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  • Ian is out first and runs down the schedule for the month of September. He then tells us that unfortunately the Gym Nasty Boys had an engine blow up and would not be there for the scheduled tag title match. Before he got any further Kevin Giza and Adam Slade arrive and say they would reform the Top Guys to take the title match. The Murphy Boyz arrive and want the match to happen as well. It was then made official.


Match 1: IWA Mid-South Tag Team Championships

The Top Guys (Adam Slade and Kevin Giza) vs (C) The Murphy Boyz (Cameron and Carson)

Notes and Opinion: The Top Guys attacked the champs from behind before the bell and the match immediately went to the floor. After gaining a huge advantage out there the challengers were able to keep the ring cut off for a long time and really put a hurting on the champs. After a tag was finally made Lukas Jacobs made his presence known for the Player’s Club boys and kept a a pinfall from going down. But, as usual, where Jacobs shows up so does JC Rotten, who then ran him to the back. In all the confusion the Top Guys were able to separate the Murphys one final time to pick up the victory. Good little tag match to open. The young former champs just got out numbered and out gunned in this battle. The Top Guys show one more time why they are an elite team wherever they go and are able to take advantage of any situation.

Winner: The Top Guys got the win and the title with the powerbomb/rough rider combo.


Match 2: 3-Way

Graham Bell vs “Hawkeye” Steve Manders vs “Pro Wrestling’s Jackass” Dale Patricks

Notes and Opinion: This was a good follow up to that opening contest. All three of these guys really busted tail and found their own particular niche in the match pretty early. Graham was always taking advantage of every situation that presented itself, not in a super heelish way but in a smart way. Steve Manders brought the strength and intensity as he always does. Meanwhile, Dale was super over with the IWA faithful like always and has the heart of a champion and ability to match. They put on a good bout and everyone got their moments to shine in there.

Winner: Dale was victorious after nailing Graham with the piledriver.


Match 3: Single

Pat Monix  vs “Legendary” LARRY D

Notes and Opinion: Man, I liked this one a lot. Larry used his amazing strength and striking ability to constantly keep putting Pat down. Meanwhile Pat was able to evade some of those big shots with his athleticism and keep Larry on his toes. Both guys put on an excellent effort and I for one thought was great. In the end though it was Larry’s one punch knockout power that made all the difference in this battle of TPI competitors.

Winner: Larry got the win after nailing the KO punch on Pat’s second Crosstown Classic attempt.

  • After the intermission Mistress Burgandi (flanked by Lukas Jacobs) comes to the ring and calls out Amazing Maria to follow up on last week’s battle. Maria isn’t a dummy though and brings backup in the form of JC Rotten. After a couple verbal jabs are thrown we get a no hold’s barred match right away.


Match 4: Tag Team/ No Rules

Mistress Burgandi and Lukas Jacobs vs Amazing Maria and JC Rotten

Notes and Opinion: This was a breathtaking catch as catch can match filled with amazing counter holds and reversals (checks notes) my fault… nope it was a wild as hell brawl. All four of these athletes ended up bleeding buckets out there (Maria’s arm was sliced open really good on some wire and it earned her a trip to the ER). Weapons galore were used to try and gain control in this war of attrition. Some of the chair shots levied by Maria and JC were damn BRUTAL. It had to take a few weeks off all their lives in some form or fashion. God bless all these crazy weirdos for putting their bodies through this. Pretty awesome from bell to bloody bell.

Winner: JC and Maria got the win after a Spaulding Driver through a door/chair table to the concrete on Jacobs.


Match 5: Single

Alex Zayne vs “The Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams

Notes and Opinion: A contest between a high flyer and a striker always makes for a fun match. Alex is a super talented kid and has aerial ability that is almost second to non. He has a bright future in this business and will definitely be going places. Unfortunately for him on this night he ran into a buzz saw. Aaron is stating to hit top form at exactly the right time going into TPI. He looked great out there and those kicks are getting more lethal by the week. Both guys looked awesome out there but on this night BMA showed exactly why he is in the TPI and Zayn isn’t.

Winner: Aaron got the win after a vicious head kick.

  • Aaron shakes Alex’s hand and gives his respect before cutting a promo about TPI. He doesn’t get too far into it before being cut off by Larry D. Larry throws all sorts of shade Aaron’s way and gives him almost zero respect going into this tournament. Before he was able to leave though, Aaron fired up and in an usual act for him actually said a phrase that none of the IWA faithful thought that he would even know, much less SAY. He told Larry to “suck his dick” and to say that the crowd exploded would be an understatement. The place went nuts and the two men went nose to nose all the way back to the dressing room. An awesome moment to say the least. It says a lot about wrestling when you get to know an athlete through watching them for years and then they do something out of character and you just go with it because you feel it in the moment. Aaron had that entire arena in the palm of his hand with 3 words. Incredible.


Match 6: Single

“The End of the World” JAKE OMEN vs ” The Fresh Prince of Midair” Trey Miguel

Notes and Opinion: Another TPI competitor on display against one of the finest young athletes anywhere in the world. Trey got a mega pop for his return to the arena and Jake did a great job of trying to keep the crowd out of it and kill Trey’s momentum. Both men looked great in a really solid back and forth contest. Trey has been gone a while but it’s obvious his trip overseas did him some good and he returned better than ever. As for Jake, he is in the TPI for a reason and if you get a chance to watch his work in this match you will see why. All around goodness in this one.

Winner: Jake got the cheap pin on a rollup with a handful of tights.

  • After the match Trey cut a great fired up promo on the virtues of IWA and it’s far reaching fan base. Really awesome stuff.


Match 7: IWA Junior Heavyweight Championship

“Diamond Cut” Ace Perry vs (C) Logan James

Notes and Opinion: Another big return to IWA last night was Ace. The guy has been gone a while and got a huge return ovation that split the crowd for most of the match. It’s hard not to like Ace even when he is being a (great) loudmouth jerk like he was in this match. The guys athleticism and charisma draws you to him whether you want to like him or not. Logan is an amazing athlete and has the crowds respect but when someone like Ace is in there he has to work extra hard to remind the sometimes fickle IWA crowd why HE is the champ right now. Tons of really fast paced offense in this one as both guys are in the championship scene for a reason. Ace had the belt within his grasp several times but in the end Logan showed why he is the cream of the crop right now in this young division. Top notch main event.

Winner: Logan countered a third Ace Cutter with a Hybrid Theory to retain the title.


Overall Thoughts: Another really good show tonight. Good performances up and down the card from everyone and some moments that the crowd lost their minds to. That’s not an easy thing to do some nights. We had 7 matches and each one brought you something just a little bit different from the the others and all fun to watch. They have another show tonight so if you can make it out to Memphis let them entertain you like they did me here.



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