I get asked about this one a lot due to it being the favorite of a lot of folks. Here we go.

January 19, 1992

Albany, New York

Commentators: Gorilla and The Brain


  • Vince doing the voice over intros always used to get me hyped as a kid. Still does honestly.
  • Gorilla and the Brain welcome us to the show. Brain is already talking about Flair.


The Orient Express (with Mr. Fuji) vs The New Foundation

This was the Badd company version of the Express. Paul Diamond was an upgrade for that team. The pants on Owen and Neidhart were pretty ridiculous even for the 1990’s. The New Foundation actually had control in the beginning and somehow that made it more boring. When the Express cheated their way to an advantage the pace picked up a lot.  The Brain was giving the ref shit.

Gorilla: “At least he’s consistent.”

Brain: “Yeah he is doing EVERYTHING wrong!”

The Foundation got the win with their terrible Rocket Launcher. Match was alright though after it got going. 1 for 1.


  • Lord Alfred Hayes intros the video of the Mountie/Bret Hart/Piper deal. In Bret’s book he was whiny about even having to do a job to get to Piper at Mania. That match ruled by the way.
  • Sean Mooney with the Mountie and Jimmy Hart. Not much too this.
  • Mean Gene (sad face) interviews Roddy and unsurprisingly he won the promo battle.


Intercontinental Championship: (C) The Mountie (with Jimmy Hart) vs “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

This was way longer than it needed to be. I’m guessing they didn’t want to make the Mountie into TOO big of a joke but they failed at that. This was all about the moment of giving Piper a championship win and planting the seed that he could win the big belt later in the night. As a moment it was amazing but as a match…not so much. Piper won with the sleeper and claimed his only IC belt in the process. 1 for 2 though.


  • Lord Al and Hogan gave us a Coliseum Video Exclusive. Copy and Paste any Hogan Rumble promo here.
  • Mean Gene is with the Bushwhackers and Jameson. This dude…if you don’t remember him there is a reason believe me.


The Beverly Brothers (with The Genius) vs The Bushwhackers (with Jameson)

The Genius gave a half-hearted poem before the match. I can’t blame him about not being excited for this. I’ll say this, the Whackers were OVER big time. I am sad we never got the bloody brawlers in WWE at least once though. This was a lot of stalling, bad wrestling and the Brain killing Jameson on commentary. I’m with Brain on this, Jameson was garbage. The Beverly Brothers got the win with a weak ass double team ax handle. No point for you 1 for 3.

  • The Bushwhackers attack after the match and that noted shooter Jameson kicked the Genius in the shin. Couldn’t have been over fast enough.


  • Gene is with the LOD, who cut generic LOD promo #43.


Tag Team Championships: The Natural Disasters (with Jimmy Hart) vs (C) The Legion of Doom

I’ll say this…it was better than the previous match. This was way too long and didn’t live up to either teams strength. The LOD (and to a lesser extent the Disasters) were always better against smaller teams they could toss around. Not much to this at all. Typhoon beat the count so the Disasters get the win but not the belts. 1 for 4.

  • The LOD run off the challengers with some weak chair shots (Hawk) and one good one (Animal).


  • Mooney is with Jimmy and the Disasters. The promo could be described as mad and sweaty…that’s about it.
  • The Brain and Gorilla talk a bit but don’t say much.
  • Gene is with the new IC Champ. I don’t want to say that Piper got into the cocaine but man was he energized here.
  • Mooney is with HBK and they show the (fresh) angle with Marty and the Barbershop window. I miss when Shawn’s eyes both went the right way.
  • Al with another Coliseum exclusive. This time it’s Flair and he actually told us his number before the big reveal. I either forgot that or never saw the interview before.
  • Gene is back to do my favorite deal intro the rapid fire rapid Rumble promos!
  • Savage wants a piece of Jake Roberts still.
  • Sid is a whack job. He was still supposed to be a babyface for a few more hours though.
  • The Repo Man makes puns.
  • Bulldog brings up winning a battle royal.
  • Jake cuts an amazing promo. He was on another level at this point.
  • Flair and Perfect are next. To be the man…you know the rest.
  • Taker and Paul discuss the trials and tribulations of 29 funerals in a single day.
  • Finally it’s the Hulkster. Have no fear Hulkamania is here!
  • I was wrong Jack Tunney cuts an in ring promo before the match. The man had all the public speaking ability of my 3 year old with none of the charisma.


Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship

The Bulldog is out out first against Dibiase (with Sherri looking good). Sadly Ted barely even makes it 2 minutes this year. #3 is Ric Flair and Heenan is about to have a heart attack. Gorilla rubbing this in makes it all the better. #4 is Jerry Sags is in next. He helps Flair a little bit before getting drop kicked out by the Bulldog. #5 is Haku and he doesn’t give a shit, attacking both guys. He doesn’t make it real far either though because he becomes another Davey Boy victim pretty quickly.

#6 is HBK. He goes at it with both Flair and Bulldog until #7 El Matador arrives to go after Flair. They pair of for a minute and Tito hits the flying forearm on Ric. #8 is the Barbarian and the Brain is losing his mind. #9 is the Texas Tornado and he goes right for Flair. Shawn also takes the discuss punch for fun. #10 is Repo Man he sneaks to the ring and then goes for Shawn.

#11 is Greg Valentine so he and Flair immediately trade chops while Heenan is on suicide watch. #12 is Nikolai Volkoff and there are way too many dudes in there. Luckily Volkoff gets dumped by Repo quickly. Valentine slaps the Figure Four on Ric in a fun spot. #13 is the Big Boss Man and he starts hurting fools. Repo gets dumped. Flair dumps Bulldog. Then he dumps Tornado. Shawn and Tito dump each other so the ring is finally pretty clear. #14 Hercules is in next and goes for Flair. Flair and Barbarian double team Herc but then Flair tries to turn on him like a moron. Flair gets press slammed but Barbarian and Herc are both gone moments later. it’s down to Flair and the Boss Man. It looks like trouble for Flair but Boss Man eliminates himself like an idiot. Flair finally gets a moment to rest.

Sadly for him that moment is interrupted by the new Intercontinental Champion at #15 Roddy Piper. Flair’s look of terror is amazing. Piper kicks his ass for a bit and even gets the Sleeper. #16 is Jake and he is so great as a scumbag. He offers to wait in the corner and Piper’s dumb ass believes him. They double team Piper for a minute but they are both awful people so that doesn’t last long. Jake ends up in the Figure Four. #17 is Hacksaw and they pair off again. #18 is IRS and he goes after all those tax cheats. #19 is Snuka who saves Flair from elimination so he can attack him. The guys is a genius.

#20 is The Undertaker (with Paul) thankfully he murders Snuka to get rid of him (insert your own Snuka murder joke here) and starts choking on Flair. #21 is THE MACHO MAN and you can guess who he’s looking for. Undertaker stops him for a second but not long enough for Jake. Savage takes out the Snake and then jumps over the top after him (this year they let him stay in) but Undertaker drags him back in. #22 is the Berzerker and you would think a guy who finished matches by tossing people over the top would be better but not so much. #23 is Virgil and everyone flees in terror…or not. Too many people again. Colonel Mustafa is #24 and the only important thing going on is gorilla calling Flair “Martel” twice.

Speaking of The Model he is out at #25. Mustafa is eliminated by somebody and I am happy about it. Duggan starts a USA chant in the middle of a battle royal for some reason. #26 is the Hulkster and he starts kicking asses. Undertaker and the Berzerker are both gone via the power of Hulkamania. Virgil and Hacksaw get rid of each other and the world gets a little brighter. #27 is Skinner so gators everywhere get frightened but no one else. Heenan continues to be a highlight by bargaining with God all the way through this. #28 is Sergeant Slaughter is in just in time to see Skinner leave. Piper and Hogan go at it in a fun nod to history. #29 is Sid and he comes in to…not do much really in the beginning. #30 is the Warlord (with Harvey) and he was almost assuredly not on steroids. Flair takes a suplex from Hogan on the floor. Sid earns his pay by dumping Sarge. IRS is dumped by Piper and we are moving along now. Hogan and Sid team up to dump the Warlord and then Sid dumps Martel and Piper. Savage is taken out by Sid and Flair not long after. Hogan tries to take out Flair but is dumped from behind by Sid. Hogan then becomes the biggest heel in the match by grabbing Sid‘s arm and causing him to get dumped by Flair. Flair gets the win and his first WWE championship in shocking fashion. Like you even half to ask if this gets a point 2 for 5.

  • Hogan tries to come in and be a glory hog and he and Sid get into it. The crowd chanted for Sid the entire time. Not a good day for Hulk.
  • We are with Gene, Jack Tunney, Flair, Heenan and Perfect to get the Legendary Tear in my eye promo. Amazing.
  • I’ll give Gene the last word in honor of his passing “Put that cigarette out!”. Rest in peace Gene.


Overall Thoughts: The Rumble was as good as you remember it but the rest of the card wasn’t memorable in the slightest. This performance was one of the highlights of Flair’s career though so check it out for that reason.


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