Memphis, Indiana


Match 1: 3-Way


Notes and Opinion: Hell of an opener as all 3 of these young men are loaded with potential. Jake kept letting his attitude get the better of him in this contest and may have cost himself the victory a few times by doing so. Giza is still getting accustomed to the IWA environment but is doing a heck of a job with it so far. Pat is Pat, smooth as silk even while favoring a leg injured and targeted by the talented Lander. Really good start from these guys to get the crowd into the show.

Winner: Pat got the pin on Lander with the Crosstown Classic.


Match 2: Tag Team


Notes and Opinion: I’m not sure how often (if ever) that these four guys have teamed up but they did a really good job in there. James and Pacifico managed to get the crowd on their asses and keep them there throughout the entire contest. The Rumpster and Deonta were very effective as a team and look like they could have a future as a tag if they stayed together for a bit. Fun match.

Winner: Davis and Thump got the win with a slam/neckbreaker combo. 



“Born Bad” JC ROTTEN vs “Swole FN Show” ADAM SLADE

Notes and Opinion: JC started out hot but Slade was able to counter a small mistake and take over. Say what you want about Slade (and I will) but he is a talented wrestler able to take advantage of a situation when it presents himself. JC showed the heart he is known for later in the contest which sadly showed what Adam is now known for…taking the cheap way out. Slade’s new BFF Lukas Jacobs took advantage of a distracted referee to help his buddy steal one. JC is good but 2 on 1 odds are hard for any man.

Winner: Slade got the win after Lukas tossed salt in JC’s eyes and he nailed the kneckbreaker for the pin. 




Notes and Opinion: another battle of two uber talented young athletes going tooth and nail to see who the better man was. Kenway is frustrated due to Wolf getting the TPI spot over him and showed it the entire match. Wolf was ready for it though and and these two put on on hell of a fight. What In the then Kenway was able to take advantage of the no DQ stipulation and pick up the victory in a match both guys should be proud of. Kenway promises to claim Wolf’s spot in the TPI no matter what he has to do to get it, and after tonight…I believe him.

Winner: Kenway got the KO after nailing Wolf with a chain. 

  • After the match Kenway kept attacking the unconscious man until pulled away by the official.


Match 5: IWA Tag Team Championships


Notes and Opinion: The Champs had their hands full in this one and they may have brought it upon themselves by switching this from a non title to a title match. That always raises the stakes and the intensity from the challengers. Azteca and Dell are not a regular team but they are both experienced and talented enough to try and come to come together when an activity this big presents itself. The champs were in a hole early but were able to use their signature teamwork, speed and heart to stay in this and turn it around. Really good effort from all these guys and it was a good tag match even if the crowd still doesn’t fully appreciate the new champs.

Winner: The Champs got the win after a double team wheelbarrow cutter on Dell.

  • Ari gives the Champions a show of respect after the match.


Match 6: Public Execution

“The Sauciest Man Alive” LUKAS JACOBS vs “Iron Demon” SHANE MERCER

Notes and Opinion: Before I get too far into this I would like to point out that Lukas Jacobs impressed me with his desire to stay in this match beyond anyone’s belief that he could. That being said…this boy got a good old fashioned Alabama Ass kicking. Other than a few brief snippets of offense from Lukas Shane dominated this thing from bell to bell. He beat him from one side of the arena and to the other, almost breaking a wall at one point. Poor Lukas even took chops from the crowd because his ability to defend himself went the way of the Dodo really early on in this one. Even his finishing move (Adam Slade saving his ass) didn’t work because JC Rotten was there to repay the salt throw from earlier with one of his own. Bad night for Jacobs.

Winner: Shane got the win after a Moonsault and Battery.

  • After the match we get a tag match set up between the 4 men for next Thursday.


Match 7: Opportunity in a Box vs No more title shots

IWA Jr Heavyweight Champion LOGAN JAMES vs “Hot Fiyah” MYRON REED. 

Notes and Opinion: This was a hell of a wrestling match folks. Constant back and forth with each man trying to out do the other in every facet of their individual games. Logan continues to wrestle like a final Boss in his time in IWA, being nearly unbeatable unless you get lucky enough to catch him off guard. Myron showed once again why is a multi time champion in the ranks of IWA and wrestling all around the country, pure talent. When you BUY THIS DVD, and you will watch the last minute of this match and try to keep up with the damn thing. Great work by moth men.

Winner: Myron got the rollup after several pinfall attempts by both athletes.



“Hawkeye” STEVE MANDERS vs “Indestructible” CALVIN TANKMAN

Notes and Opinion: this has been building for a while now and it had to come to this. A brutal street fight with weapons and violence galore. The only thing missing was alittle blood, but I’m not a barbarian and it didn’t hurt the match for me. Steve once again stood toe to toe with the for IWA World Champion and earned the respect of the audience. Unfortunately respect isn’t a victory and the destructive, dominant and on this night smarter for champion was able to pick up the victory even after taking a massive spear from Manders through a piece of plywood straight to the concrete. Really fun brawl.

Winner: Calvin got the win with a small package. He then shoved the ref down on his ass to be a jerk.


Match 9: Single

“Legendary” LARRY D vs “Stiff Robo Ginger” GARY JAY

Notes and Opinion: This one defied description really. Two men that are all heart and guts went out there and didn’t have a match, they had a fight. Plus, the fight they had blew every single person in the building right out of their chairs. It was a wold chaotic brawl with both men showing why they are two of the most respected athletes on the independent scene today. Gary doesn’t have Larry’s size but he was able to take a little of that power advantage away by injuring Larry’s hand and limiting the power in which he was able to deliver some of his patented blows. It didn’t slow Larry down much but on this night it was just enough. I can’t say enough good things about these two guys or the quality of battle they put forth on this night. Amazing performance and this had to be the main event because it damn well earned it.

Winner: Gary got the win with an armbar while trying to break Larry’s already injured hand.

  • We get another show of respect after the match and I for one can’t wait to see this again.


Overall Thoughts:  9 matches and not a single bad one on the card. This was from top to bottom ate the very least a fun show and at some points excellent. As soon as thing thing drops follow the link and add it to your DVD collection because this is a keeper because at least 2 of these matches would be rated HIGH on that fancy star scale if that was something you would be inclined to do. Good night and good show. IWA delivers.


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