Iwa Midsouth
New Scars Bad Blood
By Sam Mitchell #Weareiwa

This event was held in Clarksville Indiana June 14th 2013 at the Colgate Gym.



Drake Younger vs. Trik Davis

Pretty good match between the two. Drake walks out the winner.


Kongo Kong vs. Dale Patricks, American Kickboxer II & Jonathan Crane

For those who have seen him. Kongo is a beast. Three men tried to take him down and failed.


Jonathan Gresham vs. Tarek the Great

This was weird paring these two up but worked our pretty well. Gresham taking the win.


Reed Bentley vs. Zach Gowen

Pretty decent match. Was cool to see Gowen in iwa. Great athlete. Especially for a dude with one leg. Good back and forths, but Reed took the win.


Mark Wolf, Michael Todd Stratton, Ox Harley & Phoenix vs. Suicide Kid, Harry Palmer, Corporal Robinson & Nate Webb

Pretty chaotic match. Ended in a no contest.


Jack Thriller vs. Chrisjen Hayme vs. Hyzaya vs. Kevin Douglas vs. Hamrick vs. Sheik Khan Abadi

Great technical wrestling in
this one. Jack took the win.


Devon Moore vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Very stiff match from both guys. I knew this was going to be a good one when i saw it on the card. Devon Moore won it. Surprised Jimmy didn’t honestly.


Ian & Axl Rotten vs. Peter B. Beautiful & Simon Sezz (Tai Pei Deathmatch)

This was as you would expect an absolute brawl, and a bloody one. The bad breed came, conquered, and kicked asses. Simon took some of the brutal head shots. Axl broke a guitar over Peter’s back and it sounded like a gun shot. Simon also took a shot from a guitar which was just as loud and stiff. Alot more weapons were used including forks, and barbed wire. The bad breed left the winners after they gave Peter a conchairto. pretty sure both Simon and Peter left with their heads throbbing. I know mine would’ve been.


The Hooligans (Mason & Devin Cutter) vs. Manimal & Bill the Butcher

This was a short match. Good one though. Just a good ol faction beat down.


Chuey Martinez vs. Ruben Steel
(Barefoot Thumbtack Match)

An okay match. I personally never cared for the whole barefoot thumbtack stuff, but good match for those who enjoy it. Chuey took the win.


BJ Whitmer vs. Sabu

Best of the best right here. The ECW legend, the suicidal, homicidal, genocidal, death defying Sabu returns to IWA to face Bj Whitmer. Loved mixing the two styles together. Both men had some pretty good hits. Good back and forth. Whitmer took some nasty chair shots from Sabu. No one, and I repeat no one throws a chair or swings a chair like Sabu. Whitmer probably would’ve won, but Sabu pulled out his trusty railroad spike and drove it into his head. There was some old fashion “The ref is knocked out, who will count The three” which was a little silly but it ended on a good note, as Sabu delivered his signature Arabian skullcrusher from the top rope.


Really good event. Everyone did a good job but the tag match with the bad breed, and Sabu and Bj Whitmer really stole the show in my opinion. Highly recommended checking this one out. Go to smart mark video, eBay or where ever and watch it.

Thanks for those who have taken the time to read this. Remember to support your fellow indy wrestlers. God bless.


#sam mitchell