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Match 1: Single

Matt Kenway vs Ari Akuma

Notes and Opinion: Good opener. Kenway continues to draw the ire of every living human by being a walking dick. His constant talks of being number 25 in TPI gets on these folks nerves quick. Akuma did a good job of getting the crowd behind him to counter that. Good work by both young athletes.

Winner: Trifling ass Kenway got the rollup with his feet on the ropes.


  • Lukas Jacobs continued his quest to get murdered in the ring by saying Amazing Maria had a fat ass. So then we get falls count anywhere.


Match 2: Falls Count Anywhere

“Sauciest Man Alive” Lukas Jacobs vs Amazing Maria

Notes and Opinion: Lukas may be a dick but he is a dick that has shown nothing but improvement from the moment he stepped into IWA in those stupid blue tights. Maria is a bad ass as always. These two fought all over the arena and had the crowd really into seeing Jacobs get his ass kicked. Maria really got into the spirit of things by powerbombing Lukas right onto the lap of IWA Superfan Ricky Cotton. He should have moved. Unsurprisingly this led to a Player’s Club run in at the end because they can’t take a shit by themselves.

Winner: Lukas got the pin after interference from the Top Guys. (Actually they all 3 pinned her.)


Match 3: Single

“Diamondcut” Ace Perry vs “Legendary” Larry D

Notes and Opinion: About as good of an example of of a big vs little match as you are going to see. Ace is an amazing athlete and has all the skills to make you believe that he can hang in there with a monster like Larry. Now after saying that, hanging with Larry and beating Larry are two wildly different things. Larry is on the roll of his life right now and if he isn’t THE favorite to win TPI he’s one of the top 3. Good match from both guys unsurprisingly.

Winner: Ace made the mistake of going for one too many Cutters and fell right into the big fist of Larry D. Pretty sure he’s waking up now.


Match 4: 3-Way

“The End of the World” Jake Omen vs “Hawkeye” Steve Manders vs “Pro Wrestling’s Jackass” Dale Patricks

Notes and Opinion: Before I start quick a quick Happy Birthday to Dale. Unfortunately he didn’t get an early present last night. All 3 guys worked pretty well together and had a fun match. Steve continues to improve every week and barely resembles the guy who first came in to IWA. Dale was Dale, solid and could do no wrong in the eyes of the IWA faithful. As for Jake, the brother is in TPI for a reason, super talented in that ring and got the crowd to hate him the old fashioned way. The old fashioned way in this case being individually flipping off everyone in the crowd. Crude but effective. Solid effort all around.

Winner: Jake got the win with a sliding knee to Dale’s face, after Manders had been taken out with the piledriver.


Match 5: IWA Mid-South Tag Team Championships


Notes and Opinion: The Boyz got there rematch and it didn’t go the way they wanted. It was a good match, but unfortunately due to the smart pre-planning of the Player’s Club (Lukas Jacobs again…can’t take a shit by themselves) and the No DQ rules of IWA title matches it wasn’t their night. The challengers brought everything they had in this onebut the champs were just one step ahead of them all contest. I watch a lot of wrestling, so sometimes the little things get me more than some of the moves, so Slade talking shit really cracked me up. What a jerk. The Boyz will be back I’m sure, until then it’s the Top Guys time to shine whether anyone likes it or not.

Winner: The Top Guys retained after nailing, what I will be calling the Balls Bomb until they get off their asses and name their Rough Rider/Powerbomb combo finish.


Match 6: Single 

“The Baddest Man Alive” AARON WILLIAMS vs PAT MONIX

Notes and Opinion: This was billed coming in as 1 vs 24 but I tell you what, the way Pat performed in this thing it looked way closer than that. Pat was taking the best that BMA had to dish out and took him to the absolute limit in this well fought contest. Aaron showed though why he was the number 1 entrant in the TPI by taking all of Pat’s offense and constantly being able to regroup and take command. Awesome stuff from both guys and just another taste of the action coming to Indianapolis next week. Top notch effort by both athletes and a hell of a match.

Winner: BMA after 2 massive head kicks.

  • After the match Aaron cuts a promo about TPI but once again gets interrupted by Larry D. After a brief verbal battle Aaron made the mistake of letting his guard down slightly and got knocked into next week by Larry. Larry is ready.


Match 7: Single

IWA Junior Heavyweight Champion LOGAN JAMES vs “Iron Demon” SHANE MERCER

Notes and Opinion: This was non title due to Shane clearly not being in the same weight class. This match was full of athleticism and strength from both competitors. Shane continues to show why he has been a success for as long as he has by continuing to be a genetic freak. His power and athleticism is unreal. He threw poor Logan through a wall for Pete’s sake. That’s strong. As for the champ, he showed why he has been the almost constant force in the Junior Heavyweight division since it’s inception. His agility and strength are both freaky for a guy of his size. The brother Gorilla Press slammed Shane in a move that shocked the entire crowd. This was a great back and forth battle with both guys looking better for it when it was over. That’s good wrestling.

Winner: Shane nailed the Moonsault & Battery for the victory.


  • Before our main event there was a little Birthday celebration for Kody Rice. JC said nice things about him, got him a cake and some beer and then jump started the fight. Just like all of my Birthdays really.



“Born Bad” JC ROTTEN vs “Husky Heartthrob” KODY RICE

Notes and Opinion: Outside of someone that you truly hate, you could only have a match this violent with someone you truly love. This was a bloodbath from almost the very beginning. Both guys busted their asses and bodies to give the crowd a match to remember. When the shopping cart was filled with tubes we assumed JC was going to ruin his night again but this time Kody was the one who ended up face first into pain. JC didn’t get out completely unscathed as he went through a barbed wire door/ chair/table/light tube tower of holy shit straight to the concrete. Even Referee Rob Boss ate shit into the glass in this one. If you like violence then this was right up your alley. Hell of an effort from both guys.

Winner: JC got the win with a Spaulding Driver into a pit of light tubes.

  • After the match Kody thanked everyone for the Birthday celebration…then glass was cleaned up probably.


Overall Thoughts: I wasn’t sure that I was going to make this show, but I’m glad I did. It had a little bit of everything, a tag match, Lukas Jacobs getting hit by Maria, violence, athleticism and beer flying everywhere. That’s all I need for a good time. Another good show from IWA and another good DVD pick up whenever it drops.


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