Jeffersonville, Indiana


  • Before we start Doug comes out to warm up the crowd, sadly he is interupted by PPW Champion Daniels Eads. He gives an excuse for Ashcraft not being there by saying he saved a box full of kittens from a fire. He then talks shit about John Wayne Murdoch for a minute before JWM arrives and the main event is made official. Doug promises a special enforcer so the match will be called down the middle. My hope that Bill Alfonso will be there are sadly misplaced.


Match 1: Single/Mystery Challenge

Lexus Montez vs ????

Notes and Opinion: The mystery opponent was revealed to be Cole Radrick to the delight of the crowd. They had a really good opening contest. Lexus nailed  his impressive strikes and Cole ran round like a crazy man. They even took it out to the floor for a bit. The entire contest was fun and energetic and had the crowd into it. Sadly for Lexus he was unprepared to battle a surprise giant and took a hard fought loss. Fun match.

Winner: Cole got the win with the cross face chicken wing.


Match 2: Money on Fire Productions Championship

(C) Jimmy Feltcher vs Levi Everett

Notes and Opinion: We started out with Jimmy pressuring Levi into drinking some Crown Royal, this ended up being spit back on Jimmy. Not a solid move from Levi. Levi had exactly two bright spots in this match. His entrance with his polite handshakes and the “churning butter” Pentagon armbreaker. Other than that it was all Jimmy all the time. Levi bumped around like a maniac and Jimmy squashed the shit out of him. Completely harmless fun.

Winner: Jimmy got the win with a huge lariat and I get the phrase “Shots, shots, shots, shots” stuck in my head all weekend.


Match 3: Single

Flash Flanagan vs Appollo Q Starr

Notes and Opinion: This is yet another offshoot of the Flash vs anyone Hy Zaya has ever met once at a Quiznos feud. Flash collecting money for Hy Zaya before the match “Crusade for Children”  style was pretty funny though. This was solid because both guys know what they are doing. Flash continued his dastardly deeds by trying to throw another fireball this month but sadly for him the lighter botched it’s one spot in the match. Flash took a walk after having to deal with a substandard Bic.

Winner: Appollo via countout.

  • Starr then drug Flash back out to gain a measure of revenge and took a Kendo Stick beating for his trouble. Flash is kinda on a tear right now and I hope that meeting Hy Zaya a couple of times doesn’t qualify me to catch a beat down next.
  • The lovely Nikki sends us to intermission.


Match 4: Tag Team

The Top Guys (Adam Slade and Kevin Giza) vs The Difference (Ray Waddell and Andrew Hunter)

Notes and Opinion: I like good tag wrestling and this was a fine example of that. The former tag champs were on a role for most of this and impressed as always. Slade and Giza never disappoint. Poor Ray took most of the abuse in this thing but he played Ricky Morton really well out there. Hunter came in like a lightning bolt when he finally got to make the save and they finished this thing pretty hot. Perfectly acceptable tag match.

Winner: Hunter got the pin on Slade after the latter ran into a turnbuckle and fell into a rollup. 2 losses in 2 months for the former champs but I’m sure they will get it back together soon…right?


Match 5: Single

Reed Bentley vs. AJ Gray

Notes and Opinion: This was the most consistently hard hitting contest of the night. Both guys went out there and really kicked the hell out of one another and i appreciate that. They battled all over then place. At one point Reed even tossed AJ directly towards my damn lap at 30 miles per hour (which caused that stupid rail to push my wrist back, still hurts like a bitch). These guys were just all out going at it. Reed even nailed a Pepsi Plunge at one point. If you need to ask, I liked this one a whole bunch. Guys kicking the crap out of one another is kinda my jam. Both of these guys rule.

Winner: Reed got the pin with a reverse exploder.


Match 6: Single

Nathen Edwards vs. Bradley Prescott IV

Notes and Opinion: This didn’t even get a chance to get off the ground before the hollowed out shells of Matt Atreya and Chase Nalley arrived to cause a ruckus. These two guys have turned into some straight up demon possessed weirdo’s since that loss at the PPW vs PWF show. My theory is it Vince McMahon’s “Higher Power” doing it to them…or booze. I’m not good with demonic possession to be honest. Maybe they’ve been Conjured? Is that a thing? anyway they spit blood mist and cause problems for Nathen and Bradley who try and fight them off.

Winner: No Contest via demonic possession.


Match 7: PPW Tag Team Championships

(C) I.F.H.Y. (Johnathan Wolf and Shawn Kemp) vs The Indie Heartthrobs (Myron Reed and Corey Storm)

Notes and Opinion: This would be your crazy young guy workrate match of the evening. All four of these young men are talented as hell and really put on a good performance out there. The tag champs have excellent teamwork and double teams and are at the top of the division for a reason. The Heartthrobs have known each other for a few years and even if they aren’t a team all the time they are more than up to the challenge of being in there with any team at at any time. In the end the challengers looked to be on a roll and nailed stereo 450 splashes. Unfortunately during said move, Corey Storm landed awkwardly and has an arm injury that could keep him out for several months. It was all academic from there. It’s a sad way to end what was turning into an excellent match. I hope Corey is back sooner rather than later. All four of these guys brought it here.

Winner: The champs earned the win with a Tombstone by Wolf and a Spiral Tap by Kemp finished off Myron.


Match 8: PPW Championship (with the Creator 2.0 as special enforcer)

(C) Daniel Eads (with Josh Ashcraft) vs John Wayne Murdoch

Notes and Opinion: Ashcraft finally made the show and apparently did not save any kittens like previously stated. This was a good main event that saw both of these guys doing a hell of a job. To be honest this is the most comfortable I have seen Eads in the ring since he became champ. Murdoch took a slam off the top to the ring apron in a spot that I thought could have killed him. The fact that it didn’t is a testament to both his toughness and the fact that he may be out of his damn mind. Ashcraft interfered, as per usual, and ended up getting a headbutt so sick that it made my stomach hurt. Props to him for taking it and John for giving it. A chair made it into the ring and JWM went to swing it before being stopped by our special enforcer. This allowed Eads time to nail his finish and end what I considered a damn fine main event.

Winner: Eads pinned Murdoch after his fireman’s carry sitout slam.

  • Murdoch was not happy with 2.0 costing him the match and counting the pin. He then started a vicious attack. Reed Bentley came out and instead of making the save helped nail an excellent Judd Nelson Driver on the Creator and send his family behind us into a shouting fit.


Overall Thoughts: Not a bad night of wrestling. There were some real fun highlights in there. Everybody on the card really brought everything they had, and myself and everyone else in the crowd were definitely appreciative of it. The guys at Paradigm really know how to take care of their customers and give the crowd a good experience. Now for the negative. I have been reviewing these shows for months and I’m not sure that the crowd has had a happy ending in a main event once in that time. It’s been at least since Hy Zaya beat Flash and even that ended with him catching a beat down after. Since then it has been all heel victories in the main. I’m not 8, I don’t need to see the “babyface hero” every show but once in a while the good guys gotta win right (yes, I know JWM turned but did he HAVE to?) ? These shows aren’t weekly so for a month the crowd has to chew on these main events. Give them something nice to chew on occasionally.  Just my opinion. 


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