They have had some taped shows over the last couple of weeks so a previews wasn’t super necessary. This week is LIVE though and they have some big returns lined up for us. Here is what they have announced for tonight’s big show so far. 

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The dumb bold comments and questions are from My well thought out and researched responses follow. (Kidding, usually I just get mad.)


Hulk Hogan returns to Raw to celebrate the life of longtime friend “Mean” Gene Okerlund

A lot of people think that this is just a way to get Hogan back on the show with minimal backlash. They may be right. I doubt very seriously if Hulk hangs around after this though, so as a one off tribute to Gene I think it’s fine. It’s starting to feel like people will never forgive Hulk for what he said. Not my job to judge one way or another, what he said was stupid but the guy has done a lot of good in his life with Make a Wish etc. so it’s a hard call.


The Beast and The Monster under the same roof

I just don’t know any more. Have they ruined Braun? Brock doesn’t mean shit now since he rarely shows up. I wonder if they have just done too much damage to every part of this feud because Braun, Brock and the Universal title are all less over than they were last year when these two met at the Rumble.


John Cena is back

I like his appearance on SmackDown but who will they have him work with on RAW? I just hope they remember that he is part time now and don’t butcher someone just because he is back.


Elias takes on Baron Corbin

Well…this will be about as average as you can get.


The Revival vie for Raw Tag Team Titles in a Lumberjack Match

I love Gable and Roode individually but if WWE wants to rebuild this division (and most importantly make me happy?) they need the belts on the Revival. I would really hate for these guys to be wasted further than they already have.


“A Moment of Bliss” debuts

More Alexa screen time is never a bad thing. I’m glad they figured out a way to keep her involved while also making “history” at the same time. She can pull this off pretty easily and may have been the best possible person to be the first female host of their own segment. (Missy’s Manor doesn’t count y’all.)


Is the “old” Seth Rollins back?

Until I see J & J security I won’t believe it. Let’s just hope this means that WWE is refocusing on Rollins and has been plans for him in 2019. The guy busted his ass last year and deserves to be the top guy, for real this time.




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