Jeffersonville, Indiana


  • Some quick housekeeping to start, August 24th Paradigm is running again with part of the money going to to charity so keep an eye on their pages for details.


Match 1: Kendo Stick Lumberjack

Flash Flanagan vs Hy Zaya

Notes and Opinion: This feud has been going on for months now with no real end in sight. The match was pretty solid and went the way most lumberjack matches go, the babyface is fine on his side but screwed on the other. Both guys took a couple of wicked shots with the sticks and Flash kept trying to illegally use the stick on his own. In the end he ended up throwing the old “Jerry Lawler ’84” fireball into Hy’s face and getting up the cheap pin on Hy. The match was a solid opener between two guys that know how to work a crowd.

Winner: Flash got the pin after throwing the fireball. You could smell the burnt hair.

  • After the match Corporal Robinson made his return (to a huge pop) to the Arena and put out a challenge for next months show.


Match 2: Single

Bradley Prescott IV vs Corey Storm

Notes and Opinion: Two talented young kids. Have you ever seen a Randy Savage babyface match? The ones where he takes the heels offense for like 5 minutes and then comes back to hit one move and get the pinfall? This was that except replace the big elbow with the handspring cutter. Prescott had his number for a few minutes and then Corey nailed the cutter for the win. Short and decent.

Winner: Corey with the handspring Cutter.


Match 3: Triple Threat

ZDP vs Lexus Montez vs Mikey

Notes and Opinion: Another fun but short match. ZDP and Lexus ganged up on Mikey early and this became more of a 2 on 2 while one guy watches match for a while. All 3 of these guys are super fun to watch though and the match never really dragged. Mikey hit a sweet cutter out of a leapfrog in the corner which i had never seen before, so that was nice. In the end it was Mikey’s experience that got him through this one.

Winner: Mikey got the pin on zDP following a buckle Bomb and DVD.

  • After the match Lexus attacked ZDP while Mikey set his sweaty ass on our laps.
  • Paradigm Pro’s Gary came out to display the trophy for the “Man on Fire Productions Invitational” and explain the rules. Royal rumble style, new man every couple of minutes and you can be eliminated via “pinfall, over the top rope or death”. So it’s super serious you guys.


Match 4: Man on Fire Productions Invitational

Rod Street vs Daniel Richards vs Juicy Jimmy vs Jon Murray vs James Kendrick vs Shain Bender vs Aidan Blackhart vs Eva vs Blue Ranger vs “The Fire Dwarf” Dakota Bostock vs Duke the Nuke

Notes and Opinion: We started out with Street,The Liberal, Juicy and Murray and everyone else entered ad random intervals. If you think I’m going to recap this madness you are out of your minds. It was a fun match straight up played for comedy. Jimmy and Jon had a 5 minute lucha libre style high flying contest in the middle though (they did not). It was purely entertainment y’all.

Winner: Juicy Jimmy picked up the win after dumping Richards over the top.

  • Richards complained after the loss so Gary attempted to give him a participation trophy (that was bigger than the actual trophy) and the crowd chanted snowflake at him. Yep.


Match 5: Texas Tornado Rules for the PPW Tag Team Championships

The Top Guys (Slade and Giza) vs (C) I.F.H.Y. (Wolf and Kemp)

Notes and Opinion: These four young guys went out and busted their asses. Really fun contest with both teams putting it all on the line for the gold. I love tag team wrestling anyway and these guys just gave me another reason. The Top Guys were flying all over the place to try and reclaim what they felt was rightfully theirs. The champs were able to thwart the challengers with some high impact stuff of their own though. Really solid match between two up and coming teams.

Winner: I.F.H.Y. retained after the kick/Tombstone combo on Giza. (Giza was limping pretty good after the match.)


  • Next we have our edition of Saint’s Row with Jason Saint and his bodyguard Charlie Kruel. Jason’s guest this week was the turncoat of PPW Freddie Hudson. Freddie tries to explain himself but that gets nowhere in a hurry. He ends up making the mistake of slapping Charlies ass though and that just gets us into a match. ( I like Freddie but less would have been more with this promo. Fella seemed nervous as hell.)


Match 6: No DQ/Single

Freddie Hudson vs Charlie Kruel

Notes and Opinion: This was about 5 seconds in when Freddie’s partners from the PPW vs PWF show Ace Jackson, Matt Atreya and I think Chase Nalley (hard to tell because of the paint) came out and kicked the hell out of Freddie. They also spit Brood Blood on my shorts, gross. After that it was all academic for Charlie.

Winner: Charlie got the pin after an Eat Dafeet. 


Match 7: Fatal 4-Way

Sage Cainan vs Ace Austin vs Mr. Brickster vs Myron Reed

Notes and Opinion: I wasn’t expecting this to be a fatal 4-way but they did a hell of a job with it. This was easily the best match of the night (NON-TAG TEAM DIVISION). All of these guys were doing their jobs out there. The high flyers were moving around with speed and quickness while Brickster brought the power game. Everyone looked really good and this match was entertaining from beginning to end. Really fun match to watch. All of these guys deserve kudos.

Winner: Ace got the win with a reverse frog splash deal on Brickster.

  • Ace, Myron and Sage had a show of respect after the match.
  • I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a dance off during intermission that included Adam Slade and Shain Bender being two of the whitest people on the planet.


Match 8: Tag Team

The Night Ryderz (Colon and Rayz) vs The Carnies (Iggy and Awful)

Notes and Opinion: My match of the night. Two of the best tag teams in the country (if not the world) right now going toe to toe and showing what this art form is all about. These guys went back and forth with each side showing why they are as well regarded as they are. I loved every second of this thing. Even the the Ryderz were able to pull out the win on this night you could see that these teams were evenly matched and could put on a barn burner any time they wanted. Awesome.

Winner: Night Ryderz got the win with a double stomp/top rope DDT combo.

(Now somebody add in Aaron Williams and Tripp Cassidy and make this a Trios match.)


Match 9: PPW Heavyweight Championship

Appollo Q. Starr vs (C) Daniel Eads with Josh Ashcraft

Notes and Opinion: This match was technically fine but they had a big row to hoe after the previous tag team encounter. Appollo was able to stay ahead of the champ for most of this when Ashcraft was staying out of the match. The thing was, as usual, the closer the champ got to getting beaten the more his manager was in the picture. This story is an old one because it works every time. The champ retained once again due to distraction and the crowd is left wondering what it will take to get the belt off of him.

Winner: Eads got the win with a fireman’s carry slam.


Overall Thoughts: This was a pretty good night. I liked most of the matches and everyone did a really good job out there. The Carnies/Ryderz match is some next level shit and that 4-way was top notch as well. If all you have to gripe about was the heat in the building and some of the card placement? It’s a good time and it was. Congrats to everyone that worked on this one. It was different and it worked.


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