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(7/12)IWA-MS: The Cream Rises to the Top


Welcome to BWYS #2. I’m making a change this week, and putting the merch from the show up first. I don’t want this to be an afterthought. The biggest reason I started this was to help these guys & gals sell more merch. Merchandise helps these wrestlers and promotions make a little extra money. Sometimes it is the only way they actually make money. They go out and put their bodies on the line for the fans, and most indie promotions barely make anything other than DVD sales. I’m not saying put yourself out, just do what you can. Buy something when you can. I have bought a lot of tickets for people when they didn’t have extra money for shows, or maybe just to be nice. I believe in paying it forward, as I have had a lot of help to get to where I am in my life.
In my write-ups, you will see some positive and some negative things about matches. This doesn’t take away from any of the talent in the ring. I appreciate every bump these guys take. This is simply my opinion, and a way to let fans know who I suggest they see. This show, the only merch I bought was a couple ChadsanIdiot shirts. I saw some great merch, and Silas & I will be buying the new JC Rotten shirt at the next IWA show.

Merch of the Night

Project(Pat) Monix T-shirt

Pat Monix hails from Chicago, IL. Over the last year, I’ve seen him in quite a few matches. While I have only seen him in IWA Mid-South, he has wrestled for a lot of major indies such as Black Label, GCW, Rockstar, AAW, and WTF. Charisma & athleticism are what stick out most when I’ve seen him wrestle(I’m sure the ladies might say his good lucks). His slender frame can fool you, as his strikes are loud and crisp(especially his knee strike with his opponent in the corner). I’m not sure when Project M.O.N.I.X. started, but there was a badass video that had him throwing his old trunks away. I look forward to the future of Monix, because he has the potential to reach incredible heights in pro wrestling. Here are some links to Pat’s social media and web store:

Pat Monix Official Store

Pat Monix Twitter

Pat Monix Instagram

Merch From The Show


Here is info to social media or websites for the wrestlers, promotion, or writer from the T-shirts above: – Wrestling & Horror Movie Reviews

JC Rotten – Twitter

Kyle The Beast – Twitter

Ari Azteca – Twitter

IWA Mid-South Facebook

I mainly use Twitter, so that is what I will usually link in BWYS write-ups. IWA uses their Facebook page as their main website, so that is why I used Facebook page.

The Wrestling

I’m going to lighten the writing on the wrestling, as Chad does a great job on his reviews of the show. So I’ll give you my opinion on the match, the winner, and Buying, Selling, or Undecided.

Match #1

Vinny Pacifico vs Orion Creed vs Pat Monix

The match started fast, but fell flat for me. Pat spent most of the match on the outside. I get the idea of it, but it didn’t do it for me. Pat did hit his beautiful knee-strike in the corner, and really helped the match when he was in it. Pat Monix got the win: SELLING

Match #2

JC Rotten vs Lincoln Mosely

JC came to the ring, wearing a “ChadsanIdiot” shirt. He announces Mance had one too many beers for Chad’s birthday, and couldn’t make the show. JC announced he would be taking Mance’s spot against Lincoln. Lincoln came out and announced he is injured and not cleared to wrestler, then announced his replacement Scott Sexton. JC’s wrestling and Lincoln’s outside heel work really entertained me in this match. Sexton put on a solid match, even though he seemed to be the 3rd wheel in the match. Maria ended up out yelling at Lincoln, and took an accidental shot by JC. There was a ton of moving parts in this match, but it worked for me. Sexton got the win after a low blow when JC was distracted by Lincoln: BUYING

Match #3

Jake Lander vs Mike Del

Del had a long intro announcement(ala Mance Warner or David Starr) that Maniwa struggled to read. Del had some sort of light up headgear that went over his eyes. Slow match, with Del having most of the offense. The only highlight of this match was Lander’s selling. The crowd was not into the match at all. This was one of my least favorite IWA matches that I’ve seen. IWA consistently has amazing wrestling, so it is understandable that occasionally there will be a match that I don’t think hits the “IWA Level”. Lander got the win: SELLING

Match #4

Ari Azteca vs Kody Rice vs William Huckaby

I was pretty excited about this match, even though I had never seen William Huckaby aka Huck before. I was sure Kody & Ari(formerly known as Alverado) would make it a very good match. Huck held his own with Ari & Kody, and seems like he’ll be a nice fit at IWA. Kody always impresses with his cruiserweight moveset, even though he’s a big man. He also had some comedy stuff, including asking for a dance off and putting oil on himself. Ari Azteca is a complete makeover from his Alverado days. Ari is very talented, and his new look will only help that. There are so many ways he can evolve this. I hope to see more of him. Kody got the win: BUYING


Match #5

“Legendary” Larry D vs Kyle The Beast

This was a good match, but the rest of the crowd definitely thought it was great. It was my first time seeing Kyle the Beast aka KTB, and he was insanely impressive. Larry D was good, he was just outshined by KTB in my opinion. I don’t mean that as an insult to Larry, he’s a class act, and he & Gresham had one of the best matches I’ve ever seen live. Both men beat the hell out of each other, and had one of the best matches of the night. For most people there, it was probably the best. I started this article to write my honest opinion in reviews, regardless of good or bad. I almost made this match of the night, even though it wasn’t MOTN to me. I’m going to be honest in this, even if it means going against the majority. That is the only way I’ll be proud of it. It was awesome seeing the crowd, especially my friends enjoy it so much though. Larry D got the win: BUYING

Match #6

The Murphy Boyz vs Matt Kenway/Jonathan Wolf

The Murphy Boyz are a tag team that I just haven’t seen a good match from. I know they have had them. I’ve seen it on Twitter, and heard from the indie wrestling community. I have seen them wrestle 3 times, and not once have I liked it. It seems like it is more about the spot, than selling the match. 1 of them is smiling all the time. Realism, emotions, and connecting with the crowd are 3 things I’d like to see from these guys. They are very athletic, but not very smooth. The sky is the limit for the Murphy Boyz, but they need some grit to them. Kenway & Wolf were at odds the entire time. Kenway and the Murphy’s didn’t have much chemistry together. Wolf is always smooth and his strikes are always sick. Wolf is so good. I’d love to see IWA give him a face singles run soon. The comedy stuff was funny, and I liked Kenway turning on him and walking out in the end. Wolf & the ending helped this match overall. Murphy Boyz got the win: UNDECIDED

Match #7

Semi-Main Event

Logan James vs Shane Mercer

This match was what I assumed would be the match of the night at the beginning of the night.  Shane is former World Champion on IWA, and has wrestled at some major promotions.  LJ is the recently crowned IWA Jr Heavyweight Champion, but he was the underdog in my most of the fan’s eyes.   Shane got the better of the 2 for most of the match, but LJ had plenty of his own moments.  Shane always puts on a good match.  His strength & athletic ability are unreal.  I’ve seen him do high-flying dives over the top rope to the outside, and I’ve seen him lift guys above his head that seemed impossible.  LJ is a rising star in IWA.  He has wrestled in a lot of the local promotions, and he just seems to keep getting better.  Logan James got the shocking win in this great match:  BUYING(MATCH OF THE NIGHT)

Match #8

Main Event

Gringo Loco vs Golden Dragon vs Isai vs Myron Reed

Pat Monix told me before the match that it was going to be good.  3 Chicago guys & Myron Reed.  Isai & Golden Dragon, I’ve never seen before.  This match was absolutely insane from beginning to end.  It was a fun match.  It wasn’t a real psychological bout, but it was a very fun match.  Most of the match was each guy getting a cool spots in, then the next guy, etc.  So, while it was a very fun match, I was more invested in the spots than who won.  There were some crazy spots in this match though.   Some that I’ve not seen in all my years as a fan.  Isai amazed the crowd time and time again in this match.  He reminds of Lio Rush when he first started out.  He is going somewhere, as soon as he gets crowd interaction and facials down.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in PWG in a couple of years.  Golden Dragon flubbed a few spots, but I could see the talent he has.  He pushed through and got back on track.  Mistakes can multiply if they get in your head, he showed a lot of determination.  Gringo Loco showed a more mixed style in the match, which was a cool addition.  Gringo is very good, and it shows.  I would like to see him again soon.  Last, but not least, Myron Reed.  Reed is now wrestling so many major indies.  He seems to be interacting with the fans more and more, which is something I didn’t notice 9 months ago.  Reed is so talented, and his match with Anthony Henry & Steve Manders was one of the best I’ve seen this year.   It was elimination with Dragon being eliminated, then Isai, then Reed beat Gringo for the win:  BUYING

Overall record for the show(B/S/U) – 4/2/1

IWA has never given me a bad show, and they didn’t start here.  Great show, with only a couple matches that missed the mark for me.  The great matches were sick though, and blew me away.

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