Unsanctioned Pro was one of those companies that started up in the last year that immediately made an impact on the wrestling scene. It showcased some of the finest talent that this country has to offer and is poised to do that again starting this weekend. Today we were lucky enough to get with the man behind the madness to see what this show, and 2019 has in store for Unsanctioned Pro. 

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1: What made you decide to start promoting shows?

It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I felt like Columbus was undeserved when it came to independent wrestling. Sure, you can drive 1-2 hours and catch some great shows in Dayton or Cleveland… but why not right here?


2: You guys really blew some people away last year. How did that feel to get that kind of praise out of a new company?

It feels great. It tells us that even with the hurdles we have ran into – at the end of the day, we’re leaving an impression on our live crowd. Being able to do that right out of the gate tells me that we are building something special.


3: What has been your favorite UP match so far?

You’re really gonna make me pick?! I’ll have to pick two. Obviously from UP1, the LEGO Deathmatch between Eric Ryan and Markus Crane was complete insanity. And from UP2, Myron Reed be Kobe Durst. That match was wild.


4: What do you think will be the blow-away match Saturday?

It’s a toss up between the Hardcore Championship main event, which features Casanova Valentine, Eric Ryan, G-Raver, and Kody Rice challenging whoever holds the title at the end of the night… which will be, as the event name implies, chaos. Or, Tre LaMar vs Myron Reed, which will be a super athletic junior heavyweight style match.


5: Do you have anything to say to the UP fans about the upcoming year?

Don’t sleep on us! We have some pretty insane things lined up already over the next 6 months, and who knows what the future holds. If you’ve already been out to a show or supported us in any way – thank you. It means the world to us that you believe in UP.


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Once again I would like to thank our guest for joining us today and spending some of his precious free time answering questions like this. These folks have a lot on their plates so I appreciate Derek taking time to answer these for us. Try and support him where you can, I’d greatly appreciate it.


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