These next few additions of 5 Questions are going to be a little different. They are all going to be with some of the folks involved with this years big IWA Mid-South Ted Petty Invitational. One of the biggest tournaments of the Independent Wrestling Calendar is coming to Indianapolis and I wanted to get in some of these guys heads before we get there. This is an interesting interview because this man will not be in the ring but is still a very important part of the show.

That’s him, the guy with the camera


Some know him as , some know him as the video guy behind IWA Mid South, ISW, BLP, and Guanatos Hardcore Crew. People who have known him for a long time know him as Obo, but he’s really just Jeremy. Without Jeremy and people like him, no matter how good the talent is in the ring there would be no video evidence of these amazing shows ever taking place. 


1: What first made you want to be in the wrestling business?

“I always wanted to be a part of the wrestling business and I’ve always been fascinated by video. I grew up in the video store era and thought that weekly trips to the video store were the best part of the week. I would never rent current wrestling. It was always older stuff. My favorites growing up were Terry Gordy, Bruiser Brody, and Ultimate Warrior, despite the fact Brody was killed less than ten days after I was born. Brody was all over the compilation tapes that weren’t branded to any particular federation and therefore, I saw a lot of Brody. I went to WrestleMania 8 when I was not quite 5 and that’s what sealed it for me. I was ALWAYS into wrestling. My older brother was before me, so there’s pictures of me under a year old, sitting playing with wrestling figures. I just wasn’t sure entirely what I wanted to do in the business. I tried my hand at refereeing. I went through training to actually wrestle. But I had a really severe leg injury as a teenager that halted the idea of being an in ring wrestler. Managing always appealed to me, the idea of being just a loud mouth trash talker. I’ve told him it before, growing up, I pictured myself as Jason Saint. Merchandising has always been a little bit of a deadzone in the indies and that’s even more true about 10 years ago when I was “breaking in”. I was good friends with the Naptown Dragons and would constantly be designing new merch for them, particularly xOMGx. While xOMGx was in Iraq, I was working overnights, so we really bonded strictly through both being online and in the same sleeping pattern. I designed and produced a demo for him that got him into CZW, which was later redone and sold as a Best Of. For years, that’s what I was doing. Making guys best ofs to sell, designing things like buttons, stickers, mugs.. Finding places to get weird little trinkets on the cheap. Thumbtack Jack sold syringe key-chains, that I found in bulk for just a couple dollars for several hundred.”


2: What was your favorite moment that you have been a part of while working?

“I was at ringside filming this year’s King of the Death Matches. That was pretty cool, after buying tickets to the 06, 07, 08, 09, 15, 16, & 17 KOTDMs among other shows. Being the roam cam for this year’s Revolution Strong Style and being able to film Eddie Kingston, who’s been a favorite of mine for years, was pretty awesome. The work I’ve done with ISW has also been really great, because it was through ISW that I met one of my best friends in wrestling, and someone I’ve learned a lot of video and encoding trick from.”


3: What do you think is the most difficult part of your job?

“Graphic design work has always been my weakest point. When I started with IWA, someone else was still doing the covers, but he couldn’t keep up with the rate I was pumping shows out. There were a couple of other cover artists tried, before I just took the reigns and did it myself. I learned photoshop on the fly through watching Youtube videos and asking a lot of questions to a girl I work with that has a degree in graphic design. I cringe at some of my first covers, because they were so basic and yet so rough. I’m finally at a point now where my covers really feel like they’re good. I love the cover I did for January’s Out With the Old In With The New show and March Massacre felt really “complete” and most recently, We’re Still Breathing and Guardians of Hardcore 2. But graphic design work has always been my weak point. The designs I have for King of Kings & Queen of the Death Matches flyers and the on screen stuff for TPI are ones I’m really proud of though. It’s all a growing experience and learning on the job.”


4: With the TPI coming up, is there any part of big events like this that you dread?

“Despite being around IWA since 2006, this will actually be my very first TPI. I had won tickets for the 2008 TPI, but with it being in Joliet and me not driving at the time, I didn’t have a way of getting there for that weekend, so I traded those tickets off for Kings of the Crimson Mask passes. The worst part of the long weekends is always the lack of sleep. This year’s King of the Death Matches was the worst of that. On Wednesday, I attended my grandmother’s wake, then drove to the other side of Indianapolis to pick up my best friend Harry from the bus station. The next morning we were up early for the funeral. Left the cemetary in Northern Indiana to drive to Memphis, in far Southern Indiana, for the Thursday night show. After that show, we took JC Rotten back to our hotel and produced a nearly 4 hour (technologically ill fated) shoot interview. We dropped him off at around 5 AM, then were back at the building to build weapons and set up chairs at around noon. Then the mayhem of 2 nights of the KOTDM, and filming another technologically ill fated shoot interview with The Rejects on Saturday. Over the course of 3 days, I filmed and produced 5 shows. Then edited them all, plus ISW! TPI will not be like that, luckily. I’ll only be at the two nights in Indianapolis and will luckily be able to sleep in my own bed those two nights.”


5: Since, I’ve got you here, who do you see winning this year?

“If this was last month, I would’ve said Matt Riddle, without a doubt. But with Riddle out of the tournament, it’s really an open field. My favorites would have to be either Mance Warner, Anthony Henry, or one of the Crists. This is one of the most diverse fields in TPI history and that says something.”


I want to thank Jeremy for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer these. Each and every person involved with this tournament is going to be busting their asses to show the world what they’ve got and I’m happy that we can give you just the tiniest bit of insight to their thoughts coming in. 


Now here is Jeremy to plug some more stuff, buckle up.

“My phone is full of notifications for the end of the month. Starting Thursday, September 20th, Memphis IN it’s a Prelude to Petty, which will surely include some of the 24 competitiors in this year’s TPI tournament. If you’re in Indianapolis or south, Friday September 21st and Saturday September 22nd, the place to be is 8600 South Meridian Street in Indianapolis, IN for the 2018 IWA Mid South Ted Petty Invitiational. I’ll be vending at both nights of the TPI with my new project, Guanatos Hardcore Crew DVDs and buttons as well as never before sold in the US “live event exclusive” ISW compilation blu rays.

If you’re wanting a copy of the first thing I did for ISW, the Blood Guts and Colorful Blocks compilation or the Best of the Vans Warped Tour, I’ll have both on blu ray at the TPI.

If you’re in Northern Indiana or the greater Chicagoland area and are looking for something more local to you than TPI, September 22nd, Black Label Pro returns to the On the Square Sports Academy in Crown Point, IN for The Darkest Timeline Championship Tournament. I’m very proud to be a part of Black Label Pro going forwards.

If you’re in Canada or feel like making a nice long drive after TPI or Black Label, the undisputed Kings of crazy ISW return to the Knights of Columbus Hall in Kahnawake Quebec for Slamtasia 6. This is going to be a STACKED card that is definitely one to check out when it drops on Smart Mark Video.

And if this site has international reach, my pet project, Guanatos Hardcore Crew return on November 3rd for Second Chance. Already signed for the main event, Ciclope & Miedo Extremo defend the GCW Tag Team titles in a fans bring the weapons match, as well as Shyru Dragon facing Apocalipsis in a hardcore match. As a scoop here, I’m going to announce that this event will also feature a Car Windshields Death Match, which will be every bit as crazy as it sounds.

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SEPTEMBER 21 & 22 2018- The 2018 Ted Petty Invitational Tournament

German Park Turner Building 
8600 South Meridian Street 
Indianapolis Indiana 46217

Front Row for both nights – $70
Second Row for both nights – $60
General Admission for both nights – $50
Doors Open – 6:45
Bell Time – 7:35


***All Cards Are Subject To Change***


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