These next few additions of 5 Questions are going to be a little different. They are all going to be with some of the competitors of this years big IWA Mid-South Ted Petty Invitational. One of the biggest tournaments of the Independent Wrestling Calendar is coming to Indianapolis and I wanted to get in some of the heads of these guys before we get there.

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The third competitor that we were able to speak to was the 16th entrant into the big event, “The End of the World” JAKE OMEN.  This is the first TPI for Jake so I wanted to get an idea of his thoughts going into his big first round match with the Bullet Club’s own Chase Owens. He did not disappoint. 


1: How do you feel about facing Chase Owens in the first round?

“I am thrilled to be facing Chase Owens. He gets a lot of hype and rightfully so for killing it in New Japan. He’s one hell of a competitor. But I’ve been killing it Japan too. And for longer and with more on the line, just less eyes. I look forward to showing everyone I’m better. No one should be sleeping on Jake Omen or on WRESTLE-1.”


2: If you had to choose an opponent to face in the finals, who would it be?

“Aaron Williams. Despite being Mr. TPI 2017 and former IWA Mid-South Champion, he’s still underrated. Plus, we go back over a decade. I have watched him deal with the same doubt as I have from a lot of higher powers in this business and it’s frustrating.”


3: Besides yourself, who do you feel is the favorite to win this year?

“Michael Elgin. He’s the best strong man in the game, in the best shape of his life, and on the biggest role of his career, post-G1 and just winning the IWA MS Championship.”


4: What would it mean to you to come out on top of this year’s field?

“It would mean my career coming full circle. From being in High School watching TPI live in 2005 in Hammond, Indiana, sleeping in my car between Night One and Two, dreaming of being a world-class professional wrestler one day, to cementing myself at the top of the class.”


5: Any words for your fellow competitors?

“Keep sleeping on me. At least as much as you can until September 21st and 22nd. Because you won’t be able to after that. It’s my long overdue opportunity, in my city, and I won’t take no for an answer.”


I want to thank Jake for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer these. Each and every person entering this tournament is going to be busting their asses to show the world what they’ve got and I’m happy that we can give you just the tiniest bit of insight to their thoughts coming in. 


Please follow Jake over at his Twitter and Instagram accounts. He’s a good dude.


SEPTEMBER 21 & 22 2018- The 2018 Ted Petty Invitational Tournament

German Park Turner Building 
8600 South Meridian Street 
Indianapolis Indiana 46217

Front Row for both nights – $70
Second Row for both nights – $60
General Admission for both nights – $50
Doors Open – 6:45
Bell Time – 7:35


***All Cards Are Subject To Change***


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