EMERGE has a big show coming up Saturday for the good folks in Columbus, Indiana. I took some time to get with some of the competitors to see how they felt going in to this stacked card.



***EMERGE Champion Scotty Young’s Open Challenge***

(C) Scotty Young vs ?????

For this contest I spoke to the only person that I knew would be involved…the champ.


Is there a man in the EMERGE locker room (besides Khaliber) that you don’t necessarily want to accept your challenge?

“Literally anyone but that green haired crybaby. Somebody else deserves to step into the spotlight. It can be the camera guy for all I care. I am on the roll of my career and I am untouchable.”



**Outbreak Championship**

(C) Bret Havoc vs Trevor Court

We spoke to the Outbreak Champion Bret Havoc to get his thoughts on this matchup.


How does facing a man like Trevor effect your preparation for this defense?

“I have known Trevor since he first stepped foot in a ring. One of those guys that just has it. Unfortunately, that is tainted by his lack of respect and ability to do things without cheap tactics. When it comes to the times I have been in the ring with him it’s like a picture perfect action thriller. Putting the good guy vs the bad guy. That being said, I have also been known to cross lines, hell some may even call me a habitual line crosser. So if Trevor wants to bring his dirty tactics he better be ready for those tactics to backfire on him because I wont hesitate to do what needs done. Greatest show on earth? This match will be nothing short of great, maybe steal the show but nobody is taking the Outbreak title from me.”


**EMERGE Tag Team Championships**

(C) Percy Davis and Freddie Hudson vs Hellfire Club

We spoke to one half of the Tag Champs in the form of Freddie Hudson, to see his confidence level before the big defense.


How confident are you going into this title defense against the Hellfire Club?

“I feel very confident going into mine and Percy Davis’s big title defense at Emerge 36: Fearless. I saw that Percy was in trouble at Emerge 35: Forever, and I came to his rescue, and at Emerge 36: Fearless we will show no Fear against the Hellfire Club come September 8th.”




Idol Heinze vs ATM

For this match we spoke to ATM about his strategy against his opponent.


Is there a special type of training that you do to prepare for a man like Idol Heinze?

“To train for a guy like Idol I have to utilize my quickness because I’m not going to our brute him, so I’ve been really working on HIT cardio this week to be prepared.”




Mikey vs Jeremy Travis

For this battle, I spoke to everyone’s favorite BMOC for his thoughts.


How do you feel about Jeremy as an opponent and do you think you have the advantage in this contest?

“I think he’s a seasoned technician and definitely a contender. On the other hand I have the people on my side and I think that’s what’s going to make the difference in this contest.”




Jordan Kage vs Mark Vandy

To give us his thoughts on this match we were able to speak with Mark Vandy. 


How big of a battle do you think your match with Kage will be on Saturday?

“It’s a big match, man. The score is tied 1-1 and the winner gets a spot in the Gamblers’ Gauntlet Ladder Match in October 6th. The last time I was in a ladder match, I came up short of my ultimate goal in what was voted Match of the Year on 2017. I don’t plan on letting a potential MOTY candidate and a future shot at EMERGE gold slip away.”




Anthony Lee vs Jeremy Hadley

For this next contest I was able to speak with Anthony Lee.


What do you think gives you the advantage Saturday against Jeremy?

“First off, size. I’m twice as big as he is. Second, I’m stronger and hit harder than he can deal with. Just look back to the Rumble from July 3rd. It took one lariat, and I through Jeremy Hadley out of the match like he was nothing.”




Lennox Norris vs TJ Kemp

In this next contest I got with TJ to get his thoughts.


What do you think is your biggest strength that your opponent can’t handle?

“My fans support. Columbus has always been dear to me in had a special place in my heart. With fans like that almost anything is possible.


**Card Subject to Change**


Here’s all the information you will need:

1400 Parkside Drive 

Columbus, Indiana

Doors- 6:00

Bell- 7:00

Front Row $12

General Admission $10

Family pack of 4 for only $30!


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