Here are the happenings from last night’s show!


PreShow Scramble: Slade Porter wins

Sage Philips defeated Tyler Matrix

Bret Ison defeated Joshua Bishop

Jacob Black defeated Freddie Hudson

IFHY defeated the Carnies (next month.. double dog collar match.. if Carnies lose they must break up as a team)

Dominic Garrini defeated Lexus Montez by TKO, elbows to the head

Teddy King defeated Mr Brickster

KU and Zodi went to double pin.. Garrini came out said he respects Zodi but doesnt respect KU. Then says he LOVES Ku and they both attack Zodiak.

 Kevin Giza defeated Marko Stunt (respect shown after match, Stunt was confused since last month he was attacked after Giza lost)

Derek Neal defeated Cash Flo after interference by Bret Ison first after ref knocked out… then Tyler Matrix made save but turned and hit Cash Flo with chair. Marko tried for a save and he got hit with a chair. Jimmy Fletcher entered and told Matrix to leave only for him to be hit with a chair also. Derek Neal got win afterwards.

Thanks to James Duncan for all the results. Much appreciated.

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