New Wave has a big show coming up Saturday for the good folks in Spencer, Indiana. I took some time to get with some of the competitors to see how they felt going in to this stacked card.




**Street Fight**
Spencer’s own and 2016 Owen Valley High School graduate, Cole Radrick vs “Painted Warrior” Jason Levi

For this huge battle, we spoke to the hometown kid and local 6 foot Giant, Cole Radrick about the contest. This is what he had to say.

image via Mouse’s Wrestling Adventures! Check them out.

How do you feel about making your return home and your battle with Jason Levi?

“I’m very excited to come back and be an influential part of bringing New Wave Pro’s brand of wrestling to Spencer, Indiana for two shows, the one coming up this Saturday and on November 10th for this year, along with a full time schedule next year! It’s the first time I took a hand in the “behind the stage” portions of running shows and I absolutely love the madness of it. I worked very hard in trying to bring a different breed of wrestling to Spencer. The response from the Owen County community has been overwhelming! I rarely if ever get to wrestle in my hometown and against a guy like Jason Levi nonetheless. We tore it up in Spencer last time but I don’t feel like it’s going to be the same! With all the matches on the card being potential show stealers, I plan on making sure it’s a night nobody in attendance will ever forget.”




Bloomington’s own and graduate of Edgewood High School, “Proficient” Sage Philips vs “Lil Nyghtquil” Johnathan Wolf

We were able to get in touch with Sage about this contest.

image via Mouse’s Wrestling Adventures!

What do you think you will need to do to take out Johnathan Wolf on Saturday night?

“I’ve wrestled Johnathan a number of times, he is quick in his stricken and very athletic but if I can keep him grounded I will keep the advantage. There is a reason being a high flyer comes with high risk. I’ll expose that risk come Saturday.”



**Fight Or Die Scramble Championship Match**
“Circle City Shooting Star” Miles Morales vs “Gifted” Chase Holiday vs Kidd Thunder vs Brayden Lee vs “Indestructible” Calvin Tankman

For this wild contest we spoke with talented young athlete “Gifted” Chase Holiday about his thoughts on this match and opponents.

image via Mouse’s Wrestling Adventures!

Who do you think is the biggest threat in the scramble match?

“Oh man the biggest threat? It’s me, hands down. I am the most versatile in the match, & that’s not something I think it’s what I know. If I absolutely had to pick one, I’ll admittedly give it to Tankman. He’s been on a roll & doing it with the best wrestling all around the midwest with Michael Elgin. Of course I have to acknowledge that. So if I’m picking the biggest threat, it’s me. But second go me I’ll give it to Tankman.”




Matthew Galloways vs “Natural LightHeavyweight” Bradley Prescott IV

For our next match we were able to speak with both athletes.

Matthew Galloways- image via Mouse’s Wrestling Adventures!
BP4- image via Mouse’s Wrestling Adventures!

What do you think you will need to do to be victorious over your opponent?

MG- “Well I think for me to be victorious over Bradley, I need to come out the gates strong. Like I know the fans at New Wave support me like I support them but the game plan is to come out strong and keep the pressure on him and come out with the W.”

BP4- “Need? Absolutely nothing I’ve been putting on great performance after great performance cuzzo! Matthew doesn’t know what’s coming at him Saturday, yes he has improved over the years and yes he has the experience over me but I’m called the natural light heavyweight for a reason! So he NEEDS to know that if he’s not careful I’m going to crack him open like a cold one!”





Levi Everett vs “The Outlaw” Jackson White

For this matchup I reached out to the ambassador of Levi Everett to see what his thoughts were on this contest.

image via Mouse’s Wrestling Adventures!

How do you feel about Jackson White, and what do you think you need to do to be victorious Saturday?

Via Levi’s Ambassador: “Levi feels that Jackson White is a great competitor, but on Saturday he will make sure he will be the victorious one. They will not raise a barn in his favor, Levi will make sure Jackson repents for his sins.”


Card is subject to change!


I want to thank everyone that took the time to participate in this preview and wish all the athletes involved the best of luck come Saturday.



Here is the information about the event:

Saturday September 8th, 2018

Owen Valley Sports Complex (575 5th Ave, Spencer, Indiana 47460)

$12 Advanced Front Row($15 Day Of Show)
$8.00 Advanced General Admission ( $10 Day of show)
Buy 3 get 1 Free on Advanced Tickets! All advanced tickets can be found at this link.



Also if you noticed all the great pictures in the article they were provided by our friends over at Mouse’s Wrestling Adventures. Please give them a look if you can at that link!


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