July 13, 2018

Alton, Illinois

Commentators: Ben Miller, Josh Jackson

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  • We start out with owner Matt Jackson thanking the audience for their support. He then kicks it over to Mat Fitchett. Fitchett announces that on August 24th his three year quest to fight David Arquette will finally come to fruition.


Match 1: Single

Hoodie Howlett vs Jeremy Wyatt

Notes and Opinion: I really liked this one. Hoodie is a big striker type guy that worked Wyatt’s knee over pretty well early on. Wyatt is more of the traditional technical type that the crowd hated. It was a really good back and forth opening contest that set a nice tone for the rest of the show. Both guys did a great job.

Winner: Wyatt got the KO victory while striking Howlett in the Rings of Saturn.


Match 2: Tag Team

The Riegel Twins (Logan and Sterling) vs Roscoe Eat Lisa (Zakk Sawyers and Mikey)

Notes and Opinion: Tag team wrestling in any form is my jam, so I was all about this. The Riegel’s were the young guys trying to make a name at the veteran teams expense and R.E.L. was not having any of it. This was a fun tornado style tag with lots of cool double teams and brawling. I don’t want to say my favorite part was the Roscoe Eat Lisa 6 beer salute entrance…but it was awesome.

Winner: Roscoe Eat Lisa got the win with a double team Code Red.

  • Both teams show respect after the match.
  • Buddy Shepherd arrives but is interrupted and eventually attacked by Matt Kenway. Buddy fires up and challenges Kenway to a Buddies bring the weapons match. To be honest any of the in ring promo stuff I could only hear bits and pieces of. It’s really one of only two technical problems I found with any of the presentation. (Before you ask the other is the announce team sometimes sounding like they were overdubbed for some reason.)


Match 3: Single

“Sharkbait” Anthony Gutierrez vs Everett Conors

Notes and Opinion: I don’t know if Everett’s gimmick is supposed to be James Franco from Spring Breakers but it sure seemed that way. That also made me want to see him punched in the head a lot. Luckily for me old Sharkbait did a good job of that. The guy is talented.  I’ll say this for Conors, the kid took an ass whipping and almost got the win. I liked the clash of styles in this one.

Winner: Gutierrez got the win with a Spanish Fly into a triangle choke.

  • Conors complained to the ref about a close 3 count. Eh, it wasn’t THAT close.


Match 4: Single

Angelus Layne vs Savanna Stone

Notes and Opinion: Savanna got a little bit of offense in and looked pretty good but that wasn’t the story here. It was all about Angelus squashing the shit out of her and claiming the top dog spot for the women’s division. Energetic and fun beatdown.

Winner: Angelus got the victory with a rope assisted roll of the dice.


Match 5: Tag Team

Besties in the World (Davy Vega and Mat Fitchett) vs The Carnies (Kerry Awful and Nick Iggy)

Notes and Opinion: I loved the hell out of this. Two teams that are on the top of their games right now showing the crowd what tag team wrestling is all about. All four of these guys did an awesome job and really had the crowd in the palms of their hands. Unique double teams, good brawling and fun spots made this a must see match.

Winner: The Besties got the win following a Total Taker.

  • Intermission, take a second to enjoy a Diet coke and some tacos.


Match 6: Single

Rasheed Ali with Shane Sanders vs Mike Outlaw

Notes and Opinion: This was fine. I like Mike Outlaw a lot so that helps. The big guy started causing issues and distractions to give Ali a bit of an edge. Like, I said, it was just fine but unfortunately was following a really super match so it kinda affected my enjoyment a bit.

Winner: Mike got the win with a sliding Mafia kick.


Match 7: Single

Thomas Shire vs KLD

Notes and Opinion: Shire is a big boy and has a ton of potential. You can see in some of the stuff he does that he is really starting to get it. That being said KLD is on another level. The guys strikes will take years off of your life and he moves like a cruiserweight. These two big guys put on a heck of a contest. Hoss fights are always fun.

Winner: Shire got the surprise win with a DVD.


Match 8: Gateway Heritage Championship

(C) Paco vs Christian Rose with Quinn

Notes and Opinion: This was probably a match I would have liked a lot more if I had been invested in any of the characters. That’s the problem of coming in cold on some of these deals. Paco has a deal where he has two referees for his matches but for some reason there was only one at ringside. To be honest I liked Rose as a character and worker a bit more so I was kinda pulling for him. He actually won the belt at one point before the double ref stuff reared it’s ugly head. This was fine.

Winner: Paco got the win following a roll through and a hand full of tights.


Match 9: 2 out of 3 Falls

“Warhorse” Jake Parnell vs “Stiff Robo Ginger” Gary Jay

Notes and Opinion: To say that this was the match of the night would be an understatement. This was one of the best matches I have seen all year, regardless of promotion. I have seen these two go at it live on several occasions and this blew all of those matches out of the water. This was like a greatest hits match of all of the wars they have fought in the past. If you don’t have time to sit down and watch the entire event take some time to check this 45 minute battle out. Well worth your time. Amazing stuff from both guys.

Fall 1: Parnell got the pin following a second rope double stomp.

Fall 2: Gary reversed a suplex into a rollup.

Winner: Gary got the win following a superplex into a ring FILLED with all the audiences chairs.

  • After the match Gary didn’t even get a chance to enjoy his victory because he was attacked by a group led by the owner of PWCS that included Shire, Rose and Jake Dirden. This is another situation where the audio issue really left me confused and I wasn’t sure what the beef was over due to not being able to hear everything. All I know for sure is that the PWCS owner felt disrespected somehow and is going by “Geezus” for some reason. Huh.



Overall Thoughts: There were some really high, highs on this show and the lows weren’t even all that low. I would definitely give these fine folks another shot. I really enjoyed the card and the work of everyone involved. The main event is some top shelf next level shit. The only issue I had was with some of the audio but that is just a growing pain deal on the production side that can be worked out. Really fun show though. See that main event for sure.


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