Sorry, I’ve been off the website grid today. Had some other stuff going on but now I’m here and ready to promote another fun night of IWA Mid-South action!


The entire card tonight is determined by a show opening Battle Royal! Here are the listed competitors as it stands.

“The Sauciest Man Alive” Lukas Jacobs with Billy the P
The Murphy Boys
“Born Bad” JC Rotten
Amazing Maria
Pat Monix
Chad Stallings
“All Balls” Kevin Giza 
“The Winter Swoldier” Adam Slade
Snoop Strikes
The Dirty Blondes (Michael Patrick & Leo Brien) 
“The Technical Alchemist” David Mercury

Plus more!!

**Card subject to Change**


Plus they have a special going on where you get 4 tickets for $40!

Here’s the Details

Door: 6:45

Bell: 7:35

Tickets – $15

Kids 12 & Under – $10

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IWA Arena

Memphis Flea Market 
13576 Memphis-Blue Lick Rd
Memphis, Indiana


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