Welcome to the 42nd volume of 5 Questions! We will be doing things a little differently today.


This is a departure from our normal discussions with wrestlers. Ordinarily we will talk to folks about the general state of their careers and just try to learn a little bit about them. Today will be nothing like that. We have two of the biggest stars in EMERGE here to have what I like to call DUELING 5 QUESTIONS about their big upcoming “Battle for Columbus” match at EMERGE 35: Forever.

Donny Idol and Ricky Ruckus have been a blood feud for a long time and this Saturday they lock up in a no holds barred, falls count anywhere match to prove who the better man really is.


I asked both men the same questions to see what each athlete was thinking going into one of the biggest matches of their respective careers.


1. How much have you been looking forward to this confrontation?

RR: “I’ve been setting the table for it for almost a year now. I finally get to see all my planning finally pay off.”


DI:I never would have thought I would be going to war with Ricky. But every since Ricky attacked me from behind and put me on the shelf for 9 months I’ve never looked more forward to getting my hands on him. This isn’t gonna be a wrestling match…this is gonna be a fight!”


2. What would winning the “Battle for Columbus” match mean to you personally and for EMERGE as a company?

RR: “Personally it would just prove what I always knew, that I’m the better man. For the company it will show once and for all who made it what it is today.”


DI:Winning this match means everything to me. I mean…who doesn’t want to be the man of their city. In this match you have two guys that put EMERGE on the map and this Saturday night you’re gonna see one of the biggest matches in EMERGE Wrestling’s history.” 


3. Will this be the end of the line for this feud?

RR: “If I want it to be.”


DI: “This is the end. I guarantee you I’m gonna beat Ricky so bad Saturday night that he may never wanna show his face again.”


4. Do you have any kind of begrudging respect for your opponent?

RR: “He’s a hell of a professional wrestler and a genuinely good guy. He is just in the unfortunate position of being in my way.”


DI: “To be honest yes I do. There’s a reason Ricky and I were best friends and tag team partners. I wouldn’t want anybody else by my side when going into war. Ricky is a fighter just like myself so I know I’m in for a fight on Saturday and I hope Ricky understands I’m bringing the fight straight to him and harder than I’ve ever brought it before.”


5. If you could say one final thing to your opponent…what would it be?

RR: “Call ahead and get your favorite room at the hospital reserved.”


DI: “We were best friends, we were brothers, we were unbreakable. Until your selfishness and ego got in the way. You’re gonna see a side of me you’ve never seen before and it’s all because of you trying I end my career. For that I’m coming to beat your ass and when you’re laying there at the end of the match in the middle of the ring unable to move I want you to remember that this is all on you. You did this to yourself. See you Saturday chump.”


There you have it EMERGE fans. Two former friends turned into the bitterest of rivals that are about to go to WAR to see finally once and for all who the better man really is. Be there if you can because this is something you will not want to miss!

1400 Parkside Drive 

Columbus, Indiana

Doors- 6:00

Bell- 7:00

Front Row $12

General Admission $10


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Once again I would like to thank our guests for joining us today and spending some of their precious free time answering questions like this. These folks have a lot on their plates so I appreciate them taking time to answer these for us. Try and support them where you can, I’d greatly appreciate it.


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