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Yeah, so this was the night of my birthday and if I missed anything I apologize. Beer is a helluva drug.


Match 1: 3-Way Dance


Notes and Opinion: I was super impressed with both Vinny and Orion. They did a hell of a job. The match was fine and set a decent pace for the night. I could have used more Pat in the ring instead of outside of it though. Him being in there tied the match together well.

Winner: Pat got the victory with a top rope forearm to Vinny.


Match 2: Single

“Born Bad” JC Rotten vs “Narrator of the Neckbreaker” Scott Sexton with Lincoln Mosely

Notes and Opinion: This was originally supposed to be Mance Warner vs Mosely but apparently Mancer drank too much beer celebrating my birthday and wasn’t able to make it. This was a fun little match that had JC trying to overcome the outside trouble from Mosely while keeping his eyes on the the dangerous Sexton. Mosely finally was shut down on the outside when his girlfriend Amazin Maria tried to stop his constant interference. Unfortunately for Maria this only got her accidentally kicked. That final distraction spelled the end for JC.

Winner: Sexton got the win following the Greco-Roman Ball Shot.

  • After the match JC (with a very visible limp) declared that he would have a partner to take on both heels next week. Not Maria though, he just can’t trust her.


Match 3: Single


Notes and Opinion: This was the debut for Del in IWA and he acquitted himself pretty well. Jake did his usual good job in there and they combined for a decent bout. It wasn’t the match of the night or anything but you can tell that the future is bright for both guys.

Winner: Jake got the win with a rolling DVD and a low superkick.


Match 4: 3-Way Dance

ARI AZTECA vs “Husky Heartthrob” KODY RICE vs Will Huckaby

Notes and Opinion: This was a good one. All three guys played to their strengths and it made for a super entertaining match. I really like the new look and gimmick from Ari. Will is a a big strong and intimidating dude that the IWA fans love. Kody is Kody, the guy should be a star everywhere already. You put all that together and you had my favorite match of the night so far.

Winner: Kody got the pin on Huck after a double cannonball in the corner.


Match 5: Single

KTB vs “Legendary” LARRY D

Notes and Opinion: Holy shit was this a good one. These two big bastards went out there and beat the shit out one another around the entire arena. Larry was fantastic as usual and KTB shined in his IWA debut. I could watch this match every day of the week and twice on Sunday’s. Both men did a marvelous job. I want a rematch.

Winner: Larry got the win following the KO punch.


Match 6: Tag Team


Notes and Opinion: Nice tag match. The Murphy Boyz continue to impress no matter where I see them wrestle, all the potential in the world. Johnathan is one of the most effortlessly talented kids in wrestling and played his role in this match perfectly. Teaming with a jerk can never be easy, Kenway had that covered. Kenway is also a physically gifted kid and a talented athlete and a good heel. Match was a good showcase for all four guys.

Winner: The Murphy Boyz got the win after Kenway betrayed Wolf.


Match 7: Single (Non-Title)

IWA Junior Heavyweight Champion LOGAN JAMES vs “IRON DEMON” SHANE MERCER

Notes and Opinion: This match was great. Shane has proven time and time again that he is one of the best on the independent scene. Logan has talent for days and is rapidly becoming a top guy. Putting theses two together every show wouldn’t be a bad idea. These men had a back and forth war and myself and the the rest of the crowd really enjoyed it. Top notch stuff.

Winner: Logan got the win following the pop up backcracker.

  • We get a show of respect after the match.


Match 8: Fatal 4-Way Total Elimination


Notes and Opinion: Everyone in this match besides Myron was making their IWA debut in this match and I can speak for everyone when I say I hope they ALL come back. Great match with each and every guy getting their moment to shine and taking complete advantage of it. I really enjoyed this and all these guys deserve all the kudos I can give. Isai eliminated Golden Dragon first with a flipping reverse DDT. Gringo ended Isai’s night not long after with a sit out Pedigree. Then it came down to Myron and Gringo who proceeded to finish this battle off with even more excitement. Lived up to the hype, awesome main event and worth the $15 by itself.

Winner: Myron got the victory with a rollup reversal on Gringo.

  • Myron then called out Logan James. They don’t get too far into that before Jake Lander arrives and they set up a couple of awesome upcoming matches.


Overall Thoughts:  Another Thursday night of great action from IWA Mid-South. The highs were high and the lows were almost non existent. Do yourself a favor and try to make it out to Memphis and see some of the best independent wrestling in the country each and every time out. If you weren’t here Thursday then get over to Smart Mark and get this show. 3 of these matches could be a main event anywhere, that’s a bargain.


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