Here are the results of last night’s big show from our friends with OVW Mania!


Dark Matches:

Eddie Knight defeated William Lutz

“Livewire” KTD defeated Ashton Cove

Leonis Khan defeated Nigel Winters (w/Chace Destiny)

DARK MATCH (After Main Taping): “Shotgun” Tony GunndefeatedChace Destiny (w/Nigel Winters)


Main Show:

OVW TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: Colton Cage (c )defeated Dapper Dan

Jaylee (w/“The It Girls”: Cali & Valerie Vermin) defeated Brittany Garcia

“The War Kings”: Crimson & Jax Dane defeated Brandon Wolfe & Dimes

ORDER of ENTRY: Shiloh Jonze, Maximus Khan, DL3, Justin Smooth, Big D, Amon, Sam Thompson, Big Zo, Crazzy Steve, & Melvin Maximus
ORDER of ELIMINATION: Maximus by Shiloh & DL3, Smooth by Amon, Shiloh & DL3 by Big D, Big D by Sam, Sam by Amon & Steve, Steve by Melvin, Amon by Melvin, Zo by Melvin.
WINNER: Melvin
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