Iwa Midsouth
Guardians Of Hardcore
By Sam Mitchell #Weareiwa
This event took place January 27th In Memphis Indiana, At The Memphis Flea Market.




Eddie Kingston vs. Spyder Nate Webb

This was a good way to start the show. It was a surprise match, and it was so good to see Nate in person. Both had a great match.


Masada vs. Brad Cash
(Electrified Light Tubes, And Cinder Blocks)

What a way to kick off the show. I knew with Masada it was going to be a rough one and I was right. He came out and just dominated. Slammed an electrified light tube structure right over Brads head. Followed by skewers to the head and more sick stuff that has to be seen.



Ludark Shaitan vs. Kikyo
(World Series Of Glass Match)

Who said deathmatches were for the guys only. These two women went out and killed it. The stipulation was to break the light tube stars over your opponent. Kinda like a 2 Out 3 light tube cabins match up. Ludark even was nice enough to use a weapon of mine that wasn’t even in the match that meant alot to me. A Wiffle ball bat covered in light bulbs. Pretty sure Kikyo wanted to kick my ass after the match. Lol. Kikyo took the win, after throwing Ludark through a light tube star.



Mance Warner vs. JC Rotten
(Home Run Derby Deathmatch)

I had never seen Mance in a deathmatch so I had my doubts but I was proved wrong. Both guys put on an amazing match. Several light tube shots, and an insane moment when Jc lit a light tube bundle on fire, and hit Mance in the head. The whole match was insane. Mance left with the win, after his signature running knee.



Bryant Woods vs. Rob Marsh
(DLC Match)

Gusset Plate covered tables, ladders and doors. Very brutal match. Some great spots in this one. Bryant left the winner.



The Rejects vs. Young Dragons vs. Los Macizos (Three Way, Fans Bring The Weapons)

I’ve never seen so much light tube dust in my life. Pretty sure every one in attendance left with a slight bit of mercury in their lungs lol. So many light tube shots, and head shots from other fans weapons. The fans brought a lot of sick stuff. Cactus plants, trash cans, forks, tooth pick bats, and so much more. Saw a big ladder spot followed by a pretty sick move from the rejects and los macizos including a fishing pole and hook. Ouch. Dale Patricks was put through a large pane of glass (which I brought.) Was grateful they used it. Just wish it hadn’t have been dale that went through it. After wards the fans were speechless and my voice was hoarse. Fantastic match. The Rejects left with the win.


Homeless Jimmy vs. Markus Crane
(Shopping Cart Deathmatch)

After seeing the previous match I didn’t know what to expect, both men went out and put on a fantastic show. Some comedy between Markus and Masada. Asking permission to use Skewers which is Masadas thing. With the okay. Markus shoved them into homeless jimmy head (ones that I brought for the match which I thought was pretty cool) the match ended with a sick ddt on a fans weapon. Jimmy winning. Markus was pretty messed up afterwards from it. Great match. Lot of energy too.


Rickey Shane Page vs. Nick Gage
(House Of Horror Deathmatch)

What a way to end the night. My god these two just went out and killed one another. After seeing the three way tag team match, I didn’t know how they would be able to top it, but leave it to the king of hardcore and rsp to deliver. This was one of the craziest matches I’ve seen live. Shit was flying everywhere. Several light tube shots, and barbed wire spots. At one point, nick gage went to the outside and rsp literally dove THROUGH the tubes and barbed wire ropes, breaking all the tubes, and landing on gage, and landing on the chairs on the outside. Me, and the rest of the crowd was shocked. Many jaws were dropped. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Then when you thought they couldn’t top that. They put eachother through light tube covered tables. One of the most shocking, a tombstone Piledriver through a light tube covered table. There wasn’t a person in the crowd sitting. The match ended with a cradle pin, with Rickey Shane Page winning, and Gage was LIVID. He started breaking tubes over Rickey as he laid on the mat, and hit him over the head with a chair. (A chair that I posses still covered in rsp’s blood) gage spoke his mind and left.


Fans of iwa and deathmatch wrestling this is a show you can’t pass up. This is one of the best deathmatch shows I’ve seen in person. Not a bad match among the bunch. Do yourself a favor and pick this bad boy up on dvd or bluray.

Best iwa midsouth show ive attended

Thanks for those who have taken the time to read this. As always support your fellow indy wrestlers. God bless.



#sam mitchell