Welcome to the 45th edition of 5 Questions! Keep in mind, these were never intended to be super in depth, but they have always been informative and hopefully fun. It’s been cool getting to know a little bit about the minds of the good folks that put their bodies on the line to entertain us. Today’s guest is another fun one.

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I first saw Mr. Brickster wrestle a few months ago and he really impressed me. He had a good intensity and a gimmick that I thought was pretty memorable. To be honest I didn’t know a whole lot about the guy behind the Bricks until this interview, and he has had an interesting path to entertaining crowds in the ring. I’ll let him tell you the story though. It’s a good read.


“I am originally from Buffalo New York. Just relocated to Nashville about 10 months ago….to pursue my wrestling dream. I’ve always loved acting even from a young guy….I was in musicals….and plays but also the captain of the football team. I’ve always been full of personality…..I got my first break on the VH1 show I love New York. It was a great experience but I knew there was something more but that just wasn’t the full story. So I worked an office job for almost a decade. I got married and had a child….and all through that process just started working on what I felt my call was. I landed on wrestling after months of trying to figure out where my drive was and what it was for. I started training just as a hobby to see if I could even do it and then I started throwing everything at it which landed me eventually as a stay at home dad to my son while I pursued my dream full time. During this time I also started my mentor relationship with Lex Luger and began working on my mental stability and learning from him and his mistakes and taking on his wisdom from the business. It’s been a wild ride but once I moved to Nashville with my family my career really started taking off and I had my first official match and I’ve been going nonstop since.”


Well with the introductions out of the way let’s start the show!

1. Who most influenced you to become a professional wrestler?

“Watching wrestling with my dad growing up influenced me. I always loved the energy. Then when my dad tragically passed away….it was a way I still felt bonded to him. It helped me feel close to him.”

2. What is your all time favorite match that you’ve been apart of?

“First match ever with Kerry Awful. He’s my trainer but beyond that he’s one of the most talented wrestlers out there. It meant a lot to me because he’s taught me so much and was there in the middle of the first public match I had ever had. He builds me up all the time with training in and out of the ring. Standing next to him mattered to me. I was filled with nerves and excitement….and it meant the world to me that he got to be there WITH me in that moment.” 

3.  If you could work for any promotion in wrestling history, what would it be?

“WWE because I believe in what they do. They allow their wrestlers to have a message bigger than their character on the show! They are really good about making sure their wrestlers are making a difference and being good role models. I align with those values at the foundation. Wrestling is great but it’s what you do with what you’ve been given that matters most. I see them promote that in their wrestling promotion and I appreciate that.”

4.  Is there a song that you LOVE that everyone else thinks is awful?

“I listen to mostly 80s/early 90s music and most people can’t handle the amount I listen to of this genre. It’s every day all day.
My song that drives most people nuts about me is ‘Nothing Compares to You by Sinead O’Connor.”


5.  In your opinion who is the greatest Professional Wrestler of all time?

I have a few that come to mind for different reasons, but Shawn Michaels has great charisma and energy. And I wear a dangling earring very similar to him and find myself super energetic most of the time.


There we have it guys, another 5 Questions have come and gone. 

Here comes my favorite part…

Remember the sole reason for these is to get some extra eyeballs on people, and let as many folks as we can know what these talented individuals are up to. That’s what this next section is all about! Time to plug some stuff!


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Once again I would like to thank our guest for joining us today and spending some of his precious free time answering questions like this. These folks have a lot on their plates so I appreciate Brickster taking time to answer these for us. Try and support him where you can, I’d greatly appreciate it.


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