3: Do you think that extra security will be needed for the JMO vs Big D Last Man Standing match Saturday? These guys will get wild.

Security?! Maybe for J-Mo! He broke Big D’s leg, then spent MONTHS mocking him during his absence and taking out all of Big D’s peers and fellow trainees. He’s not just poked a bear with Big D, he injected him with epinephrine… and Big D won’t go down. It’s gonna take a hell of a beating to get Big D to go down… wait. Okay, J-Mo is gonna have to choke the life out of Big D until he’s spitting.. up… Nevermind. Big D is gonna come (cough) out on top.


4: The Rumble Rumble is a crazy event, who do you think the favorite is going in to this contest?

Chad, come on now. You know I can’t pick favorites. What people forget about Grindhouse is that we have goons, clowns, psychopaths, a prince with guardsmen, a cockroach, Action Man, a witch, gang members, best friends… You never know what’s gonna step through the curtain. Anyone coming to Grindhouse this Sunday should be prepared for the unexpected. Lots of surprises in store!


5: Finally, and I know this is a difficult question…who do you think will be the first Grindhouse Pro Wrestling Champion after all is said and done?

There’s NO way to predict that, Chad. I wish there was. I wish I could say that I knew it would be Rudy Switchblade. As I say every week on commentary, the former OVW Heavyweight Champion knows what it takes to get to the top of the company and to reign as champion. However, after Zachary Dayton Pittman (ZDP) pulled the fast one last Sunday by dressing as a Goon, it’s hard to say what else he might have in store for Grindhouse as he’s got plenty of tricks. He certainly is “The Top Of The Class”. On the other side of the bracket is Duke The Nuke, a wrestler whose reputation speaks for itself. The first member of Dude Baddington’s Bad Dude Gang was chosen for a reason, as he’s waylayed everyone on the roster. He’s taking on Raul La Motta, the man who trained him and hell, most everyone else at Grindhouse. A former Bad Dude Gang member himself, La Motta’s story of being a partner, a stable member, but never a champion has brought him to where he is now, just two matches away from being the first ever Grindhouse Champion. Could he defeat Duke The Nuke? If anyone could, it’s Raul, as he knows him from both training him and from the standpoint of being in the BDG with him. It’s tough to call, Chad, but if I had to hope for anyone, it’s whoever the fans want to see win the most. Either way, I hope everyone comes out to the Rumble Rumble and has a great time, as we have several surprises and plenty of incredible moments in store. 


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Once again I would like to thank our guest for joining us today and spending some of his precious free time answering questions like this. These folks have a lot on their plates so I appreciate Jason taking time to answer these for us. Try and support him where you can, I’d greatly appreciate it.


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