Memphis, Indiana


Match 1: Single


Notes and Opinion: Billy starts us out with a promo and unsurprisingly the fans aren’t having any of it. We get some bazooka shenanigans early on and then settle in to our regularly scheduled wrestling match. Lukas is getting some pretty good heat these days and adding Billy to the equation didn’t hurt in that regard. Nice to see Graham back and even nicer to see him in the babyface role. Talented kid. The match was fine and the crowd was into it.

Winner: Lukas got the rollup with a handful of tights.


Match 2: Single


Notes and Opinion: Hadn’t seen Kai before and he did an alright job. Steve is getting more and more over every time he is in an IWA ring. The match was what it was. Kai worked Steve’s arm to try and take some of the power away from the big man. It ended up being for naught though.

Winner: Manders got the win with a Snow Plow looking deal.


Match 3: Single

“Winter Swoldier” ADAM SLADE vs REED “By God” BENTLEY

Notes and Opinion: Shockingly Reed cuts a promo to start. Poor Slade’s hair. Once it gets going it is a really good match. Reed is one of the all time measuring sticks for an IWA ring and delivers on a consistent basis. Meanwhile; Slade is stepping the hell up right now. The guy is improving every single time he is in the ring and really held his ground well with one of the IWA greats. He even shocked the crowd by kicking out of a Pepsi Plunge. I enjoyed this one quite a lot. Really good work from both guys.

Winner: Slade picked up the upset with a cutter followed by a Roll of the Dice type neckbreaker.


Match 4: Single


Notes and Opinion: I wanted to like this a lot more than I did unfortunately. It wasn’t bad or anything but it definitely was hurt by being between 2 significantly better matches. Both kids have bright futures and my opinion is just that. They will be fine.

Winner: Lukas got the victory with a cradle piledriver.


Match 5: Single/  JCW Heavyweight Title 


Notes and Opinion: Unsurprisingly this was a hell of a deal. Shane is one of the strongest dudes walking planet Earth and some of the stuff he does in that ring people just shouldn’t be able to do. Shiggy os also a freak. The guy was nailing everything he through as legitimately and crisply as you can ask out of a person. He nailed an inside/outside spear to Shane that looked like it killed him. Really good work from both men and was walking that match of the night line before the non ending. (I understand that neither guy could really lose this but man it was cool up til the end.)

Winner: Neither. Double countout.

  • Shane cuts a promo and there will be a rematch at some point.


Match 6: Single/  IWA Jr Heavyweight Title

(C) LOGAN JAMES vs “The Baddest Man Alive” AARON WILLIAMS

Notes and Opinion: Another week and another star making performance from Logan. The kid is just on another level right now and proved it by going blow for blow with the multi-time IWA World Champion. This kid is the future and the future is now. What can you say about Aaron? The man is amazing and since he has been back from his knee related sabbatical his work has been some next level shit. I loved it and I’m hoping for a TPI rematch.

Winner: Logan got the win with his lungblower deal that I still don’t know the name of.

  • After the match we get the respect handshake….AND THEN AARON KICKS THE EVER LOVING HELL OUT OF LOGAN AND LEAVES HIM LAYING. Wowsa.



“Duke of Hardcore” JOHN WAYNE MURDOCH vs “Born Bad” JC ROTTEN

Notes and Opinion: These guys have been at war for the last few months and since that started they simply have not had one bad match. They keep the streak alive on this night with another war that needs to be seen to be believed. If you have ever had an issue with these two then you haven’t seen the quality of work that these two have put forth lately. The two of them together has been bloody magic. Excellent ending to the show and another keeper from these two.

Winner: Murdoch got the cheap distraction pin when there were some shenanigans between Reed and Lukas.

  • Tag team match is forthcoming along with the anticipated WRESTLEMANIWA 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO!


Overall Thoughts:  7 matches and 4 of them could have been a main event and I wouldn’t have batted an eye. That’s a pretty good night of wrestling no matter how you slice it. Hell of an effort by the entire crew tonight and another DVD coming your way that needs to be seen. Links below will take you where you need to go. 


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