New Tag Champions and a ton of other fun matches last night…

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Derek Wolf defeated Akira with a spear.

Trash Punx defeated Andrew Thomas/Ian Maxwell, Chase Holliday/JC Rotten and Paragon/Jayce Thorn in a 4-Way Lucha Tag Rules match after a Kobain Swanton on Ian.

Kongo Kong defeated Steve Manders via Top Rope Splash.

IWA Women’s Champion Max defeated Thunderkitty after a spear to retain.

  • Billy the P hosted a Player’s Club Forum with Harbo. He cut him off a lot and was knocked on his ass for it. At that point a huge brawl erupted between the PC and their opponents for the night.

Mama’s Boiz defeated The Top Guys (with Billy) for the IWA Tag Team Championships due to a bit of miscommunication and a Swanton on Slade. (Due to a pre-match stipulation the Top Guys are now not allowed to team in IWA Mid-South again.)

  • After the match Adam Slade attacked Kevin Giza to cement the breakup of the 2 time tag champs.

“Legendary” Larry D defeated Jason Kincaid after the latter did a springboard directly in to the Best Hand in the House of Larry.

Dewey Wellington defeated Teddy King after rolling through a high crossbody. Teddy attacked after the match.

Shane Mercer defeated Jake Omen on a rollup out of a Muta Lock.

Tyler Matrix defeated Lukas Jacobs (with Billy) after a Falcon Arrow.

Logan James (with Billy) defeated Josh Raymond via tap out with a Dragon Sleeper.

IWA World and Junior Heavyweight Champion Aaron Williams defeated Anthony Henry with the Killswitch head kick. Henry had the champ locked in an STF dead center of the ring but Jason Kincaid distracted the challenger and led to his downfall. After the match the two brawled to the back.


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