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(7/19)IWA-MS: Payback, Pain, & Agony


First things first, sorry for the delay for BWYS #3.  We had a tornado touch down in our small town of New Middletown, IN and it did some considerable damage.  We were lucky, but a lot of misfortune was had that day.  Next, my wife had a procedure done, a superficial keratectomy.  If you don’t have a weak stomach, google that.  The recovery was pretty brutal, but now she is back to normal.  I’m happy to say that we have bought our tickets to the Ted Petty Invitational 2018 in Indianapolis, IN on September 21-22.  Pretty stoked.  I watched a couple different matches today that I really love from IWA.  Larry D vs Jonathan Gresham at TPI ’17 and Anthony Henry vs Mance Warner at Simply The Best 11.  Those are my 2 of my 3 favorite IWA matches ever.  The other is Matt Riddle vs “The Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams from the 2018 Revolution Strong Style tourney.  IWA has such a high level of great matches that it is easy to forget just how much better they are than other indie shows I’ve been to.  That isn’t taking anything away from other promotions.  There are some great ones out there, but I have been to so many consistently amazing shows at IWA.  This is a great show.   It has a match or 2 that doesn’t fit the IWA standard for me, but it has some matches that are at such a high level they’re worth the $15 a head by themselves.   That, to me, says it all.  Like I’ve said in the past 2 write-ups, this is based solely on one man’s opinion.  My opinions only reflect me, not Chad, not Logan, and not Silas.  Just me.  I mean no disrespect, and I appreciate every person who steps in the ring.  This is something I hope helps direct fans to indie shows, and which wrestlers to go see.  Alright, on to the show.  

Merch of the Night

This was probably obvious to those who know me.  This is my favorite tag team.  These guys are so talented & entertaining.  They make you laugh at their funny spots, and amaze you with their freakish athleticism for their size.  Oh yeah, and both these guys can flat out wrestle.  Sometimes that is probably lost in their comedic antics.  These guys just seem to keep gaining steam.  They are wrestling all over the world, and I couldn’t be more happy for them.  I hope to see them again soon.  Maybe they’ll defend those tag titles at TPI ’18.  I contacted Timmy Lou to buy merch online, but I’m sure either one could help you.

The Gym Nasty Boys Twitter

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The Gym Nasty Boys Highlight Reel

Merch From The Show

Here is info to social media or websites for the wrestlers, promotion, or writer from the merch above.  Don’t be shy.  Contact these people on how to buy some merch.

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The Wrestling

Match #1

Jordan Oliver w/Young, Dumb, & Broke vs Adam Slade

This match just had so many distractions in it.  Jordan Oliver is a young up and coming talent from CZW, and he was accompanied by 3 wrestlers(Charlie Tiger, Ellis Taylor, & Griffin McCoy) who call themselves “Young, Dumb, & Broke”.  They(YDB) had their moments, as Charlie Tiger aka Fatt Jackson(credit to Ricky Cotton for the name) was the best of the bunch on the outside.  He held his own against the fans heckling.  These guys have something.  It’s just very raw, and needs work.  The outside interference was out of control.  I don’t feel like “Young, Dumb, & Broke” were trying to take away from the match, it just happened.  Less is more in pro wrestling at times, and I think that was the case here. Slade & Oliver were solid to good,  but the outside stuff cluttered the match.  It was really hard to keep an eye on the guys in the ring.  Adam Slade got the winUNDECIDED

Match #2

“Big Bully” Dre Parker vs Lucas Jacobs

“IWA Standard” is a term I’m going to use when describing IWA matches.  I explained in the intro to this BWYS that IWA just doesn’t have bad shows.  That is because almost every match is great.  Whether it is a small or large crowd at IWA, the fans expect that IWA standard in every match.  Sometimes that means strong style, sometimes it’s death match, sometimes it’s technical genius, and other times it is high flying at it’s best.  Mike Del vs Jake Lander got a pretty harsh grade from me last show.  I think Lander is way more talented than the way that match went down, but it was not a match I enjoyed.    This match makes that match look like a good match.  I’m sure both of these guys have great talent, and it was probably just a bad matchup.  Parker was very robotic, and didn’t seem like a mean bully.  He did silly stuff like a wedgie & wet willie.  As for Jacobs, he spent 90% of the match getting beat up.  He was funny at times, squealing, but it was just bad.  It was a tough start to an IWA show, but unlike the first match, I didn’t enjoy any of this.  I hate to say this, but this is the worst IWA match I’ve ever seen.  I hope to see these guys against someone they have more chemistry with in the future.  Dre Parker got the win:  SELLING

Match #3

“Lil Nyghtquil” Johnathan Wolf vs Matt Kenway

I really didn’t know what to expect out of this match.  I had never seen Kenway in a match that he really got to shine.  Wolf, on the other hand, I’ve seen in so many good matches.  These 2 came out fast and hitting hard, by Kenway talking smack to us and Wolf opening the match with a dive outside. The story they told was very believable.  They mixed an old school style of wrestling, along with today’s indie style.  Kenway’s mat work was phenomenal.  He was a submission machine.  My favorite spot was Kenway grabbing the ropes for leverage while he had Wolf in the figure 4.  I was marking out like crazy. There were multiple times I thought that Wolf was going to tap. Kenway worked the crowd well as a heel, and even told me to shut the hell up.   Wolf’s strikes were on point as always, and he sold the limb work by Kenway brilliantly.  At one point, needing help back to the ring.  Wolf is so talented, and it shows match after match.  I was way into this match, and told just about every fan I know and both guys that I loved the match.  This was my match of the night, but there was a close 2nd.  Johnathan Wolf got the win, and was invited to be in the TPI 2018:  BUYING(MATCH OF THE NIGHT)

Kenway holding the ropes with Wolf in the Figure 4

Match #4

Lincoln Moseley vs “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont

Old School IWA Rules

Moseley was fine here.  He did what he was supposed to do.  A legend came in, and he put him over in dominant fashion.  He was very vocal with the crowd.  Tremont got quite the ovation, and the IWA fans showed their love for the bulldozer.  Quick match, but it was what it was supposed to be.  It was really cool seeing Tremont.  Matt Tremont got the win and was announced to be in King of Kings:  BUYING

Match #5

Pat Monix vs “The Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams

I really thought Monix was going to get the upset, and be announced for TPI.  I was wrong, but it didn’t stop these guys from putting on the kind of match you would expect from 2 great wrestlers.  There were a few hiccups in the match, but sometimes that happens.  I enjoyed the match very much.  Monix got the better of BMA for a good part of the match, but BMA still got all his stuff in.  BMA & Monix both have bright futures.  Good ending, with BMA nailing a hell of a kick. This is a bit short, because it was a really good match.  Aaron Williams got the win:  BUYING

Match #6

Semi-Main Event

The Murphy Boyz vs The Gym Nasty Boys

IWA Mid-South Tag Team Championship Match

I want to like the Murphy Boyz so bad, but I’m just not there.  This match was all GNB for me.  The Murphy Boyz need some grit.  You can have the flashy stuff, but get in there and fight some.  Make me believe how bad you want it.  I keep saying it, but I see a lot in them.  They just need a veteran to really help them.  They could something really good for IWA with some help.  The arrogance doesn’t work for me, because it doesn’t seem real.  Get in there and get down and dirty.  Have a knock down drag out with your high flying stuff, ala Myron Reed.  As for the GNB, I love them.  I would have loved to see the can opener, but I get it.  Timmy & Mike were awesome, as they always are.  The Murphy’s had a couple cool spots as well.  I sound like a broken record, but I really do believe in the Murphy Boyz.  They just have a way to go for me.  I’m only 1 person though, and hope the best for them.  The Gym Nasty Boys got the win and retained the titles:  BUYING

The Gym Nasty Boys

Match #7

Main Event

Logan James vs Jake Lander

IWA Mid-South Jr Heavyweight Championship Match

I was not easy on Lander’s match in BWYS #2.  On this particular night, he had the 2nd best match of the night.  It was close to MOTN, but I wasn’t a big fan of the finish.  Logan James & Jake Lander gave you everything you didn’t expect.  This match was loud & hard hitting.  I expected a technical match, with strikes sprinkled in.  These 2 just plain beat the hell out of each other.  Logan James had a ridiculous spot where he did a 619 around the ringpost into a hurricanrana.  I’ve seen some stuff close to that, but never that variation.  This match lived up to it’s Main Event status.  I’m sure the boys lined up on the wall watching were equally impressed.  The finish I was speaking of, the ref goes down.  Lander taps out.  Then when the ref is getting up, a 2nd referee runs out and there is a double pin count.  Both guys shoulders are down, and neither ref will back down.  Ian calls for a Triple Threat the next week with Myron Reed.  Great match.  Double Pin Draw for both men:  BUYING

Overall record for the show(B/S/U) – 5/1/1

Match of the Night:  “Lil Nyghtquil” Johnathan Wolf vs Matt Kenway

That’s it for this edition of Buying What You’re Selling.  Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.  Thank you IWA for another fantastic show.  

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