(Editor’s Note: With this year’s version coming up Thursday I figured we would see how the last couple of year’s went down. This is an older review so my apologies in advance if it sucks.)


January 5, 2017

Jeffersonville, Indiana

  • We start with an Ian Rotten promo thanking the crowd for coming and waking them up for the upcoming show.


Match 1: 6- Way Scramble

Idol Heinz vs Ray Waddell (with Billy the “P”)  vs Jordan Jennings vs Ace Austin vs Brett Havok vs Zodiak

Winner: Zodiak pulled out a victory with the Heart Punch

Notes and Opinion: This was a crazy opener that had the crowd going nuts. Lots of fun spots galore and Zodiak getting the win was the perfect way to start out the night. One scary moment when Jordan almost bit the dust on a dive, but other than that everything went smoothly.


Match 2: First Round- Singles

Aaron Williams with The Rick and Shad vs Corey Storm

Winner: Williams got the victory after nailing Corey with a kick with a loaded kick pad

Notes and Opinion: Aaron had only been around IWA about a month at this point and was already proving himself to be one of the best on the roster. This was a fun but short match and Aaron was head and shoulders the better wrestler in there but Corey had better hair so I was torn. Good work from both guys.


Match 3: First Round- Singles

Joey Owens vs Nick Depp

Winner: Nick got the victory via the Benadriller

Notes and Opinion: This was a harder hitting match than the previous 2 and I was impressed at how good Nick looked in there. The only times I had seen him previously the dude couldn’t even tie his boots, literally. Both guys put on a hell of an effort to pull off a solid match.


Match 4: First Round- Singles

John Wayne Murdoch vs Mance Warner with Billy the “P”

Winner: JWM after a Deep South Destroyer

Notes and Opinion: Neither of these guys are afraid to take punishment and they were beating the hell out of each other in there. John Wayne was blasting Mancer with some heavy shots and Mancer was selling his ass off for them. Mancer had the victory in hand after Ray Waddell slipped him a chain, but the obviously completely biased ref reversed the decision on the purely circumstantial evidence of seeing the chain. This match was awesome, even with the terrible refereeing.


Match 5: Singles

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas with Amazing Maria vs Kongo Kong

Winner: Kong got the pin after a giant Chokeslam

Notes and Opinion: Shane still cuts an awesome promo but unfortunately has lost a step or two in the ring. The match was fine but even with Shane being a legend it was obvious Kong was beating his ass. Maria took a big bump from Kong to the floor herself and she continues to impress every time I see her. Fun match that did it’s job.

  • Ian and Shane both cut promos putting the other guy over, and they are both right.


Match 6: First Round- Singles

“Real Deal” Derek Neal with the Rick, Shad and Billy the “P” vs “The Iron Demon” Shane Mercer

Winner: Neal wins with a chain shot

Notes and Opinion: Really good match as both Neal and Shane are great in the ring. Also really dug the babyface act of Mercer. This was what a pro wrestling match should be, two talented athletes doing what they do and doing it well. Great job to everyone involved.


Match 7: Round 2- Singles

Aaron Williams with The Rick and Shad vs Nick Depp

Winner: Williams gets the win after nailing a Cradle Piledriver

Notes and Opinion: I don’t know what was in to Depp this night but even counting Prince of Deathmatch this is the best 2 matches I’ve seen him in. Having Williams in there to make the other half of the match awesome helps as well. This thing had all sorts of cool moments and only one scary one in which Nick almost planted his head into the floor trying a springboard. Also Mancer calling out Koko B. Ware on commentary put this match over the line into awesome for me.


Match 8: Round 2- Singles

Derek Neal with The Rick, Shad and Billy the “P” vs John Wayne Murdoch

Winner: JWM wins with the Koji Clutch

Notes and Opinion: Another great match in a night of awesome ones. Neal played the part of scumbag well by cheap shoting Murdoch the entire match. Murdoch to his credit played the fired up babyface to perfection and was able to overcome the numbers and the odds to pick up the victory. What a great story. Plus 5 points to Mancer for declaring that he and “K-Dogg” got into some battles down in Mexico. Mance needs to replace Booker T on RAW stat.


Match 9: 9 Man Tag Team War

Myron Reed, Jake Parnell and Jonathon Wolfe vs Trey Miguel, Zachary Wantz and David Starr vs OI4K (Jake and Dave Crist, Sami Callihan) with JT Davidson

Winner: Reed got the win for his team after hitting As Good As Gold on Miguel

Notes and Opinion: Hard to describe, but wow was this awesome. Bodies flying everywhere with everyone working their asses off. This match was crazy and could have main evented most shows. See this match.

  • After the match all hell breaks loose. Ian praises OVE and Callihan attacks them over some issues in the match. Crazy stuff.


Match 10: Finals- Singles for the IWA Mid- South World Heavyweight Championship

Aaron Williams with The Rick and Shad vs John Wayne Murdoch

Winner: Murdoch gets the Koji Clutch to become the new champion

Notes and Opinion: Another good versus evil match up with both men playing their parts to perfection. This entire night was built up as a night of redemption for Murdoch and they played it off here perfectly. Congratulations to both guys as they really pulled off a classic and an amazing main event.

  • After the match Myron Reed’s music hits and JWM thought he was cashing in his opportunity. In the end he was only out there to congratulate the new champ but it didn’t stop the run ins of Jake Garvin, Jonathon Wolfe and the box being stolen. what a crazy way to end a night. After all the craziness JWM declares it the “Winter of Murdoch”


Overall Thoughts: This show was fucking awesome folks. The best part is they gave the crowd this kinda show thinking that there may be bad weather and nobody would come. This show was good from top to bottom and shows again why IWA is an amazing promotion. I can’t say enough good things about this show or the men and women involved with it. Top Notch all.


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