We have another great guest today. Brandon Taggart is a big and talented young man with a ton of upside and skill. He is also the current Prime Time Wrestling Elite Champion. We got with the “Big Bad” to see what he has planned for the new year in the crazy world of Professional Wrestling.

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1: Who most influenced you to become a professional wrestler?

That’s a tough question because as a kid watching Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock that’s what originally inspired me. Then as I grew older and got into finding out about the independent scene guys like Chris Hero and Kevin Owens blew me away. Really those guys and just Indy wrestling in the mid to late 2000s pushed me into getting into the business.


2: What is your all time favorite match that you’ve been apart of?

It would have to be the TLC match from the 2018 Annie Kelly Memorial show. To be in there with Jay Donaldson who I’ve tremendous respect for and my longtime friend / rival Austin Tyler Morris and put on a show stealing match was incredible. All three of us put our bodies on the line and I think it really shows when you watch it. To have people come up and say it was the best match they’ve ever seen live just makes you feel like vindicated in the work on sacrifice you put in.


3: If you could work for any promotion in wrestling history, what would it be?

Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Being from eastern Ky I just think it would be cool to have worked in that promotion that had such a rich history in the area.


4: Is there anyone in the PTW locker room that can touch you right now?

Absolutely not. I feel like I’m growing as a wrestler every time I step in the ring. I’m already one of the most accomplished wrestlers in the company and I don’t see anyone being able to match me on any given night.


5: Finally, do you have any goals that you would like to get knocked out in 2019 that you haven’t thus far?

A lot haha. I want to continue trying to get out and travel. I wanna wrestle as many places as possible against as many different wrestlers as possible. As far as PTW goes there is a certain Legendary one that I would like to get a chance to knock down a peg.


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