July 29, 2018

Worcester, MA

Commentators: Drew Cordeio, Paul Crockett and Matt Tremont and Nick Gage for the main event.



A note to start, the crowd is HYPED FOR THIS.


Match 1: 8-Person Tag

Team Pazuzu (Chris Dickinson, Jaka, Santana and Ortiz) vs Team WWR (Kimber Lee, Skylar, Jordynne Grace, and Mia Yim)

Notes and Opinion: This was a really great opener. Every single person got their chance to shine out there. The ladies all did some awesome dives out of the ring. Everyone was hitting hard and the place came unglued for Dickinson and Lee to finally face off. Really could not have asked for a better way to start a show.

Winner: Team Pazuzu got the victory after putting a beatdown on Skylar and finishing her with an assisted cannonball in the corner by Ortiz.

  • After the match we get a show of respect from both teams and Chris Dickinson cuts a nice promo about inter-gender wrestling. The men take a powder so the female athletes can have the moment to themselves.
  • Anthony Greene arrives with the Platinum Hunnies. He lays out a “Retro-Sexual” open challenge. Does this ever go well for anyone not named John Cena?


Match 2: Single

Anthony Greene vs AR Fox

Notes and Opinion: I’ve never seen Greene in action before and he kinda looks like if Scott Dawson had a Southpaw Regional Wrestling character (in a good way). He did a good job of hanging in there with Fox though. Fox could have a **** match with a broom and innovates more in one match than anyone you will likely see. The dude invents stuff at will. He also nailed a coast to coast from in to outside the ring, never seen that before. The Hunnies interference kept Greene in it for a while but in the end AR was just too much. Really good match.

Winner: AR Fox got the victory with the Fox Catcher.


Match 3: Single

Josh Briggs vs Brody King

Notes and Opinion: One of my favorite genres of wrestling is two talented big dudes beating the shit out of each other. That’s totally what we got here. Hell of a war with both guys showing how much heart and determination they have. Briggs came in with a shoulder injury and still hung in there with the best in the business showing little ill effects. Top notch stuff from both men.

Winner: Briggs got the victory with a chokeslam into a lungblower.

  • Briggs cuts a promo saying that “he will either die or get signed before he loses there again.”. Bold statement.
  • MJF and Stokely cut a promo about the upcoming match and announce Gresham’s mystery opponent. My first real mild complaint about the show is no camera on promos or entrances.


Match 4: Single

Jonathan Gresham vs Trent with the Dream Team

Notes and Opinion: A lot of stalling and comedy to start things off. Gresham pulling a Flair and elbow dropping Trent’s new scarf was a nice touch. Gresham really dominates the first part of the match by working the arm. He is amazing with that as always, the dude knows 15 ways to destroy your shoulder using an olive. That’s talent. After MJF and Sharp get themselves ejected it becomes a really good back and forth contest. Trent really shows why he is an international superstar with this performance. Stokely doesn’t think so though and tries to hand Trent a weapon which he doesn’t want. Stokely then slaps Trent and the ref calls for the bell. Fun match.

Winner: Trent by DQ.

  • Trent then kicks Stokely’s head off and feeds him to Gresham. One broken arm later and there is a handshake between the two competitors.


Match 5: Tag Team

Nick Gage and Matt Tremont vs Matt Riddle and Tom Lawlor

Notes and Opinion: I was looking forward to this one. Four mother fuckers you do not want to piss off going toe to toe. This was a wild ass brawl that showed how tough all of these competitors are. The two Deathmatch Kings just do not give a shit about their own well being. Meanwhile, Lawlor and Riddle should be a team in WWE after one damn match together. This was crazy and awesome and I fully support this in it’s entirety.

Winner: Gage pinned Riddle after punching a chair into his face and hitting a chokebreaker.

  • Intermission and interview break.


Match 6: CHIKARA Showcase Atomicos

The Whisper, Volgar, Merlok, and Travis Huckabee vs Mike Quackenbush, Solo Darling, Boomer Hatfield, and Fire Ant

Notes and Opinion: If you like Lucha then this is your type of match. Quick tags, athleticism and crazy ass spots were the order of the day in this one. These folks went all out to try and steal the show. CHIKARA as a rule is crazy and this lived up to that reputation in a big way. Mike Quackenbush was half powerbombed/half doing a Nestea Plunge from the ring to the aisle off Volgar’s shoulders is one of the wildest things you will see. Craziness.

Winner: The Technicos got the win after Solo made Volgar tap to the cloverleaf.


Match 7: Powerbomb.tv Independent Championship

(C) Tracy Williams vs Wheeler YUTA

Notes and Opinion: If these two are the present and future of Independent wrestling then we are in good shape. Awesome match that these guys were giving their heart and souls to win. Both athletes did an amazing job and this stood out in a night filled with stand out matches. Loved it.

Winner: Williams got the win after a DVD and two piledrivers.

  • We get a show of mutual respect after the match.


Match 8: 4-Way tag Team

The Gentlemen’s Club (Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy) vs Beaver Boys (John Silver and Alex Reynolds) vs Massage Force (Dorian Graves and VsK) vs Team Tremendous (Bill Carr and Dan Barry)

Notes and Opinion: We start out with a battle of soft style between Silver and Cassidy. Honestly I’m sure the Miz was taking notes. This was all in good fun and was what it was. We saw the Swamp Monsters interfere and multiple orange juice related injuries. Everyone including me seemed to have fun with it so there you go.

Winner: Beaver Boys got the win when Reynolds rolled up Barry.

  • After the match Barry took out Carr with a DDT. What a jerk.


Match 9: Single

PCO vs Brian Cage

Notes and Opinion: This was King Kong vs Godzilla with some high flying thrown in. (Interviewee) PCO continues his career resurgance by going move for move with one of the strongest and best athletes on the planet in Cage. These guys were nailing each other with bombs and kept keeping on. Both guys killed it.

Winner: Cage got the win with the Drill Claw.

  • PCO gets well earned respect from Cage and the crowd.
  • Another intermission and interview block.


Match 10: No Ropes Barbed Wire

David Starr vs Joey Janela with Penelope Ford

Notes and Opinion: Sorry if this one gets wordy. This was billed as the final deathmatch of Joey’s career. If that is indeed the case then he picked a hell of a way to go out. They start with shirts on but you knew that wouldn’t last. After some barb wire fun Joey gets a staple gun and staples a Scott Steiner pic to David’s head and applies the recliner. Sicko. Starr retaliates with the staple gun and getting the barb wire bat stuck in Joey’s hair. We then get a barbwire light saber battle with both guys grinding it into their opponents face. Starr tries to kill Joey with an overhead belly to belly to the wire and Gage and Tremont go nuts on commentary. The barbwire is then cut and more plunder is brought into the ring. You really never can have too much plunder. Penelope gets involved to help out Joey but after some razzle dazzle she accidentally puts herself through a barbwire board. Starr then hit a Russian legsweep on Joey through a barbwire board to the floor. All three end up having to be cut from the wire and the place is electric. More battling and Starr ends up getting a pin (to be honest I saw the ref knocked out but must have missed how he got there) but the replacement ref won’t count the 3 and clotheslines Starr. Joey then hits a DVD onto a cinder-block/chair combo for 2. Joey wraps himself in the wire but does too much taunting and gets a nutshot from Starr who then superkicks the ref. Starr nails a german into THE EDGE OF A FUCKING CHAIR for 2 from the original ref. Package piledriver by Joey for 2. Starr finally ends it with multiple chair shots and a WICKED double underhook piledriver onto the god damn cinder blocks.

Winner: David Starr got the win after a double underhook piledriver onto cinder-blocks.

  • After the match Starr cuts a fired up promo on Janella and Beyond and then spit on a downed Joey.


Overall Thoughts: Well…I loved it. From top to bottom one of the best shows you will see all year regardless of promotion. The right talent, the right matches and mostly the right venue. My only real complaint was some of the camera shots on entrances and promos but that was a very mild complaint. Top notch show from top to bottom and well worth the Powerbomb.tv subscription all by itself. My congratulations to everyone involved.


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