Casey is a cool young talented guy that is passionate about the wrestling business and especially EMERGE. I figured there was no one better to talk to about this coming weekend’s big event.

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1. Starting out hot, who do you feel in the favorite in the Gold Rush Tournament Saturday?

In our predictions show, I went with Yukon Mike. Of course, this is predicated on him being able to outlast Zodiak in the first round, which will be a tough task. I think if he can win that match, he can win the whole thing.


2. The EMERGE Championship will also be on the line Saturday, do you think Scotty will retain or will we see a new champion?

Honestly I think this is Scotty’s night. Remember, Hadley has the Gambler’s Gauntlet chip. If he loses this match, he can cash out and restart the match. In a backstage segment after the last event, he says he has no problem going “double or nothing.” Perhaps he cashes in. Scotty could walk out with that championship but I don’t think it’s likely.


3. What has been your favorite of the EMERGE shows this year?

I’ll give you two, because I can. My favorite event from an in ring perspective was EMERGE 38. All night, from the first bell to Jeremy Hadley pulling down that chip, that was a great show all around. From the perspective of an event organizer, Fireworks and Fisticuffs was really special. 30 minutes before the event, we didn’t know if it was going to happen due to rain. We went from that to 750 people, a steel cage, EMERGE’S first Rumble-Style match, and a fireworks show to end out a great night. It’s nights like that that make me remember why I love the business.


4. Who do you feel has been the best in ring performer in the company for 2018?

We may not agree on a lot, but Scotty Young has really impressed me. At the beginning of the year, I would’ve seen him as an Outbreak champion by the end of the year. That’s a high honor, but to climb the ranks and snatch the EMERGE championship the way he did… That’s impressive.


5. Last but not least…is A.W. Lurch’s finger REALLY hurt or is he ducking me?

Lurch’s injury is like a black hole. Many have heard about it. Officially, it’s there. But no one has directly observed it. I guess we’ll see Saturday!


That’s all folks. Our 5 Questions are up.


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