Jeffersonville, Indiana

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  • Ian Rotten welcomes us to the show and informs us that due to illness Aaron Williams would not be in the building to defend his championships. This brings out Logan James and Billy the P to run down the champ and talk smack. After complaining about the lack of title opportunities Ian told Logan that if he could defeat Aaron’s scheduled opponent for the evening he would get a future shot. Logan accepted. His opponent…Aero Boy.


Graham Bell vs Eddy Only

Pretty good opener. Both of these guys went out and busted ass to get the show started in a positive manner and pulled it off. I liked the effort from both guys and enjoyed this. I also enjoyed that I didn’t get a bazooka fired at me by Graham. Eddy got the win with a Straight Jacket Piledriver. 1 for 1


“Savage Gentleman” Victor Benjamin vs Steve Manders

So we had a gentleman vs a cowboy in this match. Benjamin worked the crowd pretty well and earned hit hatred pretty quickly. Steve is trying out the new cowboy gimmick and it’s working out well for him. Benjamin worked the knee a bit and they brawled around the ring for a while. Nothing crazy just a solid match. The highlight for me was Victor’s ability to recover from the vicious chop that was given to him by Baby Maniwa the sequel on the floor. That kid was over. Steve got the pin with an Iowa Stampede. 2 for 2


IWA Women’s Championship: Lady Frost (w/ Victor Benjamin) vs (C) Max the Impaler

I enjoyed this match better than last week’s title match. They kept it pretty simple and delivered most everything well. Lady Frost has a great look and did an excellent job with her role out there. Max is at her best right now when she is just murdering people and being unstoppable. Max got the win with a huge spear. The spear alone was enough for a point. 3 for 3


  • The next match was supposed to be Jake Lander vs Trigga Travis but Joshie Boy interfered like a minute in to keep his buddy from taking an early loss. Larry D arrived and didn’t take too kindly to this and wanted a tag title match right then. Before that could get started the Philly Marino Experience arrived and demanded that THEY be put in the match as well. So it is written, so shall it be done.


IWA Tag Team Championship 3-Way: (C) Mama’s Boiz vs Jake Lander/Larry D vs PME

This started out really hot. Everyone was going crazy for the first couple of minutes. Then it slowed a bit when it became beat on the champs time. I love these kids but they are the least experienced guys in the contest and sometimes it shows. Putting them in there with good teams like this will only speed up the learning process though. It was fine but it just kinda died for me. The champs got the win with their Swanton combo on Marino. 3 for 4


Logan James (w/ Billy the P) vs Tre Lamar

These guys went out there to put on a show. There were a few tiny issues but mostly this was a really good contest. The improvement of both of these guys in the past year is really incredible though. They turned this into one of the best matches of the night by sheer force of talent and will. Logan got the Hybrid Theory after a Billy distraction. 4 for 5


  • Before the next match Teddy demanded it be 2 out of 3 falls because last week’s match was a “fluke”.

Teddy King vs Dewey Wellington

This was what it was. It was more story than match really. Both guys worked hard but it mostly seemed to be there to set up next week’s match. Teddy is almost too good at being a dick sometimes and Dewey is getting better every week so I have high hopes for next week. Dewey won in 2 straight falls (brass knux/dick punch) because Teddy sucks at cheating apparently. 4 for 6

  • Teddy continues the attack after the match until Biff makes the save for his son. He then started to call Teddy out but Dewey interrupted and laid out a challenge of his own for next week.


Triple Threat: Jordan Kage vs Lukas Jacobs (w/Billy the P) vs Carson Murphy

This was fine. I enjoy all 3 of these dudes so as long as they didn’t accidentally kill one another I knew they would put on something halfway enjoyable. The heels obviously teamed up to double team Carson which is always fun and leads to the bad guys trying to cheat the other out of the win. It’s been done but classics are classics for a reason. Lukas got the win with a Cradle Piledriver on Carson. 5 for 7


“Winter Swoldier” Adam Slade (w/ Billy the P) vs “All Balls” Kevin Giza

The former tag champions went out of their way to beat the crap out of one another. Slade was more vicious than I have seen him and that is a very good thing for his future. The crowd has already chosen to love Giza in this breakup so he was able to run with the the sympathy of last week’s attack well. These guys went at it tooth and nail and I enjoyed it. I do think they have one more wild and better match ahead of them though. This felt unfinished. Giza got the pin with a Ballbuster. 6 for 8

  • After the match Lukas attacked and Giza’s expulsion from the Player’s Club was finalized. Luckily Tyler Matrix was in the building to make the save for his old friend. This is not over.


  • After the intermission we were joined by JC Rotten. He said he was tired of being overlooked and wasted as a talent by not getting the shots he has earned. He then threw down a challenge to Aaron Williams for the World Championship for sometime and somewhere in 2019. Good stuff from JC. The kid’s not wrong. The House of Horrors match last year sold it for me.


Tyler Matrix vs “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

Excuse my language but this was match of the night in a fucking WALK. These guys went out there and told a great student vs teacher respect story and did it at the highest level. It’s early on but this may be my favorite match of the year so far regardless of promotion. This was that damn good. Nothing but respect to both guys for that performance. Elgin even had to pull out a BURNING HAMMER to win this…jeeze. Like you have to ask? 7 for 9

  • Elgin cut a promo putting over the talent of Tyler. Good stuff.


Logan James vs Aero Boy

They had a hard row to hoe following that last match but they did a good job. Both of these guys could sleep walk there way through a *** contest so there wasn’t a chance of it being bad. That being said it was on the short side and followed my favorite match of the year so far. Not a disappointment at all just my expectations were through the roof after the previous match. Still really good though. Logan got his second win of the night with the Hybrid Theory. 8 for 10


  • Ian informed Logan that he would get his title shot in 2 weeks and would face the winner of next week’s match of Aaron Williams…and Jimmy Jacobs!


Overall Thoughts: So you get several great matches, see a bunch of talented athletes and witness a early MOTYC for $15? Yeah this was a good show. Even the stuff I had mild complaints about wasn’t BAD it just slightly missed the mark for me personally. Everyone did a great job overall. Pick up this dvd.


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