(Editor’s Note: This was another of the old school review style. Once again I’ve hopefully gotten better since these. Enjoy.)

January 4, 2018

Memphis, Indiana



  • Ian is out to announce that there has been a slight change of the card due to an injury to IWA World Champion Jimmy Jacobs. In his place against Aaron Williams and his mystery partner would be Ace Perry’s best friend and new Jacob’s disciple, Dale Patricks. Also due to the injury to Jacobs, we will be crowning a new IWA Champion next Thursday in Memphis with a one night tournament.
  • The Philly Marino Experience come out for a scheduled match which they whine and complain about until it becomes a triple threat match.


Match 1: Triple Threat

Philly Collins vs Marino Tenaglia vs JC Rotten

Winner: JC got the pin on Marino after a Tombstone.

Notes and Opinion: If you want an IWA crowd on their feet from the opening match the best way to do it is have JC out there. This was a fun opener with the heels constantly double teaming JC but unable to decide who the winner would be of the two. As usual this backfires and JC was able to fire up and take both guys out individually to claim the win and give the crowd something to cheer about right off the bat. The Experience is always pretty good at getting the crowd to hate their guts and JC has the IWA faithful on his side for as long as he wants them. These combined to make a fun kickoff to the show.


  • After the match Ace Perry and Dale Patricks come out to complain about Aaron Williams not letting them know who the mystery partner was. After a couple minutes of whining Williams came out to let his opponents in on just who they would be facing. Seconds later the familiar phrase “WHAT DOES EVERYBODY WANT?” rang out over the loud speakers and Al Snow made a triumphant entrance into the IWA Arena and caused Perry and Patricks to run for the hills. To say the place exploded was an understatement.


Match 2: Single

“Dream Killer” ERIC WAYNE vs “8 Ball” Eddy Only

Winner: Wayne got the victory of a Pedigree Driver.

Notes and Opinion: Another solid encounter with both athletes doing a hell of a job keeping the crowd invested after the big blockbuster announcement that preceded this match. They had a nice back and forth contest with Wayne’s experience being the deciding factor in the end. Both guys have done nothing but impress in the IWA ring and I’m sure both will be back to entertain us a lot in the new year.


Match 3: Single

“The Natural” CHASE STEVENS  vs  “Special Dark” SUGAR DUNKERTON

Winner: Sugar got the pin after a Sugamura.

Notes and Opinion: Stevens is a multi year veteran that has held championships in every promotion he has been in so his addition to IWA is a big one. Poor Sugar unfortunately trained for “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes instead of one of “The Naturals” tag team so it took him a few minutes to get adjusted… This was a really fun match which is usually the case whenever Sugar is in the building. I’d be alright with seeing a lot more from these two sooner rather than later.


Match 4: Single

HOLIDEAD vs “Fallen Flower” KIKYO

  • Hold up, Amazing Maria arrives to put these ladies in their place and add herself to this contest.

Match 4: Triple Threat

HOLIDEAD vs “Fallen Flower” KIKYO vs Amazing Maria

Winner: Maria got the victory following a chain shot on Kikyo.

Notes and Opinion: Once again the ladies show that they can do everything a man can do by beating the hell out of each other.  All three showed guts and toughness in a hard hitting battle for superiority. In the end Maria was willing to go just a little bit outside the rules in order to prove that IWA is her house. Maria as always was great and Holidead and Kikyo both showed they could hang with the best that IWA has to offer in this contest. Really good bout for all three.


Match 5: Tag Team

“Diamond Cut” ACE PERRY and “Pro Wrestling’s Jackass” Dale Patricks vs  “The Baddest Man Alive” AARON WILLIAMS and Al Snow

Winner: Aaron got the hard fought victory by kicking Ace’s head in.

Notes and Opinion: This match was as solid as an old school tag match as you will see. From the opening moments Ace and Dale cheated their asses off and kept Aaron cut off from his corner. Every time you thought he may be able to make it they were able to maneuver him back to their side of the ring and drive the crowd crazy. I’m a grown ass man and I was even yelling at the referee to open his damn eyes. That is the kind of passion and excitement you can get from a tag match if done right and this one surely was. When Al finally made the tag and everything backfired on the heels the place went crazy and everyone was on their feet. I’m not going to lie though, even though Al looked great…I think Head may have put on a few pounds. This is another match where IWA gives you your monies worth with one shot. See it soon if you’ve ever watched any old NWA, you won’t be disappointed.

  • After the match the two best friends were being whiny bitches in the ring when Ian did the nice thing and offered Ace a spot in the championship tournament. Ace readily accepted and then found out who his opponent would be…Dale Patricks. These guys have been such awful people over the last month plus that everything bad that happens to them makes the crowd extremely happy.


Match 6: Single

The Handicapped Hero” GREGORY IRON vs “Proficient” SAGE PHILIPS

Winner: Sage got the tap out with the Octopus.

Notes and Opinion: Gregory is another well traveled veteran who is as an impressive an athlete as you will see. Sage of course is the Young Guns Shootout winner and quickly becoming a mainstay in IWA. These two went at it tooth and nail to see who the better man was on this night. Sage was finally able to overcome a few mistakes late by Irons to pull of the submission victory. Top notch work by both guys and the fans appreciated every second of it.


Match 7: Tag Team


Winner: The Mason Dixon Line got the pin with a double team Samoan Drop.

Notes and Opinion: This is one of the greatest things I have ever seen in my damn life. I literally laughed for 90% of this match. When you see people that call wrestling Sports Entertainment this is the type of thing they should aspire to. All four guys did a hell of a job keeping us entertained and engaged in the match with their abilities to make us laugh plus having the athleticism to get serious when the time was right. I could watch these two teams go at it from now until the sun explodes and not be bored by it. All four guys deserve all the praise they can get because this match was awesome and as fun as wrestling can get. Thanks to all four guys.


Match 8: Single

 “The Tattooed Metalhead Pitbull” HUDSON ENVY vs “The Undead Bride” SU YUNG

Winner: Hudson got the pin after a White Noise.

Notes and Opinion: These two women beat the shit out each other…it was awesome. Both women went back and forth abusing the the other in spectacular fashion. The WWE could learn a lesson from the way the women performed on this show. All of them gave every bit of heart and energy they had to prove that they were the best competitor in their respective matches. Hudson is pure bad ass and Su has one of the greatest gimmicks I have ever seen. As soon as you can take a look at this match, it’s a good one.


Match 9: Single 

“Hot Fiya” MYRON REED vs  “International King of #SWERVE” SHANE STRICKLAND

Winner: Shane made Myron tap to a flipping Key Lock.

Notes and Opinion: This is about as close as you can get to a match between the current and future leaders of the independent scene as you are going to get. Shane is already at the very top of his game and can accomplish (and has) anything he wants to in this industry. Myron is one of the greatest up and coming young athletes in the wrestling world and has no where to go but up from now on. These two put on a wrestling clinic and pulled off another match that was worth the price of admission by itself. Kudos to both guys and I know I sound like a broken record but check this out as soon as you can. It’s two men doing the best they could to prove who was the best. It was awesome.


Match 10:  Tag Team

THE WORKHORSEMEN (ANTHONY HENRY & “New Age Enforcer” JAMES DRAKE) vs “Southern Psycho” MANCE WARNER and “Hybrid Monster” ZODIAK

Winner: Drake got the pin on Zodiak after a Moonsault.

Notes and Opinion: Holy crap guys, the last two matches on this show will blow you the hell away. A lot of people looked at this as just the fourth part of Henry vs Mancer but this was a completely different thing. This was a hard hitting well paced tag match and not a death battle between two evenly matched rivals. This contest was as good as a back and forth tag as you are ever going to see on the independents. Anthony Henry was great as usual, Drake is an awesome big man that reminds me of an Ole Anderson that can move. Zodiak is as impressive as advertised and as always a pleasure to watch. Mance is without question my favorite guy to watch right now and his ability to draw in the IWA faithful to support him is a thing of beauty. Every one of these dudes are great and if you buy a ticket to see them you can consider your money well spent.


Overall Thoughts: From top to bottom this was another in a line of great IWA Mid-South shows. The time, heart and effort they put forth from the top to the bottom of the card is second to none. If you find yourself with an opportunity to venture to Memphis, or buy a video on SmartMark.com or watch a show on Powerbomb.tv do it and support one of the truly awesome independent organizations in this country. Once again I can’t recommend this show enough, check it out as soon as you can.


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