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(8/9) IWA Mid-South: Bringing Nasty Back


Welcome back to BWYS.  Here in the 4th edition, we yet again cover IWA Mid-South.  This show was a special one for me, and it has nothing to do with wrestling.  Though my boys and I have been to a lot of wrestling, my wife Kelly has never been to an indie wrestling show.   She has been to a couple WWE shows, but we all know that indie shows are a different animal altogether.  She is coming to TPI this year, so she is going to knock out a couple of shows before that to get the hang of it.  As for the show, this was a great one.  Jake Lander shined like a super star, and almost every match was good or great.  Please remember while reading that this is, in fact, an opinion based review.  Every single opinion is from one person….me.  I say that, not for myself, but for the talent.  Just because I may not like a match, everyone else may love it.  Now that I got that out of the way, it’s time for the most important part of BWYS…THE MERCH!!!!  Please read, then click one of the links and buy some merch from these hard-working wrestlers.

Merch of the Night


Steve Manders had a great display at the show.   I have seen Manders wrestle 7-8 times, and the thing that sticks out most is his power.  He does some unreal things with his strength, but is also tough as nails.  Manders has been a guy to me that kind of gets mixed into the bunch, because of his gear.  He went out and made a great decision in my opinion, and that is get new entrance wear.  It was really memorable and differentiates him from other football players who wrestle.  His shirts looked great, and he seems ready to break out on the Indie scene.  Steve said you can contact him directly to buy merch through his Social Media accounts, or of course live at shows.  Steve is very friendly and approachable.  Contact Steve and get some of his sweet merch!

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The Wrestling

Match #1

Keegan Brettle w/Jasmine vs Adam Slade

This was a fun match.  Keegan or Big KeeGzyB is a wrestler from Australia, as well as his manager Jasmine.  They were funny and quite crowd interactive.  We had a lot of back and forth with them.   Slade spends most of the match taking offense, and trying to fend off Jasmine’s interference.  Adam Slade gets the win in a fun first match:  BUYING

Match #2

Jasmine vs “Amazing” Maria

Jasmine & Keegan are right back out with their roles reversed.  Maria comes out to a big pop, the IWA fans love her.  Keegan interferes a ton in this match, even gets some heat after shoulder blocking Maria.  At one point he grabbed Logan’s Mario Hat and put it on.  Maria overcomes all odds, beating down Jasmine and getting a lick or two in on Keegan.  “Amazing” Maria got the win:  BUYING 

Match #3

Lucas Jacobs vs JC Rotten

JC comes out and gets the crowd chanting Old School rules.  JC really fires the crowd up, and there is a big pop when Ian says yes to Old School rules as Lucas Jacobs is begging him not to.  JC starts the match by beating Lucas down, really pounding him.  He takes him outside and beats him all around the ring.  Eventually Lincoln Mosely interferes, and because of Old School rules it isn’t illegal.  Slade comes out for the save grabbing JC’s cane, but then he & Jacobs hits JC with the cane.   There could be a new stable in the works.  Slade’s heel turn was good.  I’m looking forward to his heel work.  Lucas Jacobs got the win:  BUYING

Match #4

Myron Reed vs Pat Monix

In what was billed as the first half Main Event, this match lived up to every expectation you could have.  Both men are faces, so of course the crowd was split.  Monix & Reed are so good.  Reed is getting so comfortable with the crowd, that he just pulls you in as a fan.  He was rubbing his boot down Pat’s face on the outside, and reacting to the facial expressions Kelly & I were making.   Monix & Reed are “next level” guys, and that is why they are right for the Ted Petty Invitational.  I am a fan of both guys, but cheered for Monix here.  Logan was dueling with me, cheering for Reed.  In matches like this though, it doesn’t really matter who wins.  The winners are the fans. As they neared the end of the match, they were going back and forth, and I honestly had no idea who was going to win.  Then from the commentators booth,  Jake Lander stood up and started talking trash to Reed.  Reed was jawing back and forth with Lander, and the distraction helped Monix get the pinfall.  Lander was a great addition to this match, his mic work and passion made me feel his disdain for Reed.  Monix got the win:  BUYING(MATCH OF THE NIGHT)

Match #5

Kevin Giza vs “OMG” James Ryan vs Chance Bronzer vs Jordan James

I’m not sure if the name Chance Bronzer is right, but he went by the “Millennial”.  Chance was the only wrestler I didn’t get to see much of, because he was on the other side of the ring most of the match.  Giza was very good here.  I’ve seen him tagged with Adam Slade as “The Top Guys”, he can wrestle and he’s tough as nails.  “OMG” James Ryan was great.  He had a swagger, and came out in a fur coat.  He talked a lot of shit to the other wrestlers and fans.  He did a couple of cool power spots in the match, even though he has a tall slender frame.  I look forward to seeing him again.  Jordan James was the crowd favorite from the beginning.  There were multiple “Joe Dirt” chants, in honor of him.  He sat next to me for a second.  Kelly offered him a nacho, and he took one(as he should).  These guys all worked hard, but Kevin Giza got the win:  BUYING

Match #6

Jake Lander vs Matt Kenway

This had an interesting dynamic.  It was the opposite of Myron Reed vs Pat Monix.   Both men are clear heels.  Jake is the heel that looks at himself as the babyface.  He thinks he is constantly screwed over and stepped over.  He is very much like the original Stone Cold heel persona.  Jake is out for Jake, and he won’t back down.  Kenway is your snobby, better than you, type of heel.  He looks down at the fans as he comes out.  This was another match that was very good.  The crowd didn’t give it the love it deserved.  It is hard with 2 guys who are good at being a heel.  The crowd not chanting in this match was probably a good indicator that they were doing their job.  I’ve enjoyed Kenway’s old school work lately.  I would love to see him transition between 2-3 submissions, instead of 1 at a time though.  He was still very good, that is more of a wish-list type of statement.  Lander’s selling is ungodly.   His facials are perfect.  Kelly(my wife) said “I think he is really hurt”.  I told her he wasn’t, but Jake can sell his ass off.  Lander is a work horse, and IWA has stumbled upon gold.  He is great on the stick and great in the ring.   He is quickly making a big fan of me, and I’ll be looking for his name the next show I go to.  Reed interfered in this match,  costing Lander the match.  There was a huge locker room emptying pull apart after between Reed & Lander.  Lander yelled at anyone who would listen, including a back and forth with me.   That feud is sick.  Kenway got the win:  BUYING

Match #7

“Indestructible” Calvin Tankman vs “Hawkeye” Steve Manders

I unfortunately missed this match.  Logan’s stomach wasn’t feeling well, so we took him outside and after 10 minutes he felt better.  By that time, Manders music was playing and he was walking out.  I did see Manders sweet new gear.  I hate missing this match, because I think these 2 should have great chemistry.  Steve Manders got the win:  Did not see

Match #8

Logan James “LJ” vs “Legendary Larry D

This was a good match, but let me get this negative stuff out of the way.  I’m not a big Larry D fan.  He is a great dude.  Very nice.  I loved Gresham vs Larry D at TPI, but other than that I usually just find his matches mid-pack.  He is never bad, but I don’t look forward to him being on the card.  I’m not a fan of the punch finisher either, especially when a guy has strength of Larry D.  That aside, this match was the 2nd best of the night for me. Larry D really pounded on LJ for 80% of this match.  1 of my few criticisms is that when there is a big guy and smaller guy, they follow a certain pattern.  I would love to see something different than that some time.  Something like the small guy gets 80% of the offense.  I like unpredictability.  Okay, back to the good stuff.  LJ sold his ass off.  When LJ got his offense in, Larry sold very well also.  There was a weird moment in the match, that is becoming Indie popular.  LJ takes a powerbomb from the top rope, and then surges up and attacks Larry.  Lio Rush had the infamous one, and Giza did it not that long ago vs Bentley/Murdoph.  I heard some rumbling about it.  I don’t think that spot is going anywhere, regardless of who likes it.  It seems to have become popular.  Both men had a very good albeit predictable match.  Both men are bound for TPI.  Larry D got the win:  BUYING

Match #9

Main Event

The Gym Nasty Boys vs The Murphy Boyz

IWA Mid-South Tag Team Championship Match

I saw this exact match the last IWA show I was at.  I was pretty critical of the Murphy Boys in that BWYS, and I am still a bit critical here.  Let me say this though.  Both of the Murphy Boys improved this show.  Cameron was everything I hoped the Murphy’s could be in this match.  He was serious.  He was dying to get into the ring.  Slapping the turnbuckle.  He looked like the most important thing to him was the tag championships and that is it.  Carson improved, but his selling wasn’t there.  He also didn’t seem to have the same fire and want that Cameron had.   Carson was getting stretched in a bow and arrow at 1 point and never makes a sound, plus he is halfway smiling.  I would love to see these guys get serious as hell.   Stop smiling.  Every fight is a fight.  Take a look at Myron Reed and how serious he gets.  He was going crazy in a pull apart.  Carson could have used that kind of fire when going for the championships that they are “dying” to get.  The Gym Nasty boys on the other hand seemed to try to help the younger tag team as much as they could.  I would have loved to see the can opener from White Mike, even though I realize what they’re doing.  White Mike was brilliant in the corner.  He & Timmy are so great.  I hate thinking it will be a while before they’re back at IWA.  I would love to see them in PWG.   Although this match wasn’t ideal, I respect a title change any time it happens.  I see a lot of promise in The Murphy Boyz.  I know I’m hard on them, but I know they can be special.  I hope one day I’m chanting “TMB….TMB….TMB”.   The Murphy Boys got the win…..and new IWA Mid-South Tag Team Champions:  BUYING


Although I am not a big Murphy Boys fan, I’m very excited for them.  I appreciate every single wrestler who steps through the ropes and follows that dream.  Congratulations guys.  Even though Logan & I had this face after The Gym Nasty Boys lost the titles. 


This show was fantastic.  Thank you Ian & IWA wrestlers for making that happen.  This is the first show I’ve covered that I didn’t have a single match that received “SELLING”.   I can’t wait until next time.

Overall Record of the Show(B/S/U):  8/0/0

Match of the Night:  “Hot Fiyah” Myron Reed vs Pat Monix

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