Down and Dirty…except the part I complain about. Oh and sarcasm.

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  • Ronda was out first to talk about neidhart and hype her title match…not sure that’s how I would have played it. A brawl ends up happening with Fox/Bliss and Ronda Moon.

Ember Moon defeated Alexa Bliss via DQ when Alicia Fox interfered

  • Brock Heyman recap
  • Random heel types keep giving Kurt shit. I wish there was some balls shown by Kurt in any of this crap.

Baron Corbin defeated Tyler Breeze

  • Corbin announces Balor vs Mahal and KO but Kurt arrives and finally does something productive by making it a tag team match player! Holla Holla!

Finn Balor and Braun Strowman defeated Jinder Mahal and Kevin Owens 

  • Corbin nails the End of Days on Finn.
  • Angle gets shit from Dolph and Drew…Seth still isn’t here…dun…dun…dunnnnnn.
  • We get a long Bobby Lashley/Elias bit with young Ricky Roberts getting murdered…I wasn’t impressed.
  • B Team are lovable as hell.
  • Drew and Dolph pretend to be lawyers or some shit.


B Team defeated the Revival and the Deleters of Worlds

  • B Team celebrates in the back and once again Roman does not seem impressed.
  • We get a Roman promo about SummerSlam. Paul interrupts for the inevitable Brock swerve and it’s a pretty good piece of business. Roman takes pepper spray to the eyes and a huge beating from Brock. I know I may lose my internet guy card for this but I liked it. They are making Brock as un-redeemable as possible to try and sway the crowd. Pretty sure the smark ass Brooklyn crowd is still booing Roman but they are trying.


Titus Worldwide and Bobby Roode defeated the  Authors of Pain and Mojo Rawley 

  • Riveting footage of people washing Roman’s face.
  • We finally get our Anvil tribute and it’s a good one. That SummerSlam 90 promo cracks me up every time. RIP buddy.
  • We get the PPV rundown and the B Team is defending against the Revival on the pre-show.
  • Recap of Ronda killing security folks.


Ruby Riott defeated Sasha Banks

  • It’s main event contract signing time. Kurt tries to buy time but D&D aren’t having any of it. They cut a promo (pretty complimentary really) on Seth and claim his travel issues were an excuse to get out of the match. Luckily Seth arrives and as everyone was expecting it wasn’t his travel problems he was worried about. Dean Ambrose (who looks like he has been on ICO Pro for 9 months) is finally back and will be in Seth’s corner Sunday. A brawl happens and we fade out wondering how hard Dean will be turning on Seth at SummerSlam.


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