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  • Ian informed the crowd that due to travel issues that Nick Gage was being STRIPPED of the IWA World championship and that the winner would be decided later in a 3-way total elimination match. The competitors were all 3 former World Champions in the forms of John Wayne Murdoch, Aaron Williams and Michael Elgin.


Match 1: Single

“The Sauciest Man Alive” LUKAS JACOBS (with Billy the P) vs “Pro Wrestling’s Jackass” Dale Patricks

Notes and Opinion: Another fine example of how the Player’s Club has been winning matches recently. Literally every person in that stable helped Jacobs in this one. It was a fun match though and there is something to be said for teamwork I guess. Dale had the crowd on his side as always and did a great job fighting off the onslaught as much as he could. Jacobs continues his weekly improvement and the crowd still wants him tar and feathered so you can’t discount how well he’s doing.

Winner: Lukas Jacobs via copious amounts of cheating from Billy the P, Adam Slade, Kevin Giza, John Wayne Murdoch, Darth Maul, He who shall not be Named, The Underfaker, Papa Shango and the full Broadway cast of Rent.


Match 2: Single

MATT KENWAY vs Pat Monix

Notes and Opinion: This was a hell of a deal. Kenway keeps being an obnoxious jerk but he also pretty much backs it up. Pat is one of the best in IWA so the two of them put on a good contest. Really athletic back and forth battle. Kenway keeps trying to prove that he should have been put in the TPI and Pat is trying to disprove that theory in the best way he knows how. Awesome stuff from two super talented kids.

Winner: Pat Monix picked up the victory after Kenway missed the discus punch and got caught with a huge DDT.


  • Giza cuts a promo lamenting his disrespect since coming into IWA and Ian responded with this match.


Match 3: Single

KEVIN GIZA (with Billy the P) vs Jake Lander

Notes and Opinion: More good, quality work in this match. Lander injured his knee and that became the story. Jake continues to show why he is a TPI competitor as he kept fighting back and showing heart through injury. On the flip side of that coin Giza is showing more and more that he can hang with anyone in the company with performances such as this one. He saw the leg and went after it constantly and to great affect. Solid performance from both.

Winner: Kevin Giza picked up the win following multiple knee strikes to the head.


  • Maria felt disrespected that Mistress Burgandi would return to IWA and try and steal her spot so this was made old school rules.


Match 4: Old School IWA Rules

Mistress Burgandi vs Amazing Maria

Notes and Opinion: I’ll give Burgandi this, she hung in there pretty well with the prince. She took all kinds of sick looking shots from Maria and did so with a smile on her face. Unfortunately for her Maria seemed to take that as disrespect and responded with even further aggression. I’m fairly sure that one of two things happened from this either Burgandi learned her lesson and may not get in there with Maria for a while or Maria will hit her harder next time.

Winner: Amazing Maria got the win through copious amounts of ass kicking.


  • Slade and Billy come out to brag about Slade’s triumphant victory in Milwaukee. Luckily for him the title would not be on the line because his Mother was getting the belt framed as we speak. Sadly for Slade Ian said that the title WAS on the line in this very match. This displeased our heel friends.


Match 5: IWA Mid-South Junior Heavyweight Championship

(C) “Swole FN Show” Adam Slade (with Billy the P) vs Logan James

Notes and Opinion: There were 3 matches on this card that really fought for match of the night from me and this was one of them. I liked the hell out of this. Logan selling the arm injury from the previous night really added an extra dimension to the entire thing. Logan continues to build himself as one of the bright stars in IWA with performances like he put on here. Slade was great. He did everything that he should have done in an match like this. He attacked the injured body part like his life depended on it, and really made this thing by being super aggressive and ruthless. You can’t take the good guy seriously without a good bad guy. This was great and even the Player’s Club and their usual trifling ass cheating couldn’t bring it down.

Winner: Logan James picked up the win and his 2nd Junior Heavyweight Championship with the Hybrid Theory.


Match 6: IWA World Championship/Total Elimination 3-way

“Duke of Hardcore” John Wayne Murdoch (with Billy the P) vs “Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams vs “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

Notes and Opinion: You have three of the greatest competitors in IWA history in the ring for one match and unsurprisingly it ruled. All three of these guys were going non stop out there and the crowd was all over this. Murdoch was the first one gone after a giant kick from BMA sent him packing. Then it was down to two. It became a chess match between a pair of the best to ever hold the championship, and both showed why in this battle of wills. I honestly could have watched these guys go at it until the cows came home. It was brilliant stuff and sadly for BMA tonight would not be his night because Elgin was simply too unstoppable. Amazing stuff.

Winner: Michael Elgin via ref stoppage after Aaron was knocked unconscious and was crowned the new World Champion.


Overall Thoughts: Only 6 matches, but 3 of them would have been worth the price of admission by themselves. A really fun show from top to bottom and another fine example of why IWA is still one of the best independents in the game. The match quality is off the charts.



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