December 11, 2004

Atlanta, Georgia

Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz


This was a Smackdown only show so buckle up.

Match 1: WWE Tag Team Championships

(C) Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio vs Renee Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki with Hiroki and Fifi

Notes and Opinion: This shows the weakness of the brand extension yet again. Dupree and Suzuki should have been nowhere near the tag titles at this point (or ever now that I think of it). The fact that they were former champs was sad. Mysterio and RVD seemed like much bigger stars and the match was brought down by the garbage challengers.

Winner: RVD pins Dupree after a 619/5 star frog splash combo.

  • After the match Kurt Angle comes about to make a challenge in the Kurt Angle Invitational.


Match 2: Kurt Angle Invitational

Kurt Angle vs Santa Claus

Notes and Opinion: It was Kurt Angle, a gold medal winner and one of the best in the world vs a guy in a Santa suit…yep. Santa should have shot on him to make it interesting.

Winner: Kurt Angle makes…Santa …tap to the ankle lock.


Match 3: Dixie Dogfight boxing match

Daniel Puder vs The Miz

Notes and Opinion: This version of Tough Enough was a joke. This shouldn’t have been on or near a PPV. Neither Miz nor Puder were trained boxers plus it was clear the fans were not going along with the finish. If anything, Puder should have been embarrassed by not knocking weak ass, untrained Miz out. Mr. MMA didn’t show me a lot in this one.

Winner: Puder by a very mixed fan vote.

  • Booker T and Eddie Guerrero are back stage trying to think of a plan to beat the Undertaker, who was unsurprisingly right behind them.


Match 4: Tag Team match

The Bashams (Doug & Danny) vs Charlie Haas & Hardcore Holly

Notes and Opinion: Charlie was in a storyline love triangle with Dawn Marie and Miss Jackie that took over this match. Match was blah and the story was hot garbage. I liked the Bashams individually in OVW but they never really gelled for me as a team in the big time and came across as boring.

Winner: Danny rolled up Hardcore.


Match 5: No DQ/Falls Count Anywhere for the WWE United States Championship

(C) John Cena vs Jesus

Notes and Opinion: The setup of this match was ridiculous. Jesus stabbed Cena in a bar. He stabbed him in a bar. Just wanted to repeat that. I’m not sure why Jesus wouldn’t have gone to jail but instead we got this match. The positive is the match was what it needed to be, John Cena dominated from bell to bell. John looked every bit the mega star he would become over the next decade and the crowd loved him. This match did its job and Jesus luckily never got a singles push for us to suffer through.

Winner: John Cena pins Jesus with the FU.


Match 6: Singles match with Charlie Haas as Special Referee

Dawn Marie vs Miss Jackie

Notes and Opinion: Match was terrible and the storyline made it worse. Charlie turned heel by turning on his real life fiancée and Dawn Marie. This should not have been on PPV, television, or an indy show. Junk. If you like boobs a lot you are set though.

Winner: Dawn pinned Jackie with a rollup and a handful of tights.


Match 7: 3 on 1 Handicap match

The Big Show vs Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, and Mark Jindrak

Notes and Opinion: Two years previous to this, Angle had beaten Show after an F5 from Lesnar, so I guess this was poetic justice. Big Show looked like a man that could fight 3 guys, so this was OK for what it was. I’m glad I don’t ever have to watch it again though.

Winner: Big Show pinned Jindrak with an F5.


Match 8: WWE Cruiserweight Championship

(C) Spike Dudley vs Funaki

Notes and Opinion: This was the 3rd roll up victory of the night which was a bit much. It was a feel good ending though, as Funaki deserved some recognition for the time he had been with the company. I’m glad he was able to win a belt before retiring. The dude still has a job there so they really like him I guess.

Winner: Funaki wins with a roll up. NEW CHAMPION!


Match 9: Fatal 4-way for the WWE Championship

(C) JBL vs Booker T vs Eddie Guerrero vs The Undertaker

Notes and Opinion: JBL escaped by the skin of his teeth again when Heidenreich interfered and took out the Undertaker before the pin. Yeah, the Heidenreich push was not one of their best ideas. The match itself told a great story, with JBL taking a beating and escaping every time someone had him in real danger. JBL would continue his reign for a while after this as they stretched the chase out even further. At the time it was miserable but looking back it’s not nearly as bad.

Winner: JBL pins Booker after the Clothesline from Hell.


Overall Thoughts: This was a bad show. Cena looked like a star in his match, and the main event delivered but the rest was not good. 3 roll up finishes and at least 3 matches that shouldn’t have been on PPV make this a bad one to sit through.The initial brand extension always left one, or both shows looking weak and lacking star power. We had another fine exhibition of that with this show. Weak sauce.


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